Hot Dad - The War on Christmas

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Nitro Rad : Man, i remember back when I worked retail we were supposed to say happy holidays, like duh because not everyone here celebrates christmas right, pretty reasonable imo But I had so many pompous ass christian moms retort back all snooty "Uhh, yeah, merry CHRISTMAS back to you sir" like jesus christ dude calm the hell down

Cyranek : hot dad saves christmas

mako : Thanks Hot Dad for being the last bastion of wholesome content in these dark times.

hmm yes interesting. : More like The War on The Internet amirite

Rertner Furtheng : this song turned my frogs straight

Led Trousers : I hope Fox News takes this as a serious song & airs it.

Johnny Loves You : make sure to abide by the Geneva conventions this holiday season unless you want a fat lump of coal, fellas

Navigabor 461 : Now I know why they call you hot

Dalkalopagus : The whole video is incredible, but "Santa fighting alongside FSA" is one of the funniest sentences I've ever read.

Dan Abnormal : I just realized that Hot Dad cleverly made it appeal to both sides; it can be taken literally as well as ironically, so the people that actually think there's a war on Christmas can be happy too. I love this guy.

Gregenheim : finally a christmas banger i can get behind, merry christmas hot dad!

Frank van Caspel : Hurray! Hot Dad! Rockin' as always, gettin' his Fox-news vibe juuuust right.

Franman Melon : Goddamn mistletoe is turning the frogs gay

Anal fabrics : Underrated af

Buckley Harris : Another lyrical masterpiece great job

ZombieMailbox : Can't wait to go to war with you, daddy!

Jason : Bounced on my boys holiday spirit to this

Tom : I really really really like this image...

Asshole Shithead Jr. : hawt 2:41 sexiest goddamn thing i every done did see, i think that solo got all of us wet.

Grace R : I’ll fight for Christmas 😤

Aaron Echols : Him: Merry C... Me: DID YOU JUST USE A MICROAGRESSION

Cody Grimes : Merrily bouncing on my boy’s imagined slights against jesus to this

Blaise RM : TBH I'm siding with the salvation army santas

s3ptember : 4 views 1 like Youtube is insane!

Barry Benson : So do we all agree that Kid A is the best Radiohead album?

Waffle Man : Merry Christmas to all !

1st class Nigerian : Net neutrality is almost gone, fight back guys!

homunyan : Finally, someone who gets it.

just that guy again : 1:42 Hey wait a minute thats the guy that killed all those people in that church

Nitro Rad : That guitar solo was freakin RAD dude

Oona : ''Holiday sweet shapes'' :-(

MooseheadStudios : another HOT track from HOT dad papa bless


Bryan Oberholtzer : Fantastic work. This is what I'm subscribed for

Dover : but seriously forcing people to take down merry christmas signs is absolutely unacceptable

Bob The Boss Saget : They’ll never take my president

Deforma Cinnabar : Merry non-binary SJWstmas

Libodo Homms : Congrats on 100k

Pious : The war on non-liberal opinions

smoov22 : HD news live

Stop Jazz : How many rapes this year, europe, are you ready yet?

chadillak : First!

Erictheq7 : Someone post this on /r/the_donald and just see what happens

AndroidDoctorr : The barista at Starbucks told me "Happy Holidays" instead of "Happy Festivus" - THERE'S A WAR ON FESTIVUS!!!

syxx573 : the facebook link doesn't work

ThatGuy InYourBasement : Well I am a little bit late. That or really early.

Louis Hypothetical : Just quickly, does discouraging the use of 'Merry Christmas' actually happen anywhere in the western world and does anyone care what phrase people use?

Diego Salinas : Veronica sent me

Flaffy Narwhal : How the hottest dad saved christmas

deckernk : This song still brings me holiday cheer