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Warped Legacy : Nice little forge. Looks like it would be a good starter forge. I'm gonna stick with my coal forge though. Keep up the great stuff. Define Your Legacy!!

TheSasquatch33 : Tell Sam he did a fantastic job. Unless he is reading this.... Sam you did a fantastic job. :)

Bethany Doubtfire : Nice one Sam, getting Alec to do all the hard work for a change!

RetroWeld : Very nice!

Richard Chapple : Sam's voice just doesn't match his appearance, should be deeper, LOL

Christian Yaw : Just placed my order. Sure I could build one cheaper, but this way I know it's going to be quality and I see it as a great way to support someone putting out content I enjoy. Thanks guys!

The Pilot Penguin : Sam is a pro at tutorialing, explained everything clearly and included the safety precautions. good job sir

Edward mac : Well that website didn't forges on there

Anders jensen : Thank you very much for your lovly videos im not having great at the moment but your happy an possive video always helps

Michael Montgomery : Look out Billy Mays; Alec and Sam are coming for yah!

Anthony Howard : I want one.

rory lobban : Ordered!

Kaden Gilbert : Campfire works well too if you're on a budget. That, and a leaf blower, or a half-assed bellows...

tanglediver : "Approximately an inch and a half." ?!?! We do NOT ... approximate, ... in the Queen's English Measure!! ... >< ... Carry on.

maffioli14 : Economical? It's nearly 300$ US and it's 5 plates of steel with some holes cut in it, a few fire bricks, and a nozzle. Your better off making your own from scrap. Mine works just fine and all I had to buy was the bricks

Wesley : Thankyou thankyou thankyou! I have been looking for a video like this forever!

Richard Ball : Sam, looking at your grinder: if the inches version is for the US market: dunno whether they ever use the word Imperial. They always seen to talk about English. Weirdly.

Im God : I made a bucket forge from THE KING OF RANDOM, and it gets hot enough to forge damskus! And it cost almost nothing

reixith : that's so exciting. :D

Ekho Naq : Goooo Saaaam! looks great man I'll be getting one soon. I've been wanting to make a trip to come meet y'all- dream to be trained by Allex lol

TheFullmoonight : @Alec Steele Could you give us name of the song in 1:30 please?

A Tre : Hey Alec, i think it would be cool if you did an induction forge project, that would be amazing

V8CSW : Order for a diy jobby, just gone in. Pretty handy with a welder so no worries there, should be a nice addition to the workshop. ATB boys.....

Matthew Harris : Ordered. So excite.

Danitz Cutting Works : That's a sweet little fireball man ;)

Connor. scott : Could you buy the forge as a kit and assemble it yourself ?

Hasan Kaya : Hey Alec, just out of curiosity, this 8 minutes video is edited from your entire footage for the day. How long is the entire raw footage? I admire your editing, if this was about watching paint drying, with this style, i would still watch it without even blinking. Thanks for the video btw!

Alex Sanchez : Gendry? I swear that's him.

gabriel sanchez : Hey Alec! espectacular. debes subir más videos como este. Gracias! Saludos de Argentina!!

MavixOffical : i built my forge body out of sheet steel(not galvanized) and fasten it with rivets and no welding was needed!

Eoin D : Do you sell the burners on their own? And if you do how much are they? Thanks Eoin

Mientjie Kok : Pause at 0:00...

aaron wood : built my own out of a few pieces of scrap steel leftover from odd jobs. have about 150 bucks in it between firebricks and plumbing parts for the burners. two burners by the way. I can melt copper in 2 minutes from cold start to melted copper. forging and forge welding is no problem.

Alex Oelkers : Tried that forge link, it's dead.

M&S BLADES : Sam    You mentioned white heat . Will the small forge reach welding temps.thanks, Martin at M/S Blacksmithing and Blades

Rafael Caracu : *Perfect .* 👍👍👍

Noah Revoy : Thanks for this!!!

Dloweification : Building a forge for beginners. Step 1) Obtain prefabricated steel plates of an unknown alloy Step 2) Tig weld said unknown steel plates together So, right off the bat we need both material properties knowledge (correct steel alloy) and welding knowledge? This isn't for beginners. This is a plug for your friend's new business selling these exact forges. (linked in the description)

elams1894 : Sam's the man! Everyone needs a mate called Sam! Massive respect to the epic outro too, very cool stuff!

Christopher Heffner : GREAT VIDEO!!! THANK YOU

Don Finch : Grrrrreat. You guys get on well. Entertaining team

omaxman1 : What does it cost to run it for an hour or day?

Martillo Workshop : I'm one of those getting into blacksmithing. I got a nice anvil for super cheap that I cleaned up and the next step is the forge. It's going to be a blast! I'm also making videos of the process (In part due to Alec's way of making videos)

ShaneP : Thanks Alec!!!! Been waiting on this! Good job young man!!!!

Darin Roodman : So I went to go look at the website you said for Sam, and it didn't work. Very sad :(

SneakDante : Can you fire weld. In this without Flux.

Lenblacksmith : You guys still selling these forges?

DOER-OF -STUFF : Alec truly inspirational hey would you have any advice I’ve decided to pick up smithing as a hobby and who don’t wanna bash stuff with hammers

Lenblacksmith : How about doing a video on those Gameco burners please???

Lenblacksmith : Yeah bit expensive, I got a good one from Lithuania, only $225.00 Au dollars, works a treat.