Texas Style Deposition

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teddymurphy95 : Defendant in this case was accused of selling Propane and Propane Accessories without a license.

Arx Fortis : This is from May of 1992.  The deposition was taken in St Louis.   The deponent is "Jack Garrett" who was at one time a research chemist at Monsanto's Texas City facility in the 1950's.   Monsanto (represented by Ed Carstarphen on the left), was being sued by some residents of Houston (represented by Joe "Hairpiece" Jamail on the right with the wagging finger) who alleged that Monsanto had harmed them by exposing them to dangerous chemicals.  This lawsuit may have been one regarding the Brio Superfund site.  "Tucker" was an attorney representing Ayrshire.  There is an Ayrshire a real estate development company in Houston, so I can only assume it's the same company, though I'm not sure of their role in this case.  It's probably got something to do with property values allegedly impacted by Monsanto.

Virtuoso80 : I have an image of Tucker just wandering into random depositions and saying, "Wait a minute, my name's Tucker, and I wanna know what's goin' on here!"

Sean Kelly : Welcome to Texas, where even a gray-haired research chemist is ready to throw down when somebody gets out of line. They're too good for this country.

EDM Bandit : "Who are you?" "Ma names tucker!"

Brett Houston Tube : If court cases were more like this Americans would be watching court tv instead of ESPN...

tacwitness : I wanna watch like 5 hours of this.

Charlie Abbot : He's not "Threatening" anyone... He's asking is you would like to consent to Mutual Combat.....

DAT Maryjane : "Are you threatening to fight?" "I just want to know what side we're on" lmao I'm moving to Texas tomorrow.

Sam Cook : You have an incipient case of verbal diarrhea. *GOT EM!!*

MoManny : RIP Joe Jamail. He died yesterday at the age of 90.

Styles Kirkpatrick : fat boy....lol every thing is crazier in Texas....lol

D.C.S\A : since english is not my mother languge BOY i got'a tell'ya, texas accent rules the intere world, it like another dialect.

bigkendallas : Man ! Those country boys aint taking no lip !

JayGoldenBeach : Well, that escalated quickly. And hilariously! LoL

ForTehNguyen : this deposition is so texas, big boy!

Gee Dubb : LOL at the Texas Research Chemist. 100% Texan!

Kelli Hammack : Hilarious! God Bless Texas!

youtert : The word of the day is "incipient."

Thomas Ladders : This is like a scene out of Casino

Dynamo Joe : I've watched this at least 20x and still almost fall out of my chair laughing.  It all starts at "big boy" Thanks for an entertaining and educational video.

Becki Green : Ma names Tucker!

ArgentPure : Not a Hillary voter in the lot!

Jeremy Braunstein : "Well sir...we're gonna see about that"

Eric X : Don't tell me to shut my mouth boy! Hahah!!!

Valentine Wolf : So someone was working for Monsanto, in my opinion that's an admission of guilt right there.

google user : This is the guy I want for a lawyer. . Someone real and not afraid.

さびしい : No ya not that's buu shet.

SkinnyCow : The lawyer asking the questions, Joe Jamail is dead now but what a classic! Joseph Dahr Jamail Jr. (October 19, 1925 – December 23, 2015)

Leanna H. : Don't mess with Texas!! That's how I get too when I get pissed off. I'm from Texas, originally, born & bred...DON'T mess with Texas!!

Joanne Mercader : BEFORE political correctness became a thing. This is how people talk right wrong good bad. It is what it is

James Collier : Monsanto was poisoning people back then and they still are to this day what an evil company

Tony Montana : RIP Joe Jamail

ian hicks : Right. Only in Texas. You'd get thrown in jail for contempt anywhere else. At least it's better than California. What the hell anyways.

d Smith : sounds like a bunch of over ego immature little boys!!!

James David : RIP Joe Jamail. Hook'em.

P1B1U1H1 : Why don't they settle things the good old fashioned Texas way? Step outside & see who's the fastest draw.

JSR : "fat bowuh!" lol!

Shyam Ram : Joe Jamail the greatest longhorn, hook em

ddavid122 : God bless Texas and the hUnited states of Amurica, xept California.

Chasity Scott : I want to know know what side we are on? lmao

poppahonda : Ha...ha... If we want your opinion, we'll beat it out of you! Yeehaw

Warpath1337 : lol  May God bless Texas.

Arlandah : Bilbo grapping for the ring @2:35

TheIron Smith : dont mess with texas! boy!

T Mason : @ArxFortis JACK T. GARRETT has worked in the fields of industrial hygiene and occupational health management for over 35 years, most recently as Industrial Hygiene/Information Services Director with the Department of Medicine and Environmental Health at the Monsanto Company, where he supervised 26 people in the disciplines of industrial hygiene, industrial hygiene chemistry, library science, computer operations, and administration. He has been a contributor to five Wiley books on industrial hygiene and toxicology. Mr. Garrett earned his MS in chemistry at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

LaBalboa : My gosh this is HILARIOUS!!

einzGoobit : Lord how I love Texas.

lucky1dawg1 : room full of clowns

Madbrad200 : *Notes to self* "Do not watch this with food in mouth!!!"