Precise Hopping with Salto-1P

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Daniel Romero : I love the movements! Plus it even sounds like the Pixar lamp movements :D

Joshua Graham : The pixar lamp.

Domantas : who came from -daily dose of internet?-

NerdyPi : First, It makes the same sound as the Pixar lamp and that's hilarious Second, how long does the battery last in it? Third, when will you be selling these so that I can either entertain people or buy an army of them to attack my enemies.

Artem Kolchanovsky : this little thing is weirdly cute

Миша Шевченко : This is the most adorable way to end humanity I've seen so far.

LordSlag : Now imagine a thousand of them coming at you with little sharp things...

Ваня Xuльko : Seems it have programmed-in cheerful inside disposition.

Nataly RAW : haha this silly little thing is so cute and happy

Reflectedpower : Who would win: The entire United States military vs. one hoppy boi

Alexandre Charpentier : Imagine an army of those with guns. You can't aim at them. They destroy you. Next step of the study: add targets, projectile trajectory calculator. And be able to jump + shoot precisely. Thank you for building Metal Gear Solid. Very useful for humanity. We are heading the right way. Using brain to kill brains.

Craig St. Cyr : The malicious potential on these makes me uneasy.

Senseless Streaming : I can't be the only one that hears the Pixar lamp.

Slava Bohatov : How much? Where to purchase? Please!!!!

Psycrow : Hahaha omg i want one now :D

EZRACER : Now imagine atleast 10 of these, 5ft tall, jumping over cars and buildings, and armed with guns and knives.

MrZelegor : You could design it to look like Mr.Hankey xdd

science mode : Great robotic design,

Safir : Imagine one of these with a knife pointing up & someone controlling it to get close to your crotch.

Zid- Ziddy -Zid : imagine this as a toy

Callan Whitney : I've never seen a robot like this and the fact that it's executed so well is amazing! Makes sense it came from UC Berkeley, you guys make some awesome stuff there

Andreas Lindful : so cute, I want to have one

shinevision sv : Damn, thats impressive!

Fredbear : Daily dose of internet anyone?

Truth Less : Aaaww its so cute

Igor Naumenko : Our little future friend!

OniMetsuki : Interesting considering marsupials are one of the most efficient moving land animals, who loaded with extra weight in their pouches when tested showed no extra exertion for the added load. Something that would certainly take a noticeable toll on other walking / running animals.

Legnahar : Awesome.

PossumTally : This is really good, have there been any thoughts of trying reaction wheels/weights rather than thrusters?

Zoom brain : Look like a spooky killer

Snt. Grem : Какую хуйню только не придумают,лижь бы не работать

emptyindorill : Фасцинейтинг!)

Jorge Gamaliel Frade Chávez : Excellent work!!

igordata : He sounds very cute!

wolfgang169 : Should have recorded in 60fps it would look a lot smoother.

Marcus Alexander Link : Mhhh, what would Kermit The Frog say?

Олег Кондрашов : Вот такие роботы нужны человечеству! Без сарказма)

Max Tcheng : Super cool!

nikos kokomplokos : Looks very useful where can I buy one?

Lust4Death Lust4Death : I want one, how much?

Hato : Mr Hankey!?

Kisako PL : Kto od Poszukiwacza?

NOMADdaf : New generation of servers at IHOP???

Yueh Tewb : Wowee woweee HEY wowee woweeee HEY woweee wowweee HEY!

Elena Balitskaya : I'll see you again very very soon. Later.

_Paws_ : Now they can make a real-life Spoink Pokemon with this robot.

Golden Empire Productions : Daily dose of internet anyone?

Samuel Crouch : Omg that's so cool. nice job!

Dead Boi : So where can I buy one?

DeathRose : I came here from daily dose of internet.