Hot Dad - The War on Christmas

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Cyranek : hot dad saves christmas

Nitro Rad : Man, i remember back when I worked retail we were supposed to say happy holidays, like duh because not everyone here celebrates christmas right, pretty reasonable imo But I had so many pompous ass christian moms retort back all snooty "Uhh, yeah, merry CHRISTMAS back to you sir" like jesus christ dude calm the hell down

hmm yes interesting. : More like The War on The Internet amirite

pathetic : Thanks Hot Dad for being the last bastion of wholesome content in these dark times.

Rertner Furtheng : this song turned my frogs straight

Led Trousers : I hope Fox News takes this as a serious song & airs it.

Dalkalopagus : The whole video is incredible, but "Santa fighting alongside FSA" is one of the funniest sentences I've ever read.

Navigabor 461 : Now I know why they call you hot

JFJ : Good shit, daddyio

Gregenheim : finally a christmas banger i can get behind, merry christmas hot dad!

Anal fabrics : Underrated af

Blaise Erm : TBH I'm siding with the salvation army santas

s3ptember : 4 views 1 like Youtube is insane!

ZombieMailbox : Can't wait to go to war with you, daddy!

Aaron Echols : Him: Merry C... Me: DID YOU JUST USE A MICROAGRESSION

Blossom R : I’ll fight for Christmas 😤

Johnny Loves You : make sure to abide by the Geneva conventions this holiday season unless you want a fat lump of coal, fellas

papa mcgriddle : Another lyrical masterpiece great job

Jeffrey Jeffrey : This is going into my personal X-mas rotation. So friggin sick and tired of the same azz noise. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer sung by Frank Sinatra and Mariah Carey, blech. The music producers are so desperate for a new song that they went with Adam Sandler and that fucking Hanukah abomination. The real War on Christmas is capitalism and rampant consumerism, in case that point fell on deaf ears. Save us Hot Dad! ^_^ I think there is a growing wave of people who are getting tired of this shit. 9/11, fuck you buy more shit.

Waffle Man : Merry Christmas to all !

Crabdoodles : man, i’m not going to get upset if you’re wishing me a nice day, regardless of any specific holiday you’re referencing. Bountiful Christmahanukwanzika, everybody

Pious : The war on non-liberal opinions

just that guy again : 1:42 Hey wait a minute thats the guy that killed all those people in that church

abasslinelow : Well said brothers!!! We must fight the they that are ~~~taking away our freedom~~~~#!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to celebrate the #1 best holiday in the globe community !~!!!!

Asshole Shithead Jr. : hawt 2:41 sexiest goddamn thing i every done did see, i think that solo got all of us wet.

Deforma Cinnabar : Merry non-binary SJWstmas

MooseheadStudios : another HOT track from HOT dad papa bless


Jason : Bounced on my boys holiday spirit to this

Bryan Oberholtzer : Fantastic work. This is what I'm subscribed for

Libodo Homms : Congrats on 100k

Cody Grimes : Merrily bouncing on my boy’s imagined slights against jesus to this

Stop Jazz : How many rapes this year, europe, are you ready yet?

Dan Abnormal : I just realized that Hot Dad cleverly made it appeal to both sides; it can be taken literally as well as ironically, so the people that actually think there's a war on Christmas can be happy too. I love this guy.

Oona : ''Holiday sweet shapes'' :-(

TropicalPriest : As a Jew, can confirm, much less offended receiving Merry Christmas, than some Christians are receiving Happy Holidays. Have a Krazy Kwanza everyon1!

Erictheq7 : Someone post this on /r/the_donald and just see what happens

homunyan : Finally, someone who gets it.

Dover : but seriously forcing people to take down merry christmas signs is absolutely unacceptable

chadillak : First!

Bob The Boss Saget : They’ll never take my president

Frank van Caspel : Hurray! Hot Dad! Rockin' as always, gettin' his Fox-news vibe juuuust right.

Vlavitir glutginskiya : so then why do you leftists go around every year getting offended by baby Jesus. e.g. trying to get rid of nativity scenes and shutting down toy drives.

1st class Nigerian : Net neutrality is almost gone, fight back guys!

Tom : I really really really like this image...

smoov22 : HD news live

Barry Benson : So do we all agree that Kid A is the best Radiohead album?

ThatGuy InYourBasement : Well I am a little bit late. That or really early.

im dead : Veronica sent me

Louis Hypothetical : Just quickly, does discouraging the use of 'Merry Christmas' actually happen anywhere in the western world and does anyone care what phrase people use?