Tubeway Army - Are Friends Electric ? ( Very Rare Unbroadcast Complete Version 1979 )

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the faceman : I was 15 when this hit the charts, im now 52 and the song is still fucking great, i have never tired of it. great time for music the late 70's im privileged to have been there

CookieGiRL : This song makes me want to purchase a bunch of Moog's so I can piss off my neighbors.

Pipermillen : I was 9 years old music meant nothing to me. Then one day climbing a tree in my back garden our neighbour was working on his car with the radio on this song came on the radio I just couldn't help but listen it was unlike anything I'd ever heard before ground breaking the guy is a genius

aviewtoill : Wicked tune stands the test of anyone out there?

Peter Tümmers : Almost 40 years later this still is ONE OF THE FUCKING BEST SONGS EVER RECORDED!!

gazzatriumph : Anyone who thumbs down this is a cockwomble

Linda Winchcole : When this song came out, it was so different from anything at the time, still sounds good 2018 😀😀

valenius the kat : It seems like Gary was on the verge of busting out laughing at any moment 😂

Vlad Drakul : I was 18 and had been the first skinhead in my school of 600 in 1976. Sure the Pistols were fun but NOT great music like the stuff I had grown up with as a kid in the late 60's and early 70's (ie Beatles as a boy, then Bowie, Led Zeppelin, the Doors and Hendrix but hated Prog, MOR, indeed the mid 70s in the UK. The US had still some great stuff like Funkadelic, Neil Young, Grateful Dead. However I LOVED the New Wave better than punk (far better more original music and by the end of '77 was an ex punk). Loved US early punk/New wave like Television, Talking Heads, B 52's, Devo. My favorite UK New wavers were: Lene Lovich, Tubeway Army, Pil, Psychedelic Furs and later Depeche Mode (giants!), the Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Japan! Great music!

Barend Vorster : This is an important song from Gary Newman.

John Williams : This song - and this song only - is directly responsible for me spending the next 35 years (and still counting!) absolutely loving and in adulation of electronic music. This song defined my future musical taste, after hearing it for the first time as a 14 year old lad... :) I still get as excited hearing it now as I did all those years ago... it never dates nor does it ever tire me from listening to it.... AND if I close my eyes and concentrate really hard, it's like being 14 again - and being hypnotised by Mr Numan  It's like falling in love with this sound - all over again... 

gridsleep : Neither of those keyboards have audio cables connected. The electric piano doesn't even have a power cord. The bass isn't plugged in. The band members certainly must be electric.

Jim Jiminy : Are friends electric? They sure are these days huh?

Dhgff Fhcdujhv : Those dance techniques and facial expressions.... Priceless.

Do you mind : Better than Cars in my opinion.

Dr. Stephen Stokes DC : Started reading the comments and realized I was thumbs up-ing all of them. Such a great capture of a special time and unique music. As new today as it was then... never ever gets old, we love you Gary!

MrSchmolko : so happy to have lived when there still came music that was absolutely unheard of before. everything from 1990 until today could be from any of the decades before. hard to imagine that there will be a time when people will talk about the sound of the zeroes and tens, as you could from the 50s until the 80s. a new wave or punk or ska song from the 80s could never be confused with a 70s tune.

Andrew B : Apparently a fan of Gary who dreamed of being his girlfriend, contacted him years later, dated him, and they got married! That doesn't happen often, but it shows that dreams can come true!

Stéphane Flauder : The best synth sound ever.

richard bills : When I was young I would believe that this was something that a superstar just stood up and did. Many years later I look at this and can see that he is just a normal person having a go. It is a fantastic song, but he is just some bloke on the street having a go. He nails it, and when you believe he is some sort of superstar. He then becomes one.

Stephen Campbell : I remember buying this record. I thought I was cool, and that the record was cool. I was half right anyway. Now I am in my 50s - shit! - and the record still sounds wonderful. My daughter is 19. I played this to her. She said it was "OK". I think she is wrong, it's still brilliant!

weeeeoooow : So ahead of his time! 😍

justmadeit2 : If this was released in 2018 it would sound fresh, enough said. 1001 likes needed for that comment alone ! ;) In the unlikely event of that happening I will return with a second comment, it will probably be boring

airscrew1 : Love this song. I was working on British Railways in 1979 when this came out. This song always reminds me of working at Stratford MPD.

Joseph Guida : Mr. Neumans body language is a very interesting part of this video.

Brad Dunn : A Synth-Ballad... Sounds so simple, but in retrospect it's a lot better than today's rubbish...

Joan Esdale : When you realise your childhood music was totally amazing!

ANTI MATTA : Kylo Ren on keyboards.

gary jones : Superb, always loved Gary Nyman, you don't get music like that nowadays

BIG NATE 22 : 39 yrs old Mind blown

jaxxstraw : I'll never forget the first time I heard this. It sounded like nothing on Earth. It was absolutely revolutionary. And to address the idiot with the Daily Mail(!) article below, it sounds nothing like Bowie.

Paul Jürgen-Romrig : Anyone remember the Lee Cooper jeans add from the 70s? Numan singing the track. Check it out.

odd human : love this song so much!

2 Brothers Gaming : Anyone from nfs carbon ?

Nai Noswad : Is that Billy Currie from Ultravox! on keyboards?

War Mongerel : Boston, Foreigner, Styx - White guys with afros...and then this guy shows up. It was really amazing.

Edwin Bitsoe : ............1979.......... one UNFORGETTABLE YEAR...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlito : Thanks for posting this. I was 15 then and so sick of disco and mellow gold. Ready and willing to be swept up in the fun and artistry of the new sound.

2012endofanerror : Gary grew into a fine looking man.

Stephen McManus : RIP Paul Gardiner on one synth. Billy Currie of Ultravox and Visage on the other one. Great song. Are Friends Electric? Well it is now.

JK1 : He is the most realistic looking robot ever created.

jay grant : Complete Nerds! Wonderful!

Stephen McManus : Amazing track. Never been a Number 1 like it. It meant a lot back then. This blew everyone away. Nice to see Billy Currie of Ultravox/Visage helping out. RIP Paul Gardiner.

Lee Ernesto Boles : I wasn't alive when this came out, but it still sounds as fresh and new as it did in 1979

PAGAN : Again it's surgical perfection I'm 47 and yes,the 80s were by far the best evolution for music IMO look what we have American idol pff fk t

Joy Division : One of my faves 👍 Truly captures the 80’s 👍👍👍 ( even though it was 79 😂) Thank you Gary Numan and tubeway army

Veronica Bock : Is there a way to tattoo this song on to the molecular biodome that is my brain?

Stephen Connor : My mate God rest his soul ,loved this music,,he always dressed up Gary numan

deonlymero : TUNE!!!!!

Matt fo : The best period in pop history was the 1980's. So glad I was 15 in 1980 and able to experience it first hand.