Team America World Police - We Are Dicks

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dirty del : People don't realize how genius Trey Parker and Matt Stone are. This is just such a brilliant analogy on Liberals vs conservatives. People on each side usually can't agree on much but this shows ya that we def need both points of view in the world. The biggest problem the US has right now is there is very few politicians that aren't moderate with their views and beliefs. It sucks and makes it so a comprise on issues is very hard to be made. I think the country needs an independent in the White House. Fuck Hilary and Trump. I'm from the North East so I was raised with liberal values but I hate all this PC bullshit so I can see why people like Trump so much.

RtDK : There's a lot of truth here...

joão soares : you know the worst part... it acctuly make sense...

MetalSmasherGaming : It's amazing how this speech makes perfect sense in so many ways, both metaphorical and literal.

Ridiculing Fools : The most brilliant speech ever given in a movie. Period.

Mark Gonzales : I love america

krypto5863 : cant pick between the speech or the dolls being more weird

freestate208 : It's as profound as it is vulgar.

Wrestling fan : Pussies=WWE fans Dicks=Wrestlers Asshole=The McMahons

A Random person : wow autocorrect

H. G. : How did they come up with this? so fucking genius

TheCoronation : Still relevant in 2017

ThrillerKillerX : That a boy Chuck!

Ronnie Libra : Trump Trump Trump Trump!

Connor Lapinski : 0:18

PotatoExpress : This is why Aliens won't communicate with us

Ben Waterhouse : You have balls, i like balls. Bakalahh harka sherpa sherpa He's going east on Bakalakdakha street

John S : telling Europe about the muslims threat

Flameroller, Pale Cislord : Wow, that's actually an amazing metaphor.

badfoody : gets me everytime

Christopher Knight : Better than the braveheart speech

DangerMouSe : Yes Gary....yes

chris kingston : Greatest speech ever!!!!

Joselyn Torres : que aquí nadie habla español

Guy Person : Matt and Trey are prophets

Yeet man : AMERICA

alberto morales : I dedicate this video to BUZFEED

Juan Pedrozo : What message is this speech trying to convey? Someone?

ChrisG : I don't think the herp derp right wing realized this entire movie is satire against conservative right wing ultra patriotism.

A Dick Production : makes me proud!

A Random person : great speach

Attractive girl : If the Filipino three girl dolls was there in that movie, they will fight with the puppets there in that movie, especially Gary. After that, the three dolls will win!!!