He is saying what every “Instagram Celeb” Needs to hear

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He is saying what every “Instagram Celeb” Needs to hear


tokega : Why is this edited so insanely much?

Irma Anuk : What is his name?

Abraham Nixon : That's what I'm talking about my man! Too many people out there under the Influence of Hate. Like yo, the amount of Rape Threats I get on a daily basis is just astounding. I try to report them but the cops always just end up doxxing me and calling me a Victim Shamer. Ciao.

Arvid Johansson : "Influencer" is just a title these people have given themselves. Whatever they start calling themselves we all know they're still just internet trolls with a camera. Nobody visits PewDiePie's or Jake Paul's channel expecting life changing wisdom...

sensemille : I bet this guy is the worst "influancer" of all

toby_2009 : i am 14 and this is deep.

youngsaaron : So wise so smart. Love the inspirational message from an advertisement on Reddit

Wayne Diesel : This dude is a hack

TheOriginalKidCoyote : woke