The Best Prank on a US History Teacher Ever! (Senior 2015 Prank)

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MrPittsburghJ : pretty funny. But now-a-days, the after is your typical college liberal professor's room.

kloteyoshi1 : Communism is fun and socially acceptable these days right goys!

no no : Now do a prank like this with nazi imagery (and they killed literally billions less people than Stalin and Mao) and watch yourself get expelled and exiled from polite society :^)

Zen : In case people wonder why this is ok and a Nazi flag isn't, it's because government schools are inching closer to Marxism and away from anything else. Its the direct reason so many kids are saying they are socialists whole growing up benefiting from capitalism. It takes government education to achieve that so this is just where educations going and why it's acceptable.

Enrique MTY : "Hilarious" ???

czaryone : stalin killed 170 000 000 human beeings, he is the biggest murderer of all times. Its not fuking funny to use komunist symbols of human disaster

Johnathan M. : Would be really hilarious if it wasn't the truth about what the socialist/communist agenda was in the U.S.. I mean, these high school seniors are obviously ready for college and to become future SJW, liberal snowflakes in life.

shutupman : Yankees sure are stupid in their education about Stalinist Russia, but so envious of Putin.

42Mohawks : Nothing beats the lulz more than murdering and starving tens of millions of people. I'm sure the dried bones of millions of Kulaks share in your hilarity.

Yueh Tewb : You realize communists killed like 4 times more people than fascists in the 20th century, right? *Literally* worse than Hitler. All those students should be expelled immediately, this isn't a prank, it's a threat.

Conor Waters : most teachers are lefty commies anyway .. it would have been more funny, and just as offensive, if they would have decorated the room in nationalist socialist party propaganda.

9ner : Honestly this was a careless act. And I read what you wrote on that white board and it was very biased. Sure it’s fun to role play sometimes, but making a party out of mass murderers as if they weren’t horrific child killers is really distasteful in a classroom setting. If Hitler is ridiculed for mass murderer, why aren’t communists treaTed equally? makes ya think.

allison hwang : Haha! That's hilarious! If blaming Russians gets boring you can visit a Catholic church if you want to scapegoat Jews for killing Jesus.

Emma Porter : Hi Reddit!

Al Guien : you made Trump proud!

Ryan Sinclair : Also don't forget that the USSR were our allies in WWII and played an integral role in defeating Nazi Germany while we spent the bigger part of all the conflict and invasion with our thumbs in our asses until it affected us personally at Pearl Harbor.

P D : Clever girls!

The Otherguy : Most of these comments belong in r/woooosh

Ryan Sinclair : Let's pretend that American capitalism has never committed genocide and slave trade or had famine or has executed prisoners or ran racially charged internment camps. Yeah, Stalin had the body count, but capitalism hasn't exactly proven to be the most just and fair system in the world either.

Dimas Karabas : As Stallins grandson I'm agree with this idea)

vesteel : "I'm surrounded by communism!"