In Defense of Columbus: An Exaggerated Evil

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Columbus is a controversial historical figure who is widely viewed as terrible. Every year we question whether we should continue to have a day to celebrate his discovery. But as with most stories, his bad deeds have been exaggerated to make him fit the role of a villain. Patreon ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Reddit ► --- Adam Ruins Everything - Christopher Columbus Was a Murderous Moron | truTV - DED Talks: Why Christopher Columbus Was History's Biggest Dick - Why The Right Is So Dishonest About American History - Some News (Thanksgiving, Football) - Christopher Columbus: Bankrupting an Empire - The Truth About The Native American Genocide - Mankind: The Story of All of Us, Episode 7, "New World" F**k Christopher Columbus - Original Manuscripts and Transcripts of Columbus's Journals in Spanish, from Bartolome de las Casas: A note on putting this into Google Translate: Since this is 500 year old Spanish, they use spellings that have changed over time. English Translations of Columbus' Journals: Italian Translation of Columbus' Journals: A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies: Delaney, C. L. (2013). Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem. London: Duckworth. [Columbus Letter describing Terrestrial Paradise] Holmstrom, D. (1992, October 9). Discovering Columbus After 500 Years. Christian Science Monitor. [ARE Source: 1542 Taino Population] Kolbert, E. (2002, October 14). The Lost Mariner. Retrieved December 01, 2017, from [ARE Source: Pear-shaped/Breastlike Protuberance] Leardo, G. (1453). #242 The Leardo World Maps . Retrieved December 01, 2017, from [World Maps Oriented with East/Paradise on Top] Markham, C. R. (1893). The Journal of Christopher Columbus (during his first voyage 1492-93): and documents relating the voyages of John Cabot and Caspar Corte Real. [Toscanelli Letters to Columbus] Schilling, V. (2017, October 09). 8 Myths and Atrocities About Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day. Retrieved December 1, 2017, from [ARE Source: 1492 Taino Population] Thacher, J. B. (1903). Christopher Columbus: His life, His works, His remains. New York: G.P. Putnams Sons. [Bartolome de las Casas did not travel with Columbus] Zerubavel, E. (2005). Terra Cognita: The Mental Discovery of America. New Brunswick, N.J: Transaction. ["Hitherto Unknown" Continent/Cuba SE of Asia] --- Photo Credits - Music Credits - "Furious Freak" and "Inspired" by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Intro and Channel Art by PoetheWonderCat --- Hashtags: #history #america #usa #columbusday #columbus #christophercolumbus #fuckcolumbus #american #indian #native #nativeamerican #americanhistory #spanish #truth #villain


palomdude : "If we can pin 400 years of awful history onto one guy, it shifts all of the guilt for what happened to the native americans away from the rest of us." I think this quote explains a lot.

Alexander Korol : Childhood is thinking that Columbus was a hero Adolescence is thinking that Columbus was a villain Adulthood is knowing that Columbus was a human, just like the rest of us

Legitpenguins69 : TLDR: History is complicated and has been corrupted by alot of different people to suit their own agendas

Mr. White Dog : Finally, someone addressed the cancerous Adam ruins everything

Antonie de Koning : I've never seen someone look so calm and angry at the same time in my entire life.

imagede zach : Good video, but seriously consult a linguist or philologist for the stuff regarding language, because using multiple bad translations (Google translate included) doesn't not necessarily give a good understanding of the original text.

Janet Jongebloed : I hate Adam Ruins Everything. I knew he was bullshit, but this is such a beautiful refutation.

GrumpyPenguin : People hate Columbus but still call Alexander great

CHEEJOEKAY : I was shocked at the title, but after watching the video I am glad I did. Your video was great. Although Im critical of Columbus I did feel like Adam Conovers video was misleading and thats without me knowing all of the context you explained. We need more Youtube channels like yours that try to be objective and give context to complicated things.

Brandon Agraviador : Before: Oh man I hope this isn't ignorant.. After: ...Shit I've been ignorant.

UltraGalaxyify : Can you do me a solid, and destroy Adam Ruins Everything?

Beatriz Jancso Fabiani : “they were forced to work against their will but nobody owned them” that’s still awful

horsemeattball : "History is the fable that everyone believes to be true"...I think it was Voltaire (I may be wrong). That's how I view history nowadays.

FireBirdTheEpic : The Vikings actually did continue to use the waters by Newfoundland to fish for many years. They were just not interested in fighting with the Natives so they kept away. Aside from that, good video!

Mr. Beat : Check out those sources, folks. This dude does not mess around.

Juan Alberto Vargas Mesén : I'm sorry, but you shouldn't probably use Google Translate, like, at all. It's a good overall guidance, but won't tell you nuance (or lack thereof) any better than a translation. There's another problem: this is very old Spanish, which I doubt Google handles very well. I struggle a bit in trying to understand what it says (and I'm a native Spanish speaker), but some parts are very plain. From what I can tell it says the following: "[something I don't understand]... when you commanded so, they can all be taken to Castille, or have them captive on the same island. Because with fifty men [I/you?] could have them all subjugated: and [I/you?] will have them do everything [I/you?] want." I remember having read this before, and if I remember correctly, when he says "you" he was addressing the Queen. I also have my doubts with the word "sojuzgado" because it sounds archaic and it's very similar to the word for "judged" (as in a trial), however, the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy does say it means "to dominate with violence". So yeah, even if translation is slightly changed, it does sound just as awful. Edit for clarification: other than that, those are very interesting points.

Dan_GD : This is a great video. The research is impeccable. Not only I learned a lot about Columbus, but also a lot about USA culture. I didn't know USA people had an issue with Columbus as an historical figure. At least here in Mexico the controversy always revolts around Hernán Cortez; I'm not going to take a side on his case, but official History usually portrays him as the "genocide", they take him as the epitome of the conquistador. Also, it's still somehow disturbing (even when I discovered it a while ago) to hear someone referring América as two continents (both USA people -- yes, I refuse to say 'Americans' -- and Cubans do it -- funny, isn't it?).

wet timguavass : America and the USA are two different things.

ChiefBones : I'd like to point out that he was found Not Guilty, not Innocent. Kind of an important distinction.

Matthew Lee : How to conquer an entire continent. Step 1: sneeze on one of the locals Step 2: wait a year

monsieur burger king : Something important about the columbus slavery point Columbus was Catholic and Catholics didn't enslave Christians because it says so in the bible, not to mention the Pope at the time had written letters and created legislation he demanded all of christendom to not take slaves from the new world but to convert them, again christians couldn't own fellow chrisitians this is why surprisingly south african boers were some of the first to free african slaves due to them converting to Christianity

Gul Pathfinder : Cute ferret, you racist!!! J/k.. keep up the good work. Can’t believe I discovered your channel just today.

S MacK : You're pretty cool man, keep it up.

daily dose of nightmare fuel Dad : Lot of people seem to think the argument at hand is whether or not Christopher was good or not. No, rather simply stated a lot of the glaring holes portraying Christopher Columbus in a mostly negative view. Blowing him into some kind of monster to take the full responsibility of the mass horrendous acts committed at time by past ancestors. Purposely misquoting and attributing him to multiple and wide-reaching events during the time period. Showing that the situation wasn't as clear cut as it initially seems, as fitting people into good and bad is much easier then actually having them be conscious, thinking, humans. Simply stating a person to be "evil", and making up false information to help foster that idea is a lot more interesting to tell, a lot easier to make, and a lot easier to process in our constant information overloaded brains.

Real Engineering : Seriously impressed with the amount of research that went into this. Your point on intent was interesting, would like to hear your take on the Irish famine. Lots of people in Ireland, including myself, have called it a genocide. This is the first time I have really questioned that because of your points.

coulie27 : Good stuff, but for all the work you put in, you got lazy on breaking down the translations. Can do better than Google Translate!

kabeer rajoria : Bro you should do something else of more weight. Doing this much research for just defending columbus Is pretentious

raulprima : Dude... 30 minutes flew past me. Great video.

Cory Thompson : I always found the blatant condemnation of Columbus as a bit ridiculous and doesn’t really seem as an objective accusation.

M Merritt : Hey great video man. Thanks for trying to be objective and reasonable. A TON OF RESEARCH!! Thanks

LUNAR BLOODDROP : i'm per rico so i'm spanish and killing people is normal so said the queen of Spain

Fispe Eelnest : Thank you so much for making this video I had fully bought into all the extreme interpretations of Christopher Columbus and just assumed it all to be true. Now I see I have a lot of research ahead of me! I'm thankful to have people challenge what I was taught.

Joaquin Acosta : Many fair aclarations given the amount of inacurate false acusations to Colón. Non the less, I strongly recomend you to explore the "encomiendas" euphemism further, it can easily be redefined as forced labor (slavery) on exhange of conquerors trying to extirpate beliefs. Its ironic to criticize people taking Colón words and puting them out of context, and then doing the same with Bartolomé de las Casas story. De las Casas participated in the african slavery, yes, as a desperate messure to reduce the violenene to native americans (torture, mutilation, raping, forced labor, "empalizadas", and who knows what else), whihg he publicly regreted afterwards, defending african slaves. With respect to the 90%, I think this number has to be analized at least with suspicion, it sounds like the typical "historical" justification to ease people consciousness and to glorify nations goodness. Not trying to demonize Colón, I find many of your aclarations fair, he was brave and intelligent, he was also cruel and one of the first to install slavery un America for his personal benefit, he was also a man of this obscure times.

Bluepelt : I mean the comment about silly not being a synonym for brutal was kinda nitpicky. It was meant to be like this: So then Johnny accidentally left a candle lit in the middle of the night. Oh what a silly mistake! If by silly, you mean terrible, then you're right!

Hawk Pants : With your first point Adam wasn’t claiming that Columbus thought he discovered that the Earth was round he was just debunking the misconception

Another 90 days to change this : I see many people regarding the translations as bad and dissing this video. I'd like to say that it has MUCH to do with context in time. To subjugate a people is to rule over them. Like how the Romans ruled over the new territories. The "servants" would be the servants of the Crown or (on less concrete terms) God. This stuff is implicit, but in that time, being a servant meant you served the crown. Columbus himself was a servant, what else was he doing? Just because many of you probably don't live under authority of a king doesn't mean your perception of life always existed back then.

chrisiv1000 : Man, great video, but damn it's hard to get through just because of the clips from adam ruins everything lol

Asstyn Bummer Insulyn : Adam Ruins His Credibility

Thecommander248 : Small correction, llama can be used as small pack animals and the reindeer in Canada could conceivably be domesticated and used as pack animals just as Russian ones were. Given they could only really be used in Canada, this is of limited use to the Natives. Same with moose who, again mostly exist in Canada. I was going to suggest the American Bison as a potential pack animal, but a quick search of them online says that bison are too unpredictable to be domesticated efficiently. They also used alpacas and dogs as beasts of burden, but none of these three animals are particularly large. So yeah, the Native Americans were fucked when it came to not having big pack animals.

Kalamu Kieta : The sad thing about this entire video is that the indigenous people who have been living here and have been trampled on by countless European visitors didn't discover America they were already here

Tally Howard : Seriously thank you for this

Esteban Delgado : subjugar in Spanish that's not mean subjects. It means servants. In old Spanish, It meant to make a servant.

Joey : I love when Adam ruins everything is debunked

Jamie Weems : Thank you for this video. It was very enlightening.

Right of Reason : You should go after those anti-vaxxer lunatics. Since the state of Washington just declared a public health emergency due to a measles outbreak those idiots caused, it’s about damn time somebody knocked them down.

David S : You should make a channel called "I Ruin Adam Ruins Everything"

Jack Rabbit : I prefer the image of Columbus conveyed by Bugs Bunny, "no, the earth is a-flat lika your head" wham! (cast iron pan slam). Joking aside, I really enjoyed your fair and insightful analysis. If only our modern-day "intelligentsia" could approach things as objectively and without the taint of political agenda.

Fox Jurgiel : Well I guess I understand Napoleon's quote of "History is a set of lies that are agreed upon". Just learned that quote today and just understood it tonight.

Rein : Adam Ruins his testosterone level