Kid Sings Halo Theme Song in a 500t Silo

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WylieCan'tFilm : Who came here from reddit? Can someone link me the original reddit post? I cant find it :/

M 98 : 0:05 Gets ascended to perform this masterpiece

Daddy Donald : This is what it means to be a man

I want to be a Lime : I've been doing this in public bathrooms for years and now it's funny ????

Harambe Jr. : *This was so powerful that my dad Harambe called me and asked what that sound was.*

Logican : i would sit in there all day until my vocal chords gave out

1812Productionz : That is some of the best reverb I have ever heard. Ditch pedals or effects, get yourself a 500T grain silo!

Godspeed : The song that protects virginities

Raoul : I wish I could sing like that :(

bryce thoreson : Voice is to high

RapidWoWPrime : -begins guitar riff

Natalie Alfera : Thank you Kanye, very cool!


Donovan Apatang : Thats no kid Thats a man

FullSenders : Needs to be sang with “oooooos” not “hooooos or “awwwww”

Koin : Don't let this man near your kids

Eridanus 002 : Malcolm in the middle

tristantf2 : when a boy got the holy blesseing of a god

zstreet 3 : Dad is that you

Mr. Mikeman : Damn. Screw the Walmart yodeling kid. Halo theme song people are the thing now.

sinister is random : 0_0 glad I came by this on Thursday Feb 8 2:12am

Unknown Fool : *T Pose while listening to it*

Pedro Vek : it was fantastic!, your voice is ethereal...

TheConquistador : Daaamn

Bread_Life : Finally...The messiah has returned !

JonnyBoy : Oh my god 5000 views thank you so much guys

Andrew Bowers : 0/10 did not go _dugunduGAT dugutuduGAT dugutuguGATAguGATguGATutu_

JonnyBoy : WOW!!! 2000 VIEWS! TYSM!!!

Eugenio : Just imagine the parents being at home at night and then listen this coming from the silo - Oohh no.. Not again

General Nazrin : We need halo for pc for f sake

Vevoo xx : Jesus has been... Reborn.

Seb Mack : Wow Jonnyboy 5000 views in 20 hours great job

Sitesh Singh : I had tears in my eye, this is a special gift to the world.

Reiss Lane : Video wayyyy better than i though had the cringe face ready The comments section tho this some gold right here

Jasiel Witherspoon : Now I need a 500 ton silo

Suncrainer : Not all heros wear capes

NSS GROUP : No T-pose = not real

GoatMF : too bad halo had to die :(

RealEpicTPPG - Halo, Tech, Gaming & More! : How to summon Chief

Satine : That's sick asf

Finn : This is the best form of art

DavieSparkles 22 : Absolute unit

Content Cop : I cry everytime

TheImperialKerbalUnion : You sir have ascended to godliness

Vector Wolf : I dream everyday to learn to sing and having such an amazing voice Master Chief would be proud of you (dat smile at the end lol)

Cringe_Master777 xd : Dammit boi im proud of you

The_Dope_Soap : Young man you have made history😢

hentai lover76 : god is real

AliA logen Paul fan : T pose

the holiest templar : can we just replace the theme with that guy?