Team America World Police - We Are Dicks

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BigElkification : If the next presidential candidate goes on stage and recites this word for word, he's got my vote.

joão soares : you know the worst part... it acctuly make sense...

Mukakkah Al-Abama : Never were truer words spoken. Derka derka.

Ridiculing Fools : The most brilliant speech ever given in a movie. Period.

MetalSmasherGaming : It's amazing how this speech makes perfect sense in so many ways, both metaphorical and literal.

RtDK : There's a lot of truth here...

Dave 208 : It's as profound as it is vulgar.

Flameroller, Pale Cislord : Wow, that's actually an amazing metaphor.

Mark Gonzales : I love america

PotatoExpress : This is why Aliens won't communicate with us

Patrick Harris : Unquestionably, hands down, far and away, bar none, the most profound statement ever made about America's role in foreign policy.

Guy Person : Matt and Trey are prophets

DangerMouSe : Yes Gary....yes

Wrestling fan : Pussies=WWE fans Dicks=Wrestlers Asshole=The McMahons

ThrillerKillerX : That a boy Chuck!

alberto morales : I dedicate this video to BUZFEED

bloodyrose1985 : Kyle: you know, I learned something today...

TheCoronation : Still relevant in 2017

badfoody : gets me everytime

krypto5863 : cant pick between the speech or the dolls being more weird

A Random person : wow autocorrect

republicofsandals : That's deep. Ball's deep!

Classic Mail : It's quite literally one of the best speeches ever written.

Ben Waterhouse : You have balls, i like balls. Bakalahh harka sherpa sherpa He's going east on Bakalakdakha street

Connor Lapinski : 0:18

Ronnie Libra : Trump Trump Trump Trump!

Jason P. : This speech sums up my entire political stance.

Or Poyastro : That sounds like a legitimate speech given by President Trump

AVPVP : I wonder what would happen if someone actually say this speech (with some minor changes) at the UN or at some other gov't meeting.

chris kingston : Greatest speech ever!!!!

Mike Hunt : This is scary relevant for a movie to have this 14 years ago

Head Hunter : Truly inspiring

Scott B : I'm MATT DAMON...

Christopher Knight : Better than the braveheart speech

Stefan Schultz : Mexico at 1:56 is perfect.

d w : Amen

Mike Hawk : RIGHT ON GARY.!!!

Attractive girl : If the Filipino three girl dolls was there in that movie, they will fight with the puppets there in that movie, especially Gary. After that, the three dolls will win!!!

Guadalupe Gutierrez : que aquí nadie habla español

Derek Bates : Gee Trey & Matt, where was all of this last week on South Park? Trey: "Hey, Matt?" Matt: "Yeah, Trey?" Trey: "After last year, lets play it safe and get on the pussy bandwagon." Matt: "Why, that's a wonderful idea, guy!" Trey: "I love, Matt."

A Random person : great speach

Yeet man : AMERICA

Juan Pedrozo : What message is this speech trying to convey? Someone?

Pazuzu6 : I don't think the herp derp right wing realized this entire movie is satire against conservative right wing ultra patriotism.