Gordon Talks Dirty
Gordon when its past bedtime

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Gordon Ramsay shares his thoughts on the ins and outs of getting jiggy. Awww yea! I'm on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/80gumdrops


Ophelia Sheep loves Sans the Skeleton : I've never wanted Gordon Ramsey to react to something so badly.

Mr Clam Man : “Don’t touch your face especially your eyes, it smells like fish.” -Gordon Ramsay

Septim : I followed the recipe and let me tell you.. Best fish-stuffed chicken I've ever had.

Sreekanth r2 : Gordon : *Actually lifts the skirt* Also Gordon : *ItS fooken raw*

Lcst Boy : Imagine his kids scrolling through YouTube and this gets recommended

Oliver Sutton : "And that confirm she's ready for *UP AND DOWN MOTION* " Jeez

Dante Crailman : "Bang up the butt." Oh, Gordon you dirty dog!

Federal Bureau Of Investigation : He protecc He attacc "Straight up the butt crack"

amv___amv___amv : Nobody: Gordon Ramsay’s Chin at 0:00: W

R Gamer : Amazing but unfortunately it was bland. No seasoning... _Adding Salt and Pepper_

Mystery Fazbear : Put the captions on And it’s packed with f**king grease Captions And it’s packed with folks in Greece XD

Sreekanth r2 : Category is wrong It should be education

x. : "And now it's to make sure, that we definitely don't go for a pee." lovely

Toluj330 : "And bang, up the butt" Thanks for that life advice gordon

Cash Only : My inner 14 y/o self is pleased. Very pleased indeed.

Mareko Talivai : Seriously who had the time to put this together 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂

Lol Uru : "Imagine your holding a tennis racket" *Shows a sharpener*

Devashish Bahri : me at 2am: trying to sleep youtube: *gordon talks dirty*

RizkyMariant : “ _It so easy to cream, in literally minute_ “

Lozza T : I really want the whole Ramsey family to react to this! 😂

Kai Luckert : “And it’s so easy to cream in literally minutes” made me laugh so hard

-bxbyse0ul 221 : Did we all just randomly get this in our recommendations?

SkryPredator : "Drip a really nice white creamy liquid down the bottom to give it some form of decoration" I died there🤣

WhenLifeGivesULemons : I didn't know Gordon Ramsay has an intimate relationship with chicken.

Guillermo Lara : "...and just *drip* a really nice white creamy liquid down the bottom." ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Seth Barinaga : I showed this to my dad. And then I got sucked into a wormhole. *consequences*

Nintus986 : “It’s so easy to cream in literal minutes”

memeland : _don’t you just love it when youtube algorithm brings us all here_

Adriana : turn her over, and bang, up the butt. ‘SMACK’ got me

Kouichi Sakakibara : N then just lift up the skirt and they get excited, so they look wet WTF!!!!

FOOD : 2011: nah 2012: nope 2013: not yet 2014: maybe?? Nooope 2015: naaah 2016: no 2017: wow this iss too long 2018: its been long enou- nope 2019: yea sure lets put it in the recommendation

dub dub : "its easy to cream in literally minutes" had me in tears

Xenomorph23 : "A small knob." Check.

Hispanic Taco : “And then, turn her over. And bang; up the butt” God I love this

pandakinzzz :3 : Looks like she's ready for up and down motion

Nare : YouTube Algorithm: 2011: nope 2012: nope 2013: nope 2014: nope 2015: nope 2016: nope 2017: nope 2018: nope 2019: alright now it's the time

MARTIN BS : It's strong, it's slightly sour, but it's creamy and it's packed with fucking grease. This had me dying lol


malak kabatilo : This is from 2011 He still looks the same, he stopped aging

Keii Takahashi : Smells fragrant, and that confirms she's ready for up and down motion

IceCranberry : "Don't touch your face, especially your eyes." xD

MXRG ۶ : “Turn her over, and *_bang, up the butt”_*

Poppy Yates : "So easy to cream in literally minutes" oh god 😂

Bofa Deez : _CNN BREAKING NEWS:_ Youtube refuses to remove *_doctored_* video of Gordon Ramsey

Ahsan : YouTube algorithm: 2011: no 2012: no 2013: no 2014: no 2015: no 2016: no 2017: no 2018: no 2019: yeah sure why not

ניקיטה בודובסקי : "Do not worry" *starts crying* 😂

Bryan Bello : "Just lift up the skirt, and they get excited, so they look wet."

namgguk : This is literally what I get recommended at 3am

Oh yeah yeah : Anyone else got this in their recommended in 2019?