BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Trailer 2 (2018)

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FilmSelect Trailer : Here is the new trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody!

Chris P : “Roger, there’s only room in this band for one hysterical queen”

Chibi Spidey : Nothing really matters to meeeee!

Cherry pops : I am so ready for this.

Just Rachelblog : Now they need a Rolling Stones and the Who as well as David Bowie movies : I would totally see them!

Wolky : Wait... IT'S JOSH FROM UNTIL DAWN! 😂

zaxxon32 : What a tiny Freddie.

Jeff is my waifu : Let's just hope it's better than the 2pac movie.

B.K.A. Pokemon : This looks amazing

Umi imU : My first time living in London, I was told by the realtor upon touring a lovely little flat for rent near Pembroke Rd, that all of the poetry carved in to the wooden front door of the flat were from fans of Freddy.. I replied, "Freddy who"? She says.. "Freddy Mercury" that he lived for many years in this flat while pursuing his music career.. I imeadiatly said I'll take it!.. In honor of Freddy, I would belt out my best "Bahamian Rapsody" each morning in the shower... I had the time of my life living in London and in Freddys old flat. So looking forward to this flick!

Wade Wilson : I'm hyped.

Rachull : " What if I don't have time?" This movie is going to make me cry

Jeff Horne : I'll see it, but based on the two trailers so far i'm pretty sceptical. It looks like a script full of cliches, a load of scenes we've seen before..."you need to slow down Freddy" and a story that really doesn't need to be told.

Nerulon Skyven : Oscar confirmed.

Ian Projemo : "What if I don't have time?..." 😖😢😫

Hampus Prytz : Never clicked on a video that fast

eric gallant : I wonder if they're gonna include a section about the opera song Freddie did called Barcalona

Expendable kid : This gave me chills... the good ones.

It's not fat, dude. It's power. : I am so Freddie for this. I moustache to the cinema to watch it. I hope it's not a big bore-hemian. Sorry, I had to.

Maheshwaran P : Never been so hyped for a biopic. The funny thing is I didn't even know about queen before the first trailer came out😂

Sammy : Fucking Goosebumbs!!

Sky Movie MAX : Superb tralier with outstanding song 😘😍😘

maica guce : Is this one of Elliot's hallucinations?

Michael Bloodgood : If that last shot of Wembley stadium doesn't give you chills than your not alive.

Oscar Vasquez : 2:19 Roger: "You're a legend, Fred." Freddie: "We're all legends." Nothing could be more true - Freddie, Brian, John, & Roger. All legends...


wilbryan locreda : So, "of the world" lyric is not a Mandela effect.

D1NJA G : Cohen would have been better.

neko nekic : shit this looks really lit!

Rici Mercury : I'm so going to watch this

lennonscat : Rami Malek should have gained a little weight so when he does get sick he could look thin.... he is a thin dude. Great actor though.

alahya18 : N° 1 expected movie of the year so far.

Emilio Quiogue : They better have David Bowie and Under Pressure here

thedesertroseband : This Freddie kid looks like a cross between bugs bunny and gollem with these frog eyes and he’s way to thin. Bad choice to me . Could have picked so many better actors

Andrew Rivera : Who here agrees Elton john should have a movie about him? And jimmy Hendricks?

Sapphire Crimson Claw : I think I just came

Jedi CraftMaster : Wow got an ad for this on this vid

kaylee Markus : Amazing!💕🎵

J H : i‘m living for this movie

Mikey Gallagher : chills...........

Josiah Sanchez : We love you Freddie Murcury

ThereAreOnly TwoGenders : Freddy Mercury had parties that were so crazy that they had little people wearing plates strapped to their heads with piles of cocaine walking around. They weren't allowed to put that in the movie because they didn't want to offend little people. True story.

Weebs : Mr. Robot S4: bohemian Rhapsody

Darth Leia : Loved Queen ever since I was a little girl in the '80s. Can't wait to see this. And I forgive Sacha for not doing this role though he would've been perfect as Freddie, but only because he spent that time creating a trolling masterpiece.

Sargento Keroro : I think that Sacha Baron Cohen could be a better Freddie Mercury 😒 bloody hell!

Trickshotmaniac9009 : I've read the book,can't wait to see the movie.

FLIP ! : It won’t, but even if the movie is crap, just being in a theatre, knowing everyone’s going to belt out with the music will be worth it!

Miguel Salazar : cats rule!

coolrunning101 : It's a kind of magic.

agedpython 0 2 2 5 5 : Every body wants despacito 2 but all we get it bohemian rhapsody trailer 2