describing domestic girlfriend's spicy plot after eating a ghost pepper

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Lil Bonus DomexKano Video for y'all. Shout out to the OG's at Hot Pepper Gaming for inspiring this. Actually screw that, this was an awful idea. Patreon: This was a good idea in my head, but completely mis-matched the tone of the rest of my domestic girlfriend video so I had to cut it. Didn't want my pain to be for nothing though so here you go. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Twitter: Like me on Facebook: Follow me on Instagram:


Sean Kock : Gigguk in pain and suffering and his basic instinct is making a jojo refrence...

Toroti Elegbede : Incest Teacher Crushes Adulterers Fever Pills In Assholes Long ago the 4 WTFs lived in harmony. Then everything changed when the Spicy Nation attacked.


Brian Hope : Season 2: Carolina Reaper Season 3: Pepper X Season 4: Chocolate Pepper X Season 5: ..........let's be honest, there is *_no way_* this anime is getting 5 seasons. (For which I'm sure Gigguk's butthole is very thankful, lol.)

Aimbot Duck : Yeah this idea dosen’t sound good in my head

RiscoDisco : Even in near death experience, there is always time for a JoJos reference

An Average Guys That Watches : No one can stop a Jojo's reference even if it means eating a ghost pepper...

Nathan : I just wanna say I’m really proud of how often you’ve been uploading lately. As a fan we know your type of videos take a long time to make and we genuinely enjoy and appreciate you

ChickenPower : "Oh my god it keeps getting worse!" Which one? The show or the pepper?

Ai Azzy : Domestic Girlfriend is such a spicy hentai that it is killing this man physically and mentally. Its not even the pepper.

Jakub Ciszewski : I absolutely lost it at "Why am I making JoJo references?"

SuperSparrow45 : Describing School Days after eating Carolina Reaper. The pure definition of hell.

KomodoKinko : "I can't think! OMG!" - Gigguk before making a Jojo's reference on autopilot

Holo : 9/10 Almost as spicy as Spice&Wolf The anime I mean

Levi Samom : Its not incest if u say 'no chromo' -Gigguk 2019

Wily : Gigguk uses his stand [RED HOT CHILI PEPPER]

Asta Staria : "Yeah sure my other sister won't get with me" XD lmao another quality video.

One Player : I read the Manga B0i *_It gets _**_-spicier-_**_ W0rzt_*

Madara ML : *Guy Has Died From Anime Being Too Spicy*

fleur : As we see here, when in pain the weeb will make jojo references as a defence mechinism.

Gennadiy Derevyanchenko : That was the best metaphor I've ever seen. The best representation of plot. THAT fit in perfectly. And perfect editing.

Gwenyth Ice : thank you for confirming that i have sadistic tendencies

Rohan Oodhub : "a really touching scene with Hina"

Oh No its Dexter : "Then Momo comes in! She's had so much semen!"

Fresh Guac potato : “OMG it’s getting worse” wait what is the anime or the chilli

Mohammed Anis Ur Rahman : Eat literal garbage and describe the plot of sword art online.

Mr. Ilse : The real question is why aren't you making Jojo refrences

mimikbert : Then she starts tounging him *hooo thatsss HoT* Me: I know right OWo

Rohan Dcosta : In all that pain he is making a Jojo references just wow bro you have achieved a new stage in evolution 😂

eZARZ13 : Jesus died for our sins Grape-kun died for our waifus Gigguk died for the spicy plot

Mr PewPew : Who else felt the pain through your screen :(

xtingwisher : This shit was so funny especially the reference to STICKY FINGAAAZ! Also all the pauses like "and then, and then, and then!"

BéozZ : Drinking slime while explaining the plot of slime isekai

DensestJaguar66 : If you think ‘Domestic na Kanojo’ is spicy, try watching ‘Yosuga no Sora’.

Gigguk : For the best viewing experience just skip past the part where I eat the pepper and all you see is a me describing a plot so spicy it puts me into physical pain. Edit: To all the comments concerned about my well being, I really appreciate it. I'm completely fine though, this was recorded last week and the only real side effect was a really spicy trip to the bathroom.

William Kent : I’ve never seen a video that has made me sweat this much

TjeerdGames : I really like how the music stops everytime he stops talking about the series. Even with the short parts. Really well done, Gigguk. Hope you're alright now.

Roope Havu : You gave me PTSD when I ate a Habanero at school, I physically shook when you said that youre gonna take a bite from the Ghost Pepper

TERRA FOX : The man is in so much pain that he made a Jojos reference

Ithuriël : "Why am I making jojo references?" I was already laughing, but I totally lost it there

Maddie .-. : Rip Gigguk, ate a spicy ghost pepper.

Faheem L : Next episode: explaining dbz while screaming non stop

TopCurls : 5:30 “Why am I making a Jojo Reference” I felt that

Nathan Guarte : And then -- *Pauses* Oh my god And then -- *Pauses* *Pants* So -- *Pauses* AND --

Karthik Senthil : "Oh My God it keeps getting worse" Perfect way to describe the plot when you think about it

TheClashingShinx : damn- you good bro ._.)

Jyan. Sanchez : this is quality content.. for us, definitely not for you

Serghei Tricolici : Dude, where's the MILK!!!! You deserve to be supported on Patreon man

Crippling Depression : Take a bite out of a ghost pepper every time he says "and".