Precise Hopping with Salto-1P
Robot with just one leg jumping and climbing furniture

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Salto-1P is a small monopedal jumping robot capable of continuous high-power hopping. We demonstrate a new control algorithm that can land Salto-1P's foot at particular spots on the ground like jumping on stepping stones or playing one-leg hopscotch. We call this "deadbeat foot placement hopping control". Precise foot placement enables Salto-1P to jump on surfaces like furniture. This work will be presented at the 2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems.


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Daniel Romero : I love the movements! Plus it even sounds like the Pixar lamp movements :D

Domantas : who came from -daily dose of internet?-

NerdyPi : First, It makes the same sound as the Pixar lamp and that's hilarious Second, how long does the battery last in it? Third, when will you be selling these so that I can either entertain people or buy an army of them to attack my enemies.

Reflectedpower : Who would win: The entire United States military vs. one hoppy boi

Artem Kolchanovsky : this little thing is weirdly cute

LordSlag : Now imagine a thousand of them coming at you with little sharp things...

Ваня Xuльko : Seems it have programmed-in cheerful inside disposition.

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Rcbif : No doubt very impressive work, however the absence of Googly-Eyes makes this project a complete and utter failure.

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