How I Made an Ant Think It Was Dead—The Zombie Ant Experiment

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im salt : Humans call that being "Buried Alive"

tak tsang : ant : yo , am I dead ? I smell like I'm dead . his buddy : yeah I think you smellpretty like dead dude ant : alright I'll just go dig my own grave.. buddy : cool rest in peace...smh this fool dead inside. 😂😂😂

KellySmith555 : "Hey man." "Hey." "You look pretty down, what's wrong?". "Yeah, I just found out that I'm dead." "Oh. I'm sorry for you loss,.... you want me to take you to the graveyard?" "Nah. I need a walk anyway."

Jaehoon Jeong : "He's not dead; he's just cold."

janlanp : Who feels uncomfortable watching this?

Andrew Glinski : This video is filled with Ant-man spoilers.

Wilma So : 5:22 "He thinks he's dead." * maniacal giggle *

TheVoice OfTruth : What if you put it on every ant in the colony?

Nathan Hatfield : Alien one: it doesn’t even hurt them a bit, you just jam the probe straight up their ass and they are fine. Alien two: Look you’re right! They just go right back to running around, they are fine.

dark sunshine : It's weird that i'm watching this at 4 pm, not at 3 am

Zeta Animations : *no ants were killed/harmed in the making of this video.*

fathimath izwa : "Hey what's that smell" *smells it self* "It's me,I'm rotting" "Lemme call others to take you to the grave " "Nah I'm fine ,I'll just walk to it" "R u sure " " well at least I think I'm just ganna rest in peace for a while with my friends" "Ok ,when r u coming home,we are making grasshopper steak" "I'll be back when I figure out that I'm not dead" Centuries later "Hi I'm back..where is the steak" "Zombie...aaaaahhhh" "

workhardism : I'm not dead, but my doctor told me I only have about 50-60 years left. :(

Leandro Leon : Ant:"hey do you smell that? Other ant: yea your rotting. Ant: oh okay see ya bye Other ant: k bye see you in hell.

xDagger : I’ve watched this video now *please leave my recommended*

Kerry Cronic : this is so insanely interesting.

Frankie Jimenez : “He is not dead he’s just cold”

irbaaz king : What if the whole colony thought they were dead?

Games Prodigy : It's 3am, I have a 2500 words of paper due at 7, an exam, and a group project at 12 today and here I am, watching a video of ants. Life is great.

Dr. Zoidberg : He's fine, just needs an antacid.👈

Jobin : This seems like it could be a horror story. Out of nowhere a human falls to the floor, the whole funeral happens and he's buried. But then he comes back to his senses when he has already been buried. Clastorphbic person's worst nightmare

Drishty Bhandari : Why am I on this side of the internet

Shafiq [BC/BL] : When you're dead but you remember that you need to hand out the homeword tommorow...

T5 Zoik : Drinking game: Every time he says ant 🐜 Drink

michael Jacobs : Did u just assume it's gender


midnight_blue1000 Be Like : Ant: Oh, look! My best friend died! Meh.


Ronnie Templo : November 2018?????

Matthew Plays Fn : Ahhh damn im dead let me walk to my grave next day: me:exuse me im dead can u bury me Random guy:yes 1 sec 10mins later Man:there u go me:ayt thx ima go in now see ya when ur dead Edit:this was random plus im bored lmao

exactly 9999 subs challenge : When that one friend says im dead the ant responds me too 😂😂

Azri Azizan : Maybe Those other ants used edotensei to revive the dead ants

Loosha ! : *I learn more on this channel then at school.*

TheYouTuber254 the ROBLOX Car Wash Fanatic 2004 : Okay YouTube, I watched it. Now leave me alone.

llPro Playerll : I want likes =( Edit: how did I even get my comment highlighted?

Pradeep22 : You smiling while doing this video makes it creepy.

Princess Anderson : Hears a question how do you of all people know it's a boy ant


Cornflake Comando : What an interesting life

Hi It's Me : What if you put the acid on ant man? :0

EN7171 : *Ant sees Straw* U WOT ME M8

sniffing star dust : Ants aren't real

David Fenton : ...and lets put it in the freezer, no it doesn't hurt the ant ...lets put some acid on the ant, no it doesnt hurt the ant... WTF, who cares? Just killed something like 15 ants...

Fiona Cahill : I'm gonna be singing that tune ( Pink Panther) all night now 😁: dead ant dead ant dead ant dead ant dead ant dead ant dead ant dead aaaaaa... Seriously though, poor ant! you froze him senseless...he wished he was dead!

Jaka Jancic : No ants are dead,but your channel is

John Cena : Shouldn't it be called "night of the living ant"?

miley art stuff : The ants u have as pets are the ones that we have as insects in our house they r like a billion

Myá Jorquez : "He's not dead, he's just cold." 😂😂😂😂

Ever Recinos : Ant: bro am I dead? I must be Trippin other Ant: you need to lay off the weed

devon wilson : You look like you’ve just discovered smiling