Tubeway Army - Are Friends Electric ? ( Very Rare Unbroadcast Complete Version 1979 )

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David Thomas : In 2018 this sounds so crispy fresh it's unreal.

funkmasterjee : In 1979 it was like this guy had come from another planet. A bit like Bowie in 1972

Roy Wayne : 2019 and still magical.

Frederick Johnathan-Durex : Gary Numan is two weeks older than Gary Oldman

tigerarmyrule : If you are under 50 you simply cannot imagine how revolutionary this was.

NOE VENTAS GUTIERREZ : Underrated Gary Numan. Great engineer of electronic music, post-punk, cold wave & new romantic sound.

airscrew1 : Love this song. I was working on British Railways in 1979 when this came out. This song always reminds me of working at Stratford MPD.

Sega 4Rulz : A 1000 times better than the snowflake crap my kids listen to now.. Thanks for the upload šŸ‘

Jayne Parrington : Still get goosepimples when the keyboard reaches the next stage .... ah really loved this song back in the day

Circus Midgets : The Brits make great music.

Mountain Months : 40 years later this song still slaps

Kevin Walsh : Well before his time, Great sound, still sounds good in 2019,

Suspicious Citrus : Still awesome in 2019

JK1 : He is the most realistic looking robot ever created.

JJBrubaker : I remember first hearing this song at my cousins house on his record player in 1979/80. It was like nothing I had ever heard. The song is as fresh and mesmerizing as the first time I heard it 40 years ago.

Yolo Swaggins : Shoutouts to the one person at EA with a good taste in music for adding this to the need for speed carbon in-game soundtrack.

Linda Winchcole : When this song came out, it was so different from anything at the time, still sounds good 2018 šŸ˜€šŸ˜€

barsixful : Ah....1979. Finishing school. Setting off into the unknown. Listening to inspired music such as this! Now mid 50's and all I want to do is go back to those times. No dam computers and emails. No dam mobiles or internet. We were all so much closer then. And children did as they were told. Mostly. Eagles, Neil young, cars, sunny boys, radiators. Bowie....OMG. And whose about today?PINK? SWIFT? Are you kidding? Anyway. It's been a ride alright. Keep cranking the tunes and wait for the magnetic poles to flip!

kevinsbott : The guy with the lowest IQ in this band is still 50 points above Einstein.

Ether : First time I heard this song in 2019. Sold me ^^

deathmetaldouglas69 : RIP Paul G. Such an awesome bassist. There with Numan from the very beginning

stevealexR1 : Itā€™s cold outside and the paint's peeling off of my walls there's a man outside in a long coat, grey hat, smoking a cigarette now the light fades out and i'm wondering what i'm doing in a room like this there's a knock on the door and just for a second i thought i remembered you so now i'm alone now i can think for myself about little deals and S.U.'s and things that i just don't understand like a white lie that night or a slight touch at times i don't think it meant anything to you so i open the door it's the `friend' that i'd left in the hallway "please sit down" a candle lit a shadow on a wall near the bed you know i hate to ask but are `friends' electric? only mine's broke down and now i've no one to love so i find out your reason for the phone calls and smiles and it hurts and i'm lonely and i should never have tried and i missed you tonight so it's time to leave you see it meant everything to me.

Stephen Campbell : I remember buying this record. I thought I was cool, and that the record was cool. I was half right anyway. Now I am in my 50s - shit! - and the record still sounds wonderful. My daughter is 19. I played this to her. She said it was "OK". I think she is wrong, it's still brilliant!

Ian Dickson : Bloody Awsome! Thankyou for posting that! Gazza & Tubeway Army! How different and good was the musicšŸ˜Š

Aki Tatsumi : Need for speed carbon brought me here

RidoxWuzHere Youtube : I love retro synth new wave stuffs it makes me feel like im in the future where its always night and you see neons everywhere and you have tall buildings everywhere with flying cars

Micas099 : 3:22 Gary realizes he's not anywhere close to the mic for the vocal line.. lol

parp12345 : Certain facial expressions he gives reminds me of David Bowie.

Craig Usselman : He looks a lot like his buddy David Bowie.

David Gill : Numan is the messiah of electro rock. Decades ahead of any one in the 80,s

Karl Linney : When I 1st seen Gary Numan was convinced he was a sounds fuckin awesome...go Go Numanoids..

Empress Benedict : This song makes me want to purchase a bunch of Moog's so I can piss off my neighbors.

Del 1000 : it is a rare video .....never saw Gary smile so much.......fantastic.......bought Pleasure Principal back in the day

slackdave : Not only is he a pop star.. he's got a pilotĀ“s license, Imagine that!

CthulhuInc : seems the director did not like the guitarist

Arminius : Billy Currie of Ultravox, Visage on keyboards....and Huddersfield Polytechnic

Jim Jiminy : Are friends electric? They sure are these days huh?

Jason Nunnery : I didn't know gary was in this band, I saw the thumbnail and was like wait a minute. šŸ˜‚

Hollie Meyer : Never ever ever ever get tired of hearing this! Saw Gary Numan at the Hollywood Cemetery.

jamesha175 : hey grandpa what did you do? oh son i was the keyboard player guy in the Gary Numan band. what.

Simon P : Didnā€™t realise that Billy Currie was part of Tubeway Army.

John Williams : This song - and this song only - isĀ directly responsible for me spending the next 35 years (and still counting!) absolutely loving and in adulationĀ of electronic music. This song defined my future musical taste, after hearing it for the first time as a 14 year old lad... :) I still get as excited hearing it now as I did all those years ago... it neverĀ dates nor does it ever tire me from listening to it.... AND if I close my eyes and concentrate really hard, it's like being 14 againĀ - andĀ being hypnotised by Mr NumanĀ Ā It's likeĀ falling in love with this sound - all overĀ again...Ā 

Nico35868 : All of the people that disliked this video are either trolls, or have a bad taste in music.

Sandra Lloyd : Is that billy curry (ultravox) on keyboards I see?

Slow Neutron : Richard Simmons on the drums, ladies and gentlemen. Give it up one time, won't you?

Michael Vronksy : I love the way they look into the camera, no expressions... cool as fuck. Brilliant then, still brilliant....

jean-louis Berlatier : Gary walks as Beaudelaire through the city's void.

Albert Huron : Just glad folks are helping curate this stuff...otherwise weā€™d be the lesser.

A.A.-ron : Basically the best music ever and I only heard it recently.