Tapping On The Table

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Chris Ray Gun : relatable

Grace Motley : Is this how they made the soundtrack for Jumanji?

Lrd. Suckme : What drumline battles at my school feels like.

DammitSinged : If they have gone any further the earth might have been destroyed.

Grandayy : Is this how hiphop is created?

MrCheeseiscool2 : Nice asmr I like it when you tap 😍

Davide Graffieti : This is me every time I'm listening to my music while browsing the interwebz.

Metaroose : Calm Down Sr Pelo

Callum M : UGHHHHHHH Gus is so underrated I wish he was more recognised and had more subs one of the most funny people I have ever subbed too

CallMe Kirin : Once in my English we made music with our desk while we were suppose to be doing work. It was glorious.

Jake Zaleski : be careful, you don't want to scratch the table

Gian990 : hardcore asmr

Daigle : What a clickbait title. I thought you were better than this, Gus


Natalie Alfera : Rip the table that was tapped on

Jacob Gd : Good to see the channel is finally growing

Sorgi Sánchez : Where is the MP3 download?

Paul Foster : Twentieth Century Fox 0:19

Slayerkey : Can anyone name all the songs they tapped?

Marioman : First

Quackmiller : “tapping”

Chris Machonis : Anyone who was in marching band knows this struggle

rice : Gus Johnson is my city.

ASMR In The Car : No tables were harmed in the making of this film.

QueenThoria : Gus Johnson sent me here

McKenna Farnham : That one scene from the Spongebob Movie

dillon aka flamellon2 : *on phone* gus:hey is that table still for sale i really need it Guy on phone: yeah why? G:reasons...

Brock Lee : **tapping intesifies**

Peyton Nestleroad : Not first

JTSharkAttack : This had me laughing so hard that I'm being held hostage on 11th street in Antarctica call 911 help now

Tempria~ : This is how school in Florida was.

MaxStar McDonald : glad to see ur budget went up

JayCity : This guy's videos are actually so funny, I literally just watched 2 videos from him and subed, keep up the funny videos!! :))

MegaRedvers : Poor table

Håvard : When I start tapping on the table people usually just tell me to stop... :(

saarxddd : HAPPY FEET

CreeCyan : OMG, this one was soooo good :D Had good LULz :D

Erekai : This deserves so many more views

Axel Bergström : That's no way to treat a table

Hal : (A) Become Helmut Kruger (B) Become Helmut Kruger (X) Become Helmut Kruger (Y) Become Helmut Kruger

Jason Starr : I just found Gus's channel today and I'm already liking everything. 😄

Some name that includes an emo band : So when's this coming to broadway?

Aidan Brondo : NOOOOOOOOOOOO . Yes

lol wut : I do the one at 0:10 absentmindedly all the time. I can't count how many times people grab my hands to stop it. XD

alienmoonkitty : Well that escalated quickly.

Micah Schubring : Ohhh that sweet beat

Nicky Coffee : Well, that escalated quickly 😨

EvanTheNewbie : Your channel has finally hit it's growth spurt! Happy for you, my man.

SageOfThunder : How I feel in Ear Training (music majors understand)

Mike Anthony : The Blue Man Group sure has changed...