The Matrix low cost version
The Matrix low cost version

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[HD 4k] Oh Yeah Yeah : I wouldent mind watching the whole movie In Low budget

Ligma Sack : Some high quality low budget shit. Subscribed.

Andrey Goltsman : Ахаха эта улыбка морфиуса просто лучшее, да и сам Морфеус лучше оригинала сыграл

Epic-Gamer : Actually the floating plastic bottles worked quite well for a second LOL. You had me fooled.

Nadim : Client expectations vs client budget

Eric Furman : That was fucking awesome. Would pay to see a full length version

catharine1967 : ROTFLMAO !!! Those spoons as eye glasses laughing so hard right now , Matrix stays a classic one

SauceDaBoss 1 : The shrimp on his belly had me dying!!! LMAO!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

John Pérez : Это видео вирусное на Коста-Рике через Whatsapp так держать, ребята! привет из Коста-Рики

Diego De la Serna : The hanging bottles scene deserves an oscar made of chocolate 😎

Trump-a-Tron 6000 : _"Did you see the woman in red?"_ "Oh god, *barfs * .. yes.... unfortunately I did... I tried to look away but it was too late.."

Barnaby : I'd like to thank YouTube for recommending me this video, I can now live in peace.

duy : The hanging bottles for bullet waves was genius

larrok : I'm writing from the hospital. I'm here for too much laughing at this.

Naughtystimpy : I wasn't sure which was the real version(¿)? I don't know what is real anymore.

AstroKai : Как же я смеялся с агентов когда они от пуль уворачивались! Это шедевр! Красавцы xD

JackTheWolf : I literally almost died.. I was laughing so hard that my co-worker almost called an ambulance.. Awesome job!

SHEFCOOK : Бляяяя.. посоны, бутылки это шедевр!! Молодцы ,так держать)))

Emmanuel Sebua : Extremely creative. Looking forward for more low cost movies. Please do "300".

Sanzhar : Сотрите мне память, я хочу пересматривать этот шедевр вечность!

Sara B : The oreo on the back of the neck and the shower head. Super funny, i laughed so hard i peed.

international GLENDEX : Hi Just an information Your video was in the STAN WINSTON STUDIO Facebook page with 1.5 million viewers

Happy John : This is gold. Especially the chicken. 🐔 9:31 PM 5/13/2019

DaveLombardo77 : This is what I mean when I say creatividad. Im sold. New suscriber

Wake Up Kazakhtar : с бутылками гениально придумали!))

Alexander Artamonov : Очень круто!! С палкой-ногой под мышкой вообще улёт, на самом деле в оригинале так именно и выглядело.

Петр Врангель : Бля, ну это шедевр! 🇷🇺👏🏻

Студия озвучки "ShtigliShti" : ЭТО ПРОСТО ОХУЕННО Находка с бутылками - гениальна,я серьезно. Мне кажется, оригинал так же снимали.

Михаил Макаров : Как же я смеялся от бутылок-пуль и агентов. Офигенно, супер

Кирилл Мамедов : Горох аля падающие буквы, вот это придумал настоящий гений!!!

Caleb Tennison : This was fantastic on levels I can’t properly word to give it justice.

Sergey Timets : Арбузная леди the best😂

Tali Mayne : aren't we calling these Sweded? after Be Kind Rewind? absolutely incredible work here

ᖇᗩ乙0229 : An astounding $9.99 on the Box Office

DevilBoy : You, sir... are the greatest artist who EVER LIVED!

Dreaming Girl : I always knew there was something missing in my life,now I know.

CyberSERT : I have NEVER laughed at so many different gags in a two-minute span EVER IN MY LIFE! But besides being one of the funniest things I've ever seen, it's also extremely creative, just the manner in which you've re-created the scenes. Thank you for making this! Now I'm going to watch it again.

zengedelem : Thanks Guys. I always believed we are all onions. But now realized we are oreos... ⚫🔴🔵

Антон Шиченко : Бюджет не меньше чем у Михалкова. Каждый рубль видно!

Rustam : Гениальная мысль,запустить синхронно оригинал и эту "версию" По отдельности эффекта не было бы.Молодцы ребята.

Tralfalgar Law : 80% of the production costs of this film were spent on these cucumbers. 1:22

Cave Canem : The Jalapeno source code had me dying. Good shit

Buzzolan Leo : Greatings from Italy, this video is a masterpiece

David Schlienz : The shrimp on the belly killed me🤣

Johannes : Glad to see that sweded movies aren‘t dead yet 😁

martin yachev : The oreo part and the chicken part got me 😂

MR. AmAziNg : Low on budget but great in creativity!

Frank Conrad : A matrix remake? *COPYRIGHT CLAIMED!*

Помпей Новости : В середине видео понял что снято где-то на просторах бывшего СССР, и прям гордость взяла!!