The Grave Robber | Musical

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M4GNITUDE : This is incredibly well done

Montag Press : Hang on. You guys are about to become famous, at least internet famous. This is a goldmine of song, story and talent. Absolutely wonderful. I'm glad that we live in a world, a country, where people like you take these kinds of risks. Without it we'd be lost. XOXO

maximumbiting : Did you remember to put tags in the video? So people could find it?

DavidRussell323 : WOW

WoozyCrew : here from jeriicho

originalamam : It's crazy that this only has less than 200 views as I'm typing this. This is a hidden gem.

CausewayComedy : It's bonkers that this hasn't blown up.

KeifferDK : Thanks JERICHO

Hashtag HG : jer squad up

PHANTOMxsx : #Jericho's stream?

Brad Grafelman : shout out to iijeriichoii for revealing this hidden gem of a YouTube video.


Martin the Mundane Musket Man : C'mon boys! Lets put the power of reddit to good use! Show the world what these people are capable of! ONWARD

aeico : sharing this everywhere! truly outstanding work of art!

Hamza Waheed : How is this channel not more popular!! This is incredible music

VoltismProductions : inb4famous

Gil Gardner : this is great thats all i have to say

TheProjectVectrix : Love from IIJeriichoII

Ka Anor : Sharing this on Facebook, this deserves more views!

leaim byrne : Iijeriichoii RAID

Soham Dasgupta : commenting for when this gets big

max müller : Tucker squad

Tiny .Cloud : who is here from tuckers stream :D like for the musical ofc :D much love!

Swermie :

Reuben Hayward : I don't like musicals for what ever reason, but i sure appreciate talent when i see it. And this was full of talent, deserves more views

Smiley Games : This is amazing!

A slightly off-centred potato. : TUCKER BONER IS MY DADDY

smnk3 : I really hope this gets shared!

MMoESTV : From a person that is really into films and specially musicals, I see here a lot of talent. Voices are great and seing the amount of time spent in the movie it's crazy that it has so high production quality. Would love to see more of your work in the future!

Kevin Guerrero : Lol Jericho is gonna change these peoples lives

MR SARSEY : Dad sent me

Marco Rodriguez : Superb!

lglowen : :)

Zeno Kellermann : Le reddit army reporting

Jack Fox-Marrs : iijeriichoii group?

Zac C : Came from jerichos stream, he wanted everyone to leave a like cause he loved it


Nemo_K : 186 views? Preposterous!

Skyway Avenue : Hi from Reddit!

Michael Mills : Because reddit told me to

Plumpgecko101 : THANK TUCKER !!!!!!!!!!!!

Coolguy Nubnibs : Wow, surprisingly good.

Kopelin Turner : Jericho sent me lol

Saikat : came from reedit

Photo Mad : Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very well done. A lot of hard work making this. And the raw talent. The voices, the singing! Powerful and moving. EXCELLENT! Change the title to a more catchy one like: Title: Grave Rober, The Musical - Amazing & Epic Must Watch Movie Thank you for this moment.

Nick Eckhardt : This is going to take off

Raveren : This is absolutely amazing. Good job.

i cant find da way : Shits lit fam

Jpspartin117 : fantastic job you killed it

Erin Kraft : Before this goes completely viral: THOSE ARE MY COUSINS AND FRIENDS I KNOW THEM!!! Ok, I'm done..