Military challenge

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AJ Kinchen : this is cool

Koni Tuau : what are the commands? would love to try this with our leaders group

BJJkid Thanks to nava the beast I got my black belt : Dude i freaking love knockout drills

swag boy : Any one know if these young men are joining the armed forces ?

Kongmeng : I don't get why they turn when they say left or right cuz I never did this when my platoon played knockout or drill.

Black Pam Anderson : This brought a smile to my face 😉😉😉😉

Black NEducated : I like the fact they are in suits and ties doing this.

Queen Marlo : FOI?

Prime Undead : They are awesome

Nubian Emporer : The Fruit Sir, Allah is the biggest and the Greatest

old fart : hey man , you recorded this video ?

Octopus Named Kitana : We called this IDR in my old JROTC. It was a great way to learn how to listen to commands instead of anticipate them. It also helped us own our skills to move as one unit in sync rather than individually and delayed. The ending sequence of the video always messed me up because I would forget the end while trying to remember the beginning of the chain. It also didn't help that the click of the shoes during mark time (especially if multiple people are doing it) gets memorizing to me.

memz : "Me Trying to sleep" *My Brain: Left Face, Right Face, Left Face, Right Face*

BJJkid Thanks to nava the beast I got my black belt : People that are in this what's your favorite command I like parade rest and partime March

Wolfpack alpha Mike : 🤣🤣🤣🤣

ilyass bouzid : niiice

Mariana Bautista : Love this is so Awesome...

RINGLEADER : This is good they move amazingly

Richie Prosperous BONGALE : can someone upload more videos of more black guys giving perfect knockouts?

str8cain2 : Since when do you turn your head in the direction you intend to face......when......what branch

Semih Aytuğ : Somebody axplain this game's commands ?

dragon 1xos : this is very catchy

Will Tirad : Simon says!

MoneyGod vG : This wasn't made a challenge because it's cool but it's not done right

Jem K : Can someone briefly explain the rules and what the commands mean please?

Comm Unist : Imma try this to my friends