Tapping On The Table

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grandayy : Is this how hiphop is created?


Gus Johnson : please support me on patreon so i can buy a new table and get my mom off my back: http://bit.ly/29YGpfS

a casual name : Anyone know the song name?

Chris Ray Gun : relatable

Random Fluffy Happy Person : Gus Johnson is my city.

Håvard Alstadheim : When I start tapping on the table people usually just tell me to stop... :(

sand vich : I’ll tap your ass bb;)

a casual name : Oh no. You're turning into Sr Pelo

Buttfarterz : "We were tapping on the table." yeah sure,more like you were *FUCKING SMASHING THE TABLE WITH A HAMMER*

ASMR Time : No tables were harmed in the making of this film.

Daniel Šušuk : *MOM? I NEED A NEW TABLE*

Nick : 0:26 that shit sounds like a metal song pre-solo and it's pretty fucking good

Jacob McKelvey : who wants to start a comment war?

The Reflecturbator II : 0:19 20th Century Fox Opening

ProSaladToss : Reminds me of that hit brodway musical HAMILTON.

Kitten Castle : First dislike not because I dislike it I just wanna be first

Jared Werner : I'M DYING

Matt LITC : holy shit

Abby Rock : I do the one at 0:10 absentmindedly all the time. I can't count how many times people grab my hands to stop it. XD

Hal : (A) Become Helmut Kruger (B) Become Helmut Kruger (X) Become Helmut Kruger (Y) Become Helmut Kruger

Dude2354 : Im glad to see original content on this sight

stet8310 : damn gus johnson blowin up lately wit da subz

Bruda Ezeekiel : This turn into the Eric André show real fast.

Diavolino1988 : I think Gus Johnson is actually an intergalactic tv channel.

Omega StarKid : gus , i love you, but please get rid of the stache.

swopneelfly : Fkn weird ass asmr shit

Jeffrey Stevens : I <3 u gus

Garrett Cardwell : Gotta like and comment they broke a table for me

JULIAN : You know it'll be a good movie when 0:19

nicholas salwei : Sounds like hail on a metal roof

Samantha Shahbozian : Just an average Friday night

Chase Clark : a+ ending

Kobe Michilot : I'm sad that this didn't end with a wrecking ball or frag grenade

SofaKingWeTarded : pls no

cloudsurfin skywalkin : These are my upstairs neighbors apparently

Guy Fieri : Why dies Gus look like the main DEA officer from Narcos

CaptainGrue : wow ive also tapped on table so many similarities can be girlfriend for me?

misskuni : I always wondered if I was the only one who enjoyed musically tapping to tv songs

Paul Foster : Twentieth Century Fox 0:19

Davide Graffieti : This is me every time I'm listening to my music while browsing the interwebz.

Matthew Herrington : REMIX!!!!!

Galaxy Rose : did Goodwill sponsor this Video?

Lucdav14 : Gah, I hate it when this happens.

Vozella : This is how school in Florida was.

TheSuckySix : I hated when the others did this in school

Damocles : I really like it when things devolve into madness.

Antrix : How dare you destroy that table. There are children in Africa who have no tables.

d-yn Dream : When you make a table in minecraft and you put it in the wrong spot so you have to move it.

Flowmoshun : Hi Gus mom. Your son is talented.