I found a phone, a knife and another note in a bottle detrashing and river treasure hunting

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Smithsgold : Another cool video !!! More penny’s too !!!! Keep up the good work

TrashureSeeker : Nice finds there! I like the knife a lot, looks great.

Jason Smith : The vase says "$8.00"

Jacob Allarding : Ever think about the ethics behind pulling out religious items and notes and stuff? That's feels like pulling pennies out of a wishing well... Ever seen the Goonies?

Scootro Dellabutro : neat channel! i just subscribed and love the fact that you take your time and show what you find. other youtubers make you watch three video's or more to find out what their finds are. it's annoying

TheConanRider : The symbol is $8.00

tristan barnett : Hope there's going to be a video of you cleaning up the knife

mdwdirect : Awesome! New subscriber.

Tammy Rodems : The penny jars might be a Wiccan thing