Jackie Chan adventures - intro

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senseiWHIS : Randomly wake up for work and heard this in my head, now I'm here. I haven't watched this show since I was in the single digits I'm 24 now.

Alexander Sigstad : Probably the only cartoon staring a celebrity that isn't a vanity project.

Darkmoone1 : One more thing.....

Rodimus Rider : I don't know about anyone else but THIS is how I got introduced to Jackie Chan

Mudkip971 : Magic must defeat magic

Deusirae79 : You want a piece of Uncle?

TheShapeH31 : Jackie's Uncle was a badass

The Ice Ninja : BAD DAY! BAD DAY! BAD DAY!

Jerry Chapeton : My childhood.

Romain : Who remembers that weird chant that uncle had???????

Chicho : 0:19 - 0:24 when you open a pack of gum in school

scuzzlebutt : Hooly shit I used to love this show as a kid

Баварский Иллюминат : Jackie Chan's Bizarre Adventures

PKDeluxe : This show made me think that shit like this was normal in China when I was little.

Arvin : Oh the childhood memories... :')

Kristen Lamprecht : Aw gawd I miss this show cause it was funny. My fav part of the intro is when he punches the big dude in cartoon form and in real form he's shaking his hurt hand xD

Der Panda : I honestly think this cartoon was just all the stuff Jackie Chan wanted to but even he thought it would've been a bit too dangerous.

Jacob Norrman : who remembers Jackie s uncle screaming Jackie!!!

Jacuzzi : I remember when they had burger king toys of this show...good times.

TheGolDan95 : this and The Mummy were what I woke up to pretty much every weekend morning

Sardonicus : I'm Jackie Chan, and this is my pawn shop, I work here with my uncle, and my niece Jade, one thing I've learned after 23 years you never know what is gonna come through that door.

+RALL : This is my favorite anime

tss3393 : One mooore thing!!!

OTC Studios : Amazing cartoon I wish they made more seasons than just 5

lelouch29Reborn : Watching this on netflix love this show so much, brings back so many good memories of my childhood.

Daniel V : Ahhh. One of the best show ever! I remember watching this after school everyday and on Saturdays on Kids WB

The Blo0P : One more thing!!

Zuriel Perez : Oh the nostalgia!...

Grant Nordin : Our generation had the best cartoons. 1996-2009 were the best years.

Gekido : One More Thing !

Epic Scamp : I used to call him funny guy before I knew his name XD

Most Logical Shockwave : I always loved the faces those guys made after Jackie Chan punched them. I loved this show.

Juston Johnson : Dammit. Where's that last *guitar riff* ?

PBcombat93 : I used to love this show as a kid I still have some of the trading cards.

Forolle : Loved the show as a kid and I still do. Finished watching the whole series a year ago. I also made replica off all the 12 talismans because they were my favourite part.

Dynamoto : Mmmmmm this show was so deliciously good. But you know everyone preferred the manga. Everyone always prefers the manga.

Iron Collie : Is that last guy at 0:15 sepiroth cos-playing a mafia gangster?

Goodvillain 101 : This is one of the rare instances a cartoon featuring a celebrity works well. There were times when a program tries to cash in on the latest celeb or movie character (Hulk Hogan, Chuck Norris, Karate Kid, Rambo, Robocop, etc.) and fails by turning it into a generic adventure cartoon. This series captures the essence of Jackie Chan movies with its stylistic action-comedy, well developed characters, and unique villains.

Jack Murphy : I tell you what i gotta watch this show again.

Spencer4hire 35 : OMG, this show brings back great memories

Kipster : I'm literally crying. I'd watch this show every day for hours

Underthegun897 : complete series is on netflix now!

Unknown. Skymaster : chan, Macgyver, and indy would be something

Desiree Jacobi : this show was my life when I was a kid

Andx56 : dat nostalgia is so real right now

trinketisakitten : Whenever something annoying happens I go "aaayah!" like Uncle 😂

محمد فلاح : The golden generation 2000🌷⚘🌼

Yuta Seragaki : I remembered watching this when I come home from school and when I was small. :)

Tobey Blanco : "one more thing"

Ethan Wong : now... mike tyson mysteries.