How I Made an Ant Think It Was Dead—The Zombie Ant Experiment

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ZeTa : *no ants were killed/harmed in the making of this video.*

Fortnite Dubs : This is probably what aliens sound like when they talk about humans

ShreddedTissue_ : “He’s not dead, he’s just cold” 2 minutes later *Dies of hypothermia*

Cflave 310 : I thought he was going to suck that ant through that straw

BJ JR : How an ant made *YOU* think it was dead.

Andrew Glinski : This video is filled with Ant-man spoilers.

Fei Xu : “Hey man.” “Hey.” “Are you okay? You look pretty bad.” “Yeah. I’m pretending to die.” “What? Why?” “Because I’m hiding.” “From what?” “Students loans. 😭”

KierKier Blah : They dont bury the dead ant earlier because they wanna mourn the loss of their ANT-CESTORS

Mr. Lit : 4:19 ,damn,why you gotta yeet him like that lol

DrawTasticLin : wow, this sure is .. ant-eresting

Kerry Cronic : this is so insanely interesting.

orang man : “just gonna do a little *_D A B_* “

Lemon Zest : You keep referring to them as "he" but all worker ants are sterile female ants. Just putting this out there since this seems to be an educational video.

friendly : Am I the only one that thought he'd be ripped apart?

Julio Morales : No giraffes were hurt during the making of this video.


Ogre Under Bridge : This needs more proof. Spray all the ants with the stuff and see what happens !

Awesome randomness : AntsCanada has left the chat.

ICEGOD KAZZY : In Soviet Russia, ants make YOU think you’re dead

minecraft maniac : The 16k dislikes are from the ants

EN7171 : *Ant sees Straw* U WOT ME M8

30G : Do it in a japanese forest and say that he commited suicide.

Albert Amador : How did I end up here? 😂

Yasssyt Plays : 0:17 my fortnite teammates.

EdiiBoiiXD Bekto : Poor guy, he thinks he's dead

AntsCanada : Ah, the findings of the Great E.O. Wilson! Awesome video, man! Just some additional info: These gel ant farms are about as great for ant colonies as fish bowls are for fish. They are unsuitable, long term homes for ant colonies and kill them over time. Thank you for featuring ants on your channel! Ant love forever!

BUILD_The_Means_of_Production : What if you made a nest that had the acid everywhere?

Justcampus : 3:30 You assumed the ant's gender. All the worker ants are female.

Mike Brown : Congratulation. You made a goth ant.

Ricky Pham : Cool Video. I'm sure you didn't know but gel farms are sometimes quite inhumane and cause gives ants a harsh death. In the future use more natural set-ups or if you do not have the budget, a tubs and tubes method. You can find out more on youtube.

im salt : Humans call that being "Buried Alive"

M A L E E H A : What the hell did I just watch

Herr Hund : 5:22 thats not scary at all

tallulah : I don't think he believed he's dead. he just knows the smell means it belongs in that area. some ants may try to bury any live ants that have the smell on (probably from when they were taking a dead ant.) in that case it can be critical for the ant who's still alive. it's an interesting part of ants. I hope this smell was removed from the poor ant after your little experiment as it's distressing and unpleasant to cause a living being mental or physical suffering.

Not Antisify : The other ants were probably screaming “zombie!”

John Cena : Shouldn't it be called "night of the living ant"?

Chicken NoodleSoup : So this is what Gabe is doing after “The Office”

kyle cøz : he volunteered to die

Robert Green : *ᗯᕼEᑎ YOᑌ ᖇEᗩᒪIᔕE YOᑌ'ᐯE ᖇEᗩᑕᕼEᗪ ᗩ ᑭOIᑎT ᗯᕼEᖇE YOᑌ'ᐯE ᖇEᗩᑕᕼEᗪ TᕼE ᗯEIᖇᗪ ᑭᗩᖇT Oᖴ YOᑌ TᑌᗷE ᗷᑌT YOᑌ ᑭᖇEᔕᔕ ᑭᒪᗩY ᗩᑎYᗯᗩYᔕ ᗷEᑕᗩᑌᔕE ITᔕ ᖇᑌᗪE ᑎOT TO ᗯᗩтᑕᕼ* աҽӀӀ ԵհɑԵ'Տ ղօԵ ʍҽ í աɑՏ յմՏԵ աօղժҽɾíղց íƒ ɑղվօղҽ հɑժ ι'll *ѕнow мyѕelғ oυт......*

J DENNY : I'ont know whats more crazy.. 1. That this was recommended to me.. Or 2. That i actually watched it I can't stop laughing..Stores say put ants in fridge for a little bit.. So he put ants in freezer wtf..(With rassberries & ice cream)..😂🤣😂.. Thanks for the recommendation youtube loool

Pradeep22 : You smiling while doing this video makes it creepy.

DJ LlAMA ON FIRE : when you’re bored as a kid

Jallabee : omg i should be doing my homework i left last minute thats due tomorrow yet im here

Abu baker : hay... I'm not sexiest but all ants are girls unless they are future king but they also die after passing down there genes.

Messiah : *How I Made an Ant Think It Was Dead, Until it died*

exactly 9999 subs challenge : When that one friend says im dead the ant responds me too 😂😂

cgi fan : How can he be a zombie ant is he's not dead

Zaknafein : Interesting video, but we cannot establish if the ant "thinks it's dead", because we do not know what the ant is thinking. Furthermore, the conclusions drawn are a bit subjective here: you simply track a marked ant for about an hour and it appears to be near the graveyard. That does not mean that it "wants" to bury itself. Again, we do not know what the ant is thinking or what its motivation is. It would be better if you had a control ant to track that was not marked (or marked with a placebo), as it might also be near the graveyard (which we see other ants do in the video). However, that the carrying-the-dead behaviour in ants is triggered by the oleic acid seems logical, as it would be a stimulus trigger. It should also be recognized that E.O. Wilson is one of the world's leading ant experts, so he is worth listening to in this regard (even though I just committed the argument from authority fallacy).

Alpha Gaming : “He” is actually a she because all worker ants are gorls

Gerardo Rodriguez : Why people leaving 👎 it's to post to be 👍