Girls Don't Poop -

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How To Make Sushi : whoever wrote this script was a genius

Rendroc : I think they made this product for the commercial.

Dr. Phil's lily white ass : No matter what number was on her check, guaranteed she did NOT get paid enough for this

CHICKEN TOO SALTY : 1st time seeing this: this gotta be fake 10th time seeing this: I LOVE THESE COMMERCIALS XD

Lynn M : I love how she talks. Like it's sarcastic but also not I can't explain it but it's fvcking amazing

L.A. Prodigy : This girl is really good

Chereese Davis : ass-tronauts who else noticed that funny little pun?

Adélaïde Naiyaleen : My husband asked "Is this even a real thing?" right before this girl answered him! XD

R60D : What if you fart?

Canadian Studmuffin : Most commercials stink, but not this one!

KittyRaw6930 : As someone who is lactose intolerant and couldn't bear to part from my favorite ice cream...this has become my best friend.

Power50505 : what!? I thought girls don't poop. why did you have to tell me this shit.

Krizza Bucsit : PooPourri Ads are the only Ads that I've enjoyed watching. Can't stop laughing. XD

John Smith : Girls lay it down WORSE at the toilet than the dudes. I work as a guard at a hospital. Part of my job consists of watching suicidal patients. We escort to the bathroom all the time and stand outside the closed but unlocked doors. Needless to say you can hear everything that happens inside. And guys, let me tell ya. These ladies, lol......THESE LADIES! They can at the toilet, and leave you dudes in the dust!

Bernadette Rocha : Literally the moment before she stated it was a real product -- I was wondering if it was a real product! 😂 THIS is how you market a product. I am definitely purchasing this.

Sheep Tea : I'm crying Everything she says in this commercial is killing me

Danny48 : She never wiped

waydav1s : Friggin GENIUS marketing and HILARIOUS!

Timothy Brown : OMG I love this commercial... I cant stop laughing ... your little astronauts splash down

RojaRecords : Absolutely, without question, funniest commercial ever created! The visual aids take this one straight over the top! I had to share it on facebook!

Edward V : The way she talks...sounds like someone from the austin power movies.

RustyBemployee : how tf did i get here from ROBLOX?

Tamaria Gold : Now every time I take a dump, Ill walk out of the Bathroom and say to the first person I see "You would not BELIEVE the motherload I just dropped."

Ava Tarkanian : so when i was younger i thought this was perfume so i sprayed it on myself

meta beyond life : Since you poop into the water after you spray the Poo-Pourri what if the water and Poo-Pourri goes into your buthole?

Jordan Lorenzo : My favourite had to be at 0:22 "Maybe two or three flushes if your skidmarks are tenacious as mine."

Gisela Macedo : I'll never forget the time I used it and my roomie entered my suite right after it. She was all like: "OMG I love that smell, what's that?" and I replied "my new perfume". Later that day I told her what really happened and she was all like, eeewww... LOL

Vida TV : it's real, I use it, it works!

Liindzeyy Carterr : Now i can take a load of anywhere and anytime . thank you poop-pourri

star kissed jimin : I've used this and it actually works. I'm really impressed with this product

J : "You will not believe the mother load i just dropped" my mom when she gave birth to me

Zakiah Dillard : The ONLY youtube ad I don't skip. :)

cinna : "Poopourri Girl" that's a relly good title to have in CV XD

Ima Nalien : I don't understand. When I really stink up a bathroom, I consider it a badge of honor to be experienced by the next occupant. Why cover up the smell?

Blei : I love the Host's(blue dress,red lips and caramel bun)voice!

Papa Xan : thare is a nother spray named vipoo thay stole your idea of toilet spray

Mr Chicks Butt : 'You would not believe the motherload i jst dropped' 'Or the creamy behemoth' Lol im dead

Evelyn Pugh : I have found that if your diet predominantly and routinely consists of FRUITS and VEGETABLES and LESS of MEATS....then your bowel movements will become NATURALLY odor free.

Christopher Robin : what if your logs top well over the water line?

Vorticy : girls do poop. they have to like every human on the planet.

Kris : I love the smell of poop in the morning.

WD Vinco : It's hard to take her seriously with the weird expressions she says.

William Scott : "Pinch a loaf"

binboh : If your poo is that stinky,it's time to see a doctor.

foxman105 : This woman deserves an Oscar for keeping a straight face through the entire thing. Although I can imagine it took them quite a while to get shots where nobody laughs... actors or the crew.

lightdark00 : If she squatted instead of sat, she would be marriage material.

Breezy Mods : "Leaving not a trace that I was ever here let alone that I just birthed a creamy behemoth

J Sal : You're not squatty potty. Or wait did they copy off of you? Idk I'm so confused.

John Doe : My, that bowl of popcorn is strategically placed. And that guy is having a really hard time not cracking up.

above all odds : Poo-poorri is something I thought of 25 years ago! Butt! I must have snoozed on the poopy side of it! Shame! I could have made some big cheese money! Mum used to keep potpourri in the B-room all the time!