【AMV】 Anime Babes (Parody)

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Nay2D2 : here before this hits 1 million

Pentex Sucks /Mini Monster/ : why did I listen to this. I regret my life. at least it was funny

NeonJohn : Well Then

SmittyManJensen : I'm on that side of the internet now

XGN Fucanglong : How did I get this as an ad while watching a vid about a man with a deformity that lived over a hindered years ago?

tooPrime : Some stray thoughts from making this video: 1. The theme song to Chobits is dope. 2. I ruined my recommendations making this. Not only do I get insane anime now, but I'm also getting MGTOW videos.

Isabelle the Slime Girl : Best ad Edit: As I got over 300 likes I’m like, okay lemme watch this whole video. Now I’m scared for my own safety. I’m just gonna listen to Teto Territory and be happy again.

Lonny Wortham II : Reddit has betrayed me. Subscribed.

AnimeTaichou : I'm scared to like this because I don't want to ruin my recommendation page

Stuffy stuff : Now I understand why god abandoned us.

epSos.de : This song for weekend Karaoke. That will be fun :-)

Mad Hatters in jeans : Seemed so innocent and carefree at first then the darkness arrived.

Kyleaaron Nightcore : Here after 1 million views

Sōma Yukihira : its okay she is thousand years old

MarioMinecraft64 : This guy needs more subs

daimonion13 : That got dark quick

Enki : Inb4 someone actually hangs themselves to be with their anime waifu.

X. Numbers : Powerful video. This will go down as one of the most influential pieces of media of all time.

IceCoolNinja : *Advertiser friendly*

Hidden Chin : Truly we are all anime on this blessed day

Joniclem : I feel extremely uncomfortable.

Jorden Steffler : Well... that took a turn at the end...

Slick Medina : So basically the video tells you about the downward spiral that comes from using anime "waifus" as a proxy for real life relationships, where as you continually pine for more and more to fill that hole in your heart where an IRL relationship would normally go, you continuously dive deeper into your delusion, until eventually committing suicide in your madness expecting to see your "waifu" on the other side. Clearly this is a cautionary tale, and not an endorsement of 'waifuism.' And surely I'm not the only one who caught this.

RhinoFreak : This is actually pretty catchy and lyrically genius. Wow.

OtakuEdits : I think I've gone bonkers watching this. Thanks. Liked, favourited, subscribed


SubzerO9O : This came up to me as an ad while I was watching videos of how to date a girl

Sam : the greatest ad of all time, absolutely supported watching this all the way through

Apollyon : Best un-skippable ad ever

Headphone Malone : Is that kitty prydes?

Lyzan Kayster : Having clips from ME!ME!ME! was a dead give away of what this would turn into

Alechango831 : WHY IS THIS AN AD!!!???

Mason Fisher : I hope this is a joke

Ruben Marquez : Why is this an ad lmao

The Evan : Another wonderful video.

katamorii : 👌👌

Dimamod : Шедевр

cemetery665_TOAO : Modern masterpiece

Jerick Wallace : I’ve listened to this 6 times in two days. Do I have a problem?

Lapist Macir : Share this on Sankaku complex please it'll be hilarious.

hotaru25189 : Saw it on Reddit. Creepy, but funny in a way.

Jayoo Plays : This is the only 5 minute ad I've gotten that I didnt skip.

Jayoo Plays : I have a very confused boner.

HentaiOniisama : I almost feel like turning off AdBlock to see this

Jaggi : You are a god for making this a ad.

Daniel D. : The Videodrome reference at the end. Well done good sir.

FlameSpeedster : This video speaks to me.

Talis116 : Man now i miss chobits...

TheHorselemonade : Greatest video in existence

Joe balls187 : Lucky star is the shit