Girls Don't Poop -
Watching this video again I think no matter how much she got paid she mustve been underpaid

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Lynn M : I love how she talks. Like it's sarcastic but also not I can't explain it but it's fvcking amazing

Chereese Davis : ass-tronauts who else noticed that funny little pun?

CHICKEN TOO SALTY : 1st time seeing this: this gotta be fake 10th time seeing this: I LOVE THESE COMMERCIALS XD

Adélaïde Naiyaleen : My husband asked "Is this even a real thing?" right before this girl answered him! XD

L.A. Prodigy : This girl is really good

KittyRaw6930 : As someone who is lactose intolerant and couldn't bear to part from my favorite ice cream...this has become my best friend.

Bernadette Rocha : Literally the moment before she stated it was a real product -- I was wondering if it was a real product! 😂 THIS is how you market a product. I am definitely purchasing this.

How To Make Sushi : whoever wrote this script was a genius

Jordan Lorenzo : My favourite had to be at 0:22 "Maybe two or three flushes if your skidmarks are tenacious as mine."

Danny48 : She never wiped

Krizza Bucsit : PooPourri Ads are the only Ads that I've enjoyed watching. Can't stop laughing. XD

Wet piece of lettuce : I thought this commercial was fake

Bain Wheeler : How the hell can she say all of that with a straight face? Lol.

Timothy Brown : OMG I love this commercial... I cant stop laughing ... your little astronauts splash down

Ava Tarkanian : so when i was younger i thought this was perfume so i sprayed it on myself

Professional Introvert : My cousin likes to rehearse this add (in the same accent) a lot. She knows all the words.

Tamaria Gold : Now every time I take a dump, Ill walk out of the Bathroom and say to the first person I see "You would not BELIEVE the motherload I just dropped."

cinna : "Poopourri Girl" that's a relly good title to have in CV XD

William Scott : "Pinch a loaf"

Christopher Robin : what if your logs top well over the water line?

Yurie Heart : and now i am watching all of their ads 😂 gonna buy this product

Blei : I love the Host's(blue dress,red lips and caramel bun)voice!

Mr Chicks Butt : 'You would not believe the motherload i jst dropped' 'Or the creamy behemoth' Lol im dead

meta beyond life : Since you poop into the water after you spray the Poo-Pourri what if the water and Poo-Pourri goes into your buthole?

Sana Chan : I rememeber watching this ad on the tv a long time ago! 😂

Gisela Macedo : I'll never forget the time I used it and my roomie entered my suite right after it. She was all like: "OMG I love that smell, what's that?" and I replied "my new perfume". Later that day I told her what really happened and she was all like, eeewww... LOL

Hal Bullard : Reminds me of Mary Poppins taking a dump.

Gary McMichael : This NO shit!!! This video is the very first one I ever upvoted. LOL.

Yaqqiyr Mackabee : 😅😅😅😂😂this made me laugh I thought it was a joke until I went to target and saw it in the bathroom isle😐😐😐

Papa Xan : thare is a nother spray named vipoo thay stole your idea of toilet spray

Jerry W Davis : That is the best commercial I have seen in my entire life. Genius.

pierce marra : name a more iconic film. i'll wait.

Mr Wonderful : This is super funny and cute.

foxman105 : This woman deserves an Oscar for keeping a straight face through the entire thing. Although I can imagine it took them quite a while to get shots where nobody laughs... actors or the crew.

Lillian Ding : Now there's vipoo look like u competitor

Tareq Sagar : The most beautiful commercial for the most stinky thing on earth.

Jeremy Mullins : Airwick just ripped you off! They are currently running a commercial which they obviously stole from Poo-Pourri

DragonWolf5589 : I got some... It actually does work! So much I can smell lavender all through my whole flat (i got the lavender one)

Canadian Studmuffin : Most commercials stink, but not this one!

theAbeElement : OMG this is among the funniest things I've ever seen 😂😂 I hope y'all paid this gal very well.. she's hilarious!

WD Vinco : It's hard to take her seriously with the weird expressions she says.

Cameltoe Lover : Girls don't poop? Fortunately yes, THEY DO! 💓💖

Daniela Bodoh : *This is the only ad that I will never, ever skip.*

Zakiah Dillard : The ONLY youtube ad I don't skip. :)

binboh : If your poo is that stinky,it's time to see a doctor.

Barbara Wilson : But what if your pile towers above the water's surface creating a "poo-berg?"



Dr. Phil's lily white ass : No matter what number was on her check, guaranteed she did NOT get paid enough for this