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Warped Legacy : Nice little forge. Looks like it would be a good starter forge. I'm gonna stick with my coal forge though. Keep up the great stuff. Define Your Legacy!!

Bethany Doubtfire : Nice one Sam, getting Alec to do all the hard work for a change!

RetroWeld : Very nice!

Richard Chapple : Sam's voice just doesn't match his appearance, should be deeper, LOL

Christian Yaw : Just placed my order. Sure I could build one cheaper, but this way I know it's going to be quality and I see it as a great way to support someone putting out content I enjoy. Thanks guys!

The Pilot Penguin : Sam is a pro at tutorialing, explained everything clearly and included the safety precautions. good job sir

Anders jensen : Thank you very much for your lovly videos im not having great at the moment but your happy an possive video always helps

Michael Montgomery : Look out Billy Mays; Alec and Sam are coming for yah!

Anthony Howard : I want one.

rory lobban : Ordered!

Wesley : Thankyou thankyou thankyou! I have been looking for a video like this forever!

Richard Ball : Sam, looking at your grinder: if the inches version is for the US market: dunno whether they ever use the word Imperial. They always seen to talk about English. Weirdly.

Kaden Gilbert : Campfire works well too if you're on a budget. That, and a leaf blower, or a half-assed bellows...

V8CSW : Order for a diy jobby, just gone in. Pretty handy with a welder so no worries there, should be a nice addition to the workshop. ATB boys.....

reixith : that's so exciting. :D

Ekho Naq : Goooo Saaaam! looks great man I'll be getting one soon. I've been wanting to make a trip to come meet y'all- dream to be trained by Allex lol

TheSasquatch33 : Tell Sam he did a fantastic job. Unless he is reading this.... Sam you did a fantastic job. :)

Im God : I made a bucket forge from THE KING OF RANDOM, and it gets hot enough to forge damskus! And it cost almost nothing

Matthew Harris : Ordered. So excite.

Danitz Cutting Works : That's a sweet little fireball man ;)

Jenny Garcia : amazing piece of equipment and easy to make. thank you

William Cunha : Awesome Forge Sam!

A Tre : Hey Alec, i think it would be cool if you did an induction forge project, that would be amazing

GlenTurner100 : Nice product there gents. Those little suckers will sell well.

Ross Davidson : Im moving house soon, might need to find a place with a garage to start my own smithing journey lol

Feverish Ferret : order placed first thing this morning, can't wait!!

JohnyComeLately : For some reason when you panned the shot to show Sam behind you, I had a flash of Frodo and (the other)Sam.

Jarrod Stringer : Looks like a great entry level product.

Gareth Reeves : Just checked out the forge...what a bloody spankingly superb bit of kit, looks like I really really need to start saving. Please keep up the content because you are both #AlwaysWinning. Plus seeing the passion that both Alec and Sam is infectious and it's one of the reasons I've been watching your channel for the last 3 and a bit years!!!

MattyChrets : Great video idea to get people into blacksmithing seems super interesting

Chop Knives : Brilliant price @samfowler - I may get one just to review on Knifetalk!

David Downing : Very nice product Sam. I can use another forge in the shop, will be ordering!

George Harrell : awesome job Sam they look super nice

theRealsam paskin : my first forge was a hole dug in the floor with cheap coal and a pipe with a hair dryer duck taped to it. used it about 4 times before giving up and buying a proper coke forge.

Connor. scott : Could you buy the forge as a kit and assemble it yourself ?

Hasan Kaya : Hey Alec, just out of curiosity, this 8 minutes video is edited from your entire footage for the day. How long is the entire raw footage? I admire your editing, if this was about watching paint drying, with this style, i would still watch it without even blinking. Thanks for the video btw!

gabriel sanchez : Hey Alec! espectacular. debes subir más videos como este. Gracias! Saludos de Argentina!!

MavixOffical : i built my forge body out of sheet steel(not galvanized) and fasten it with rivets and no welding was needed!

Eoin D : Do you sell the burners on their own? And if you do how much are they? Thanks Eoin

tanglediver : "Approximately an inch and a half." ?!?! We do NOT ... approximate, ... in the Queen's English Measure!! ... >< ... Carry on.

aaron wood : built my own out of a few pieces of scrap steel leftover from odd jobs. have about 150 bucks in it between firebricks and plumbing parts for the burners. two burners by the way. I can melt copper in 2 minutes from cold start to melted copper. forging and forge welding is no problem.

Brian Scholten : very cool i want one

maffioli14 : Economical? It's nearly 300$ US and it's 5 plates of steel with some holes cut in it, a few fire bricks, and a nozzle. Your better off making your own from scrap. Mine works just fine and all I had to buy was the bricks

Alex Oelkers : Tried that forge link, it's dead.

scintards : This is fantastic Samuel, Well done dude!

shepards forge h : as a certified structual welder im happy, you are offering this to newbi blacksmiths such as my self! how ever i got one of your early big boy burners and made my own forge! and im kickin ass! wouldnt be doing it if it wasnt,for you brother!

Lee Bent : My gods, Sam sounds like a young Eric Idle....I 've never been able to place his accent and voice until now.

guillermo kelly : Duuuuuuuuude! ! ! ! You just gave me the idea needed to start a forge for a different project! ! ! ! RIGHT NOW I LOOOOOOOVE YOU! ! ! !

Michael Andersen : yes if I could get into it I would buy one. this is very cool because the cost to start up for my friend was easily over $2000 with a two burner forge. Thanks Sam for helping support a great thing.

M&S BLADES : Sam    You mentioned white heat . Will the small forge reach welding temps.thanks, Martin at M/S Blacksmithing and Blades