The Man in the Shed

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Comments from Youtube

Jack Jones :

MrCrazy550 : I fear no man, but that thing in the shed it scares me.

Paddyladdie The First : ''never you mind'' 😁 classic

C T : "Disturbing beyond believe." - Grammatically challenged lad on his laptop. "Nominated for best horror trailer at the Cannes Film Festival 2018." - cannes film festival "Pure shcary shit man" - That fella down the road who slipped in the snow

rinnin : 0:41 Best subtle β€œWTF” in movie history! :D

juses : "that sandwich is gonna get et" would watch for 100%

R0B1NG5 : The budget for this Lady in the Water sequel took a hit when they announced it was shooting in Ireland. Probably did it for tax breaks or something, sure you know yourself.

Moskau43 : 9/4 says he’ll stay in the shed. That’s a safe bet for your Santy money.

Mr.Mister : "never you mind"

Eoin Geary : Stir the sandwich and slice the tea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

thesparewheel : put this up for the oscars

zoe wainwright : showed me girlfriend tis while i was drunk now she wont stop givin me weird looks

Frexter : What kind of sick mind would think of creating something like this??

Tristan : Please make this a series πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

AllTimeIsRelative : Your shed's me gaff now...

SaintNickOfficial : It's just Amin Yashed

z o o m a n j o : Based on a true story.

Evan N oscope : I saw this post on an instagram sponsor for shed equipment not crediting you. wasn’t sure if your ok or knew about it. The company was called the steeltechsheds

Jack S : Now that's a daft dinner Francis

Argument Starter : What even was this haha top quality πŸ˜‚

Gordon Mendez : G'luck

King Kuta : when does the movie come out?

ted the commenter : that silent hill music tops it off


SavageArfad : Would you get much use out a fckn Sage?

Watch your profanity. : Shlug of the tea!

Peter Walsh : That's a nice big light hanging around outside the shed.

Jake Blumberg : "Stir the sandwich, and slice the tea." You sick, twisted, little shed man.

Saint Rizla : Love that Silent Hill 2 music: "the darkness that lurks in our mind" haha

Poshjamie123 : YOUR MATE IN THE SHED

BOBALOO919 : Nick Drake?

G Lee : tommy shlug and this are very very good

Freckly Tag0819 : I love this so much...exactly what Ireland is like πŸ˜‚

iKiWY : 0:41 thats exactly what i was thinking watching this

Connor F. : Reminds me of that movie "when a stranger calls"

S WALKER : This needs funding to be made into a full movie. If Phone Booth can be a film, so can this!

Tuan Murphy : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚My history teacher was acting like the man in the shed!

Sean Murray : I hope they make a sequel to this.

TWCE : β™ͺ Man in the shed, Where you ever arrested for committing those crimes? Man in the shed, If they caught you I hope you're serving your time β™ͺ

hazy cat : This is to good :D

Beard Boi : 'Slice the tea'

Big Succ : do you have a patreon or should i give you my life savings in person

Dylan's Thoughts : y was this so well shot for bein such a shite vid love ya francis : )

Patrick Conlon : Who are you? The man in the shed

Fomod : I don't even have a shed

TheAnimateor : New-age Poetry

TheXJaOx : Need more live shows!

rick : I would watch the full-length film

Bumper210 : It's released a bit too late for this year's Oscars, but You will get your award next year