Team America World Police - We Are Dicks

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MetalSmasherGaming : It's amazing how this speech makes perfect sense in so many ways, both metaphorical and literal.

RtDK : There's a lot of truth here...

joão soares : you know the worst part... it acctuly make sense...

Ridiculing Fools : The most brilliant speech ever given in a movie. Period.

Mark Gonzales : I love america

BigElkification : If the next presidential candidate goes on stage and recites this word for word, he's got my vote.

Dave 208 : It's as profound as it is vulgar.

krypto5863 : cant pick between the speech or the dolls being more weird

Wrestling fan : Pussies=WWE fans Dicks=Wrestlers Asshole=The McMahons

Guy Person : Matt and Trey are prophets

DangerMouSe : Yes Gary....yes

ThrillerKillerX : That a boy Chuck!

TheCoronation : Still relevant in 2017

Patrick Harris : Unquestionably, hands down, far and away, bar none, the most profound statement ever made about America's role in foreign policy.

A Random person : wow autocorrect

Ronnie Libra : Trump Trump Trump Trump!

Connor Lapinski : 0:18

PotatoExpress : This is why Aliens won't communicate with us

Ben Waterhouse : You have balls, i like balls. Bakalahh harka sherpa sherpa He's going east on Bakalakdakha street

Flameroller, Pale Cislord : Wow, that's actually an amazing metaphor.

badfoody : gets me everytime

Mike Hunt : This is scary relevant for a movie to have this 14 years ago

Classic Mail : It's quite literally one of the best speeches ever written.

AVPVP : I wonder what would happen if someone actually say this speech (with some minor changes) at the UN or at some other gov't meeting.

Mike Hawk : RIGHT ON GARY.!!!

Juan Pedrozo : What message is this speech trying to convey? Someone?

Yeet man : AMERICA

Guadalupe Gutierrez : que aquí nadie habla español

Christopher Knight : Better than the braveheart speech

alberto morales : I dedicate this video to BUZFEED

Scott B : I'm MATT DAMON...

Stefan Schultz : Mexico at 1:56 is perfect.

chris kingston : Greatest speech ever!!!!

Pazuzu6 : I don't think the herp derp right wing realized this entire movie is satire against conservative right wing ultra patriotism.

Attractive girl : If the Filipino three girl dolls was there in that movie, they will fight with the puppets there in that movie, especially Gary. After that, the three dolls will win!!!

A Random person : great speach

bloodyrose1985 : Kyle: you know, I learned something today...

Derek Bates : Gee Trey & Matt, where was all of this last week on South Park? Trey: "Hey, Matt?" Matt: "Yeah, Trey?" Trey: "After last year, lets play it safe and get on the pussy bandwagon." Matt: "Why, that's a wonderful idea, guy!" Trey: "I love, Matt."