The Wire - Season 4 Intro (HD)

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SoulJoe : Best series & intro-song imo

James Mccormack : Best version for the best season

Oli Rayner : Best season, best intro

Chris : That frame of Snoop at 1:12 is one of the most chilling shots I've ever seen.

Matt Mcclain : i got into this show years back and for some damn reason stopped after season 3. I loved Stringer and when he passed i kinda lost interest for awhile. Started watching season 4 and DAMN this shit is good! Some straight up WMD!!!

scruffy farmdog : That kid's popsicle displayed African colours. Subtle.

eric420519 : Best Season Best Intro Theme Best show of all time

Demon Fox : "He aint nobody"

Abdullah Azim Shah : Best Season, Best intro of the whole series ♥

smooth wit it : Easily the best intro of the series closely followed by 5. She sings with so much soul, and the very beginning where it shows the blue audio lines and the wires gave me goosebumps the first couple times

CeeJay Ent. : Best season intro.

Eray Taşpınar : this is the best story telling example of the history. salute Hamsterdam!

Abdullah Azim Shah : Best Intro of the whole series ♥

Mr Pablo The Series : the best season of any show

Plucky Bellhop : Best season. I don't think the fifth season could have wrapped up the series better than it did, but that fourth season was made of something special.

Diallo Kelly-Barnes : When that boy threw that rock at the camera I always laugh at that back when I was kid lls 😂 memories

DocSkribblez : You can see Nick Sobatka at 1:16 now

kaspah : Best intro % series, case closed.

Adam Gordon : This is maybe the best intro in tv history. The endless cycle metaphor they capture with with the revolving wheel rims, merry go round, plexiglass store window is subtle and perfect.

Sankofa NYC : This is my favorite version... But ultimately this is just a well written song so it's always great... I like that this is probably the youngest most hip and modern version of the song and this is the season that introduces the youth of Baltimore

MyNamesCody : youre a good man for uploading this

Phil Kleeblatt : like the part when you hear a shot and c chris shooting a nail in the door, looks so badass.

Mariusz Leoniuk : love the series

Automatic Oversteer : Best Wire intro.

Trilmonté : This intro was definitely the bleakest...which makes sense since it's dealing with a new evil and the kids.

cristian ochoa : The Best serie 👍

omieg89 : The wire was never about any one character but about Baltimore. Season 4 displayed that better than any season. No Avon, no stringer, and very little Mcnulty and yet this season was just as brilliant as the other shit.

Mal-El : I always cherish season 4 the most because it was the first time I ever watched the show

Travel Maramitas : otro tonto igual!que activéis la inserción!

Sonny : best intro, good season - s2 my fav but s4 was also great (they r all great, s5 is just behind)

TheDCGuitar13 : Nothing captures the true hopeless feeling of not having control of circumstance like going out and finding the youth that have to live a worse reality than the wire every day in the Bawdimore streets. The soul in their voice isn’t just people singing notes. Those boys were venting their feelings of being forgotten by the world through this remake of the song. Fits the theme of season 4 to well of all the good people stuck in a hopeless place at the mercy of street gangs and crooked cops alike. You can’t tell who’s worse and has stickier fingers and triggers between the police and gangsters and the hard working righteous Baltimoreans are left to eat shit while every mayor, congressperson and council member uses the city to try to run for governor. The wire isn’t Baltimore. It’s simply the pg version.

Will C. : I always felt that the introduction to this season was dedicated to Naymond, Dukie and the crew...

TheDMB411987 : This intro perfectly captures so many themes of the season in my opinion. The dark, ominous, presence over the west side due to Chris and Snoop, at Marlo’s behest. The feeling of total desperation that so many characters experience in this season. Finally, the end shot shows you whats at stake in this war: the kids and their future. So compelling.

Rasta Buritos : honestly this was the best intro in the whole show, season 4 was also the best season imo

Frank Jaegar : Season 4 is the most redpilled. Great show.

l'enfoiré à lunettes : the best version with the first

Stuart Bedford : Best season......intros not too ad either

mansa musa : smooth