Red Letter Media Watches the Ending of Resident Evil: Afterlife

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thewhatness : This is *borderline* _E X P E R I M E N T A L_

STiP0 : *it's stylistically designed to be that way*

TheHauntedReader : While this video is super funny its more sad when you realize that they basically took the entire fight scene from RE5 (Every single little move) and just threw it into this piece of shit movie. They didn't even have the damn time or energy to make a different fight sequence.

Samuel Gavin : Rich's laugh can cure cancer lol

BlueShit199 : His laugh is borderline experimental.

drpapa26 : Rich Evans is the key to all this. 'Cause he's a funnier character than we've ever had in these movies. Hopefully it'll work.

Ohfishyfishyfish : I teach an English class in China. I showed this clip to my class during a class on films. I told them that these are celebrated American movie critics: Rich Evans, Jay Baumann and Mike Stoklasa. They had no idea what was going on, but they loved Rich.

Trent csqw : Isn't that the guy who made platforms for Giraffes?

The Death Twitch : Every time I watch this and I think 'By now, after this many viewings it can't still possibly be that funny.' and then by the end of it I'm hunched over in pain with laughing cramps and tear soaked cheeks!

drpapa26 : His laugh is stylistically designed to be that way, and you can't undo that. But we can diminish the effects of it.

drpapa26 : "And that's when the movie broke us." "Yeah, it literally snapped our brains in half."

globox123456789 : Nothing says "good videogame adaption" than the villain from the games beating the shit out of the heroes of the game while the OC, who's also the wife of the director kills him easily. It's like poetry.

Toxic Shitlord : The avant-garde directing is too deep for these plebeians.

FalconKPD : This is some Bollywood shit

DeL Keyes : Remember guys, we wouldn't be having Best of the Worst if not for this clip from Half in the Bag. We should thank ourselves. We should also thank Paul W.S. Anderson for unwittingly having these guys provide us with the magic of the Evans Laughter.

StarfighterX1 : The best part of this is watching Mike completely lose it. I've never seen him laugh like this. It's fucking hilarious!

Scottoest : I love how Rich just explodes with laughter at how bad that bullet-dodging effect looks.

Apethantos : "PAUSE IT! "We can't stop now! There's no going back!" LMAO

schwarzertisch : Rich Evans is the key to all this if we get his laughter working

eddielong86 : Rich's laugh is like poetry. It rhymes. Every laugh sort of rhymes with the last one. And it really does work.

Mason Brown : God wishes he could be as cool as Rich Evans

DRS GR : This is probably the most embarrassing scene of all time

JamesOhGoodie : The abuse of slow motion in this film was a big mistake.  It only makes you sit back and take in how poorly the fights are staged and how stupid the whole thing really is.

Dark Mountain Productions : This movie is amazing! It's one of the best comedies of 2010.

WanderingRandomer : This was the video that made me fall in love with Rich Evans.

Susan : I get the distinct impression there are a lot of viewers here who *don't* regularly watch RedLetterMedia's stuff, especially the morons saying "don't let that fat guy be in anymore of your videos!". I suspect it's people who saw a link to the Phantom Menace Review on their Tumblr or Reddit or Facebook then clicked a related video and found themselves here. I've got bad news kiddies, they do more of _this_ than they do Plinkett stuff and Rich Evans is in pretty much everything.

Big Mouth Smurf : These movies were always stupid bad, and not in a good way because all the characters you should care about are shit on by the director. Alice is literally the worse mary sue character in modern fiction.

Wedge Antilles : I'm sorry, I didn't hear anything, I got lost, I was just thinking of beating somebody's head in with the back end of a rifle.

my wheelhouse : this has nowhere near as much views as the 9/11 version

Silk Thai : that laughter.....I think Jared Leto should have gone with that one for his interpretation of the joker.

hopscotchoblivion : I want to see Rich Evans react to Chris Redfield punching a boulder!

Simon Vs The World : It's weird seeing Mike laugh so much.

Only Kind of Media : You guys should stop making fun of Resident Evil: Afterlife. *THIS MOVIE TOOK 12 YEARS TO MAKE!*

Momus Invictus : It's like if a 13 year old just watched Matrix and decided to make his own version.

The Supper : We can all agree that 0:14 is the highlight of the video.

ToruKun1 : Superimpose Rich Evans' laugh onto the final boss battle in RE5 (especially when Chris punches a boulder).

Rise Of The Kumquat : Every time Rich Evans laughs a baby Panda is born.

S738226 : that is better than 90% of today's entertainment offerings. pure liquid wonderment + bad movies + friends and fellowship = 2 thumbs up for RLM

Kretek : So many butt hurted people here in the comments.

Mat E : I begin to see things I recognize..

some asian guy : The dudes laugh is killing me XD

Felippe : Whenever I'm feeling down I watch this video.

Brendan McCallion : I guess Rich is a sailor, that's why he's wearing that life preserver. :)

CHESTER FIELD : You have to understand the context of this scene. The resident evil series is set in a pessimistic reality of death and destruction. When you put a scene like this in the movie with the same music score, it is so out place which makes it extremely hilarious.

HellaJayGaming : All these buttmad RE kids are hilarious.

Bulwark1911 : *Watching them watch the movie, is better than the movie.*

Joe Barden : We can't stop now! There's no going back!

THRILLHO : Rich I love you, I think you're a terrific and funny guy but your laugh is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Big Huge : If someone is on Paul W.S. Anderson's facebook friend list, please send him the link for this video. He's got to know what he did to this franchise.

Alsemenor : Those movies gave me cancer and Rich's laugh cured me from it. GG.