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TopMadHatTV : I like the idea but you have a couple of problems 1. Its in British pounds most companies don't deal in British pounds they deal in us dollars 2. Location if some one buys it from over seas the shipping cost is going to be relatively high and ridiculous.

Christian Yaw : Just placed my order. Sure I could build one cheaper, but this way I know it's going to be quality and I see it as a great way to support someone putting out content I enjoy. Thanks guys!

maffioli14 : Economical? It's nearly 300$ US and it's 5 plates of steel with some holes cut in it, a few fire bricks, and a nozzle. Your better off making your own from scrap. Mine works just fine and all I had to buy was the bricks

Im God : I made a bucket forge from THE KING OF RANDOM, and it gets hot enough to forge damskus! And it cost almost nothing

shepards forge h : as a certified structual welder im happy, you are offering this to newbi blacksmiths such as my self! how ever i got one of your early big boy burners and made my own forge! and im kickin ass! wouldnt be doing it if it wasnt,for you brother!

Richard Chapple : Sam's voice just doesn't match his appearance, should be deeper, LOL

Trevor Morrison : will these be back in stock?

TheSasquatch33 : Tell Sam he did a fantastic job. Unless he is reading this.... Sam you did a fantastic job. :)

Matthew M : That's a nice little beginner/semi -beginner forge. Good work. Though there are much easier ways still, for very beginners without much equipment. Simple charcoal forges for eg, with some firebricks and a hairdryer hooked to a piece of round steel pipe.... (Or even just dig a pit in the ground) Or a simple propane forge made out of two firebricks stacked with a hole in the center for the workpiece and a small hole in the side for the nozzle of a small, cheap propane torch. These are good cause they allow absolute beginners to get started quick and easy and cheaply with forging and/or heating treating. But this is great and better if you're willing and able to put in the extra effort and money and can get the parts easily. ☺

Raul Santos : I thought 1440p wasn't 4k

Just Calum : Dude love ur idea very helpful great idea iv tried so many other forges and they didn't work cause of needing specific equipment or parts to build but this is easier

Samuel Logan : Alec your a blacksmith not girl why u whereing gloves when your welding

LetsgetintroubleTV : Where do you get this Burner thingy you put on the top? The round thinh

Christopher Beck : Whoop 👍🏼 Farmers Fight! Thanks Alec for all the great information. Your videos and charisma are awesome.

Chad Moore : Have a look at my forge build guys, I'm still working on getting my videos a higher quality but practice makes perfect!

John Patz : Why are the forges listed on Sam's site and burners and anvils on yours, and there aren't even links to connect the two sites, I mean if someone buys one of his forge kits, it might be handy get to the burner at the same time, as they are made for each other right?

Azz Zaa : Awesome job sam wise

Hack 'n Build : Nice simple design for a small propane forge. I am thinking of building one soon, but I'll probably just use whatever material I can get the best deal on whether it's an old 20lb propane tank or buying steel and welding one up.

FarmerMiyagi : I am seeing a project in my future. Nice job Sam.

moogily1 : dang i was gonna make a forge out of a steel folding chair

David Schnell : But Sam's a farrier

Cole Steele : Lol my brothers name is Alex Steele

Anton stone : What is your day job?

TheFullmoonight : @Alec Steele Could you give us name of the song in 1:30 please?

The Pilot Penguin : Sam is a pro at tutorialing, explained everything clearly and included the safety precautions. good job sir

Jeremy Holm : what size plate are you using

Ace4Ace : Hey what burner did you use??

Marc Brillen : Greate video. Which kind of stone is the "hard brick"

Dylan Crow : Tell me, should I buy a burner or build one?

steven weeks : When will the DIY forge kits be available?? And do they come with the fire bricks, burners and regulators?

Nick Mirow : could this forge, forge weld steel?

Patrick Martin : Will these be available any time soon?

Bernardo Bello : Alec, in case i dont own a welder to put the damascus billet together what would you recommend?

UltraGaming : To expensiv when I buy the steel and the stones by myself it will cost me much below 50-75€

TheStonehammerFiles : Dunno why you're calling it TIG, you're MIG welding or known industrially as GMAW.

Pat Sullivan : wish they were still in stock

Christopher Pattison : Awesome work lads, love the videos really inspired now need to make one myself

Bronson Stephens : Could I Use 16 Gauge Steel For This?

Jormungand13324 : any beginner forges that don't require welding? Or gas?

Jack Caldwell : Can not buy anything with it sold out! Lol it's alright I can get the stuff and make it myself , good luck

Dloweification : Building a forge for beginners. Step 1) Obtain prefabricated steel plates of an unknown alloy Step 2) Tig weld said unknown steel plates together So, right off the bat we need both material properties knowledge (correct steel alloy) and welding knowledge? This isn't for beginners. This is a plug for your friend's new business selling these exact forges. (linked in the description)

Robert Poling : how much are the burners

Zex Maxwell : stupid Q any form of welding will work right? I have a stick welder.

Chris McMillen : ok so whats the fuel your burning? propane?

mike bayley : you can get the same result from a propane tank :) how i made mine

Lenblacksmith : Nice forge, looks like you've sold out now. When are you back into production of these forges?

randy martin : great video I cant wait to get started

The gamer 115 : Can you make a propane burner plz

Finch : Is it Possible to make Aluminium Copper Damaskus or with Messing?

Adam Ferguson : Hey the forges are unavailable on the website currently, will this change soon?