Merrimack High School custodian high fives students

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Snowlites : Kevin is a legend

Vincent Mahfuz : I go to merrimack high and kevin IS LIT

Dante Rioux : mandatory high five... not cool

PowerOf One : I'd leave him hanging.

Jordan’s New Pokemon : Yes

shovlhd100 : Worst thing ever!!! Where in the heck is the infection control in this place. Any School Nurse with any kind of a degree in infection control knows how bad this is. If the first kid in line is coming down with the flu and just sneezed or coughed in his or her hand guess how many kids are now at a high risk of getting it? Not only the flu but any other contagious virus. Who's to say the custodian isn't coming down with something? It's the stupidest thing I have ever seen. I can't believe the parents haven't commented about it and am very shocked at the stupidity of the school nurse and staff!!!!!

James C. : Isn't she the cutie.

Yoda Green Midget Jedi Master : The legend himself