Luke Kuechly's Pick-6 vs. Dallas | Spanish Radio Call

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Jonathan Ortiz : Latin commentators always have this great fire about the sport they're commentating.

Fetor Forex : The shelf-life of these Spanish commentators has to be short. That dude is going to self inflict an aneurysm or induce a heart attack or rupture his ball sack. Something has to give.

Imiko : very good very very very very good!!!😂

JustKate : I wish all the announcers got that excited.

nadeau : Never get tired of these.

Song Whizz : 0:24 you can faintly hear his partner away from his microphone screaming with excitement! Sounds like he got up and ran across the studio HAHA

Tommy Katsoudas : El Confessor. A la verga Romo

Michael Caraballo : What douches would give this vid thumbs down? Im lookin your way Tony, Dez and Jerry

AtsilaH : I would love to hear them commentating golf.

firecrackerjack68 : Spanish commentators make everything exciting

mossman93 : Man...These guys are exciting to listen to!

LR III : As a Bears fan I found myself cheering just listening to these dudes. This shit has made my night. Chicago Bears need to buy this dudes contract and have him announce with subtitles

Connor Leeson : anyone else hear "papaya para ti" papaya for you???

Mia Arredondo : MELON DI PAPAYA!!!!!!

spikeman4pres : HAHA they need to make it an option to change the audio to spanish when watching football

Carlo Infante : Beautiful announcers! I love to watch all the games with my radio on ! GO PANTHERS !

Justin Mercado : I wonder if they can make Baseball sound as interesting.

NintendoGamer86 : IT IS LUKE! IT IS KUECHLY!

Blurb : Berry berry berry good

Nestoras Katsoudas : Vamos panteras!!!

TylerVlogs : Las Potatos

Jayken : Very very good

manband20 : This is absolutely phenomenal XD Could they do commentary for the Madden games, E-Sports, the Olympics, and the WWE please? Hell, they'd make chess seem like a Barcelona vs. Real Madrid game.

dongato90 : If this is your first exposure to these guys you really should search for more of their calls. The ending to the Seattle game, the Cam flip, the Norman game saving interception, and my favorite "Gano, gano!,"

Nebelbalito : The play that ended Romo's career

Steven Sirman : this is way more exciting then when Americans do it

Antonio Moses : Lol can you just hear the excitement in their voices lls. I’d rather listen to these guys over the regular announce teams that come on sundays during the season

Planet of the Atheists : No way Romo could have sugar-coated that chimichanga any better

Andi Pee : I had the volume so high. When he screamed at 0:06 I nearly pissed my pants. Haha. But man... They made this play seem more exciting that it already was. AWSOME

FRED ROGERS : imagine if Kuechly was his son

Kasandra Mann : Romo get punched in the head makes me smile

Paradoxical Box : 0:33 Melon de papaya? Lol

Mike Williams : And Luke finished it off with a slap dap upside romo's head just as he enters the end zone yeahhhhhhh!!!.  That was almost as sweet as the interception/TD....seeing Luke pop Romo upside the head....I will never forget that play, as I watched it as it happened.

Something Seems Off : when he starts yelling "GET IT IN, GET IT IN, GET IT IN!" i can't help but laugh at possible innuendos. honestly for everything he said in the video lol

David Robinson : Esto es la razón de aprender español. #PantherNation #KeepPounding

Mark Isaacson : Tony was not right that game. Too sore from playing a short week after not playing for 8 weeks

SuperGangstaCA : Jamei Moreno is the man best broadcaster in sports right now and a really nice guy

Chowder7116 : Eh. Tobiwan is better

This is That Song : Is he saying "...watermelon, melon, and papaya for you"? What?

Mitchell Barrios : That Cuban coffee be strong as a MF.

Thundernoob88 : Gooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll

Kevin Townsend : these guys are so clutch

High Desert Hooked : Dam!

Karen Jimenez : Jajajajajaja I love it 😂😂😂😂😂

Alberto Ortiz : Thank you Dan Lebatard for showing me this beautiful audio

Ninjainyoface : this is the fucking best haha

Patrick McCoy : lmao funny as hell :)

Cristian Smistad : This is incredible.

Gotchasucka01 : Lmao, the commentary alone is worth a special mention !!!!

Janna Casady : Mexicans talkin bout Merican football lol