Primitive Technology: Cord drill and Pump drill

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Kirsten love love : Wow🙆🙆🙆😍😍😍

Plester : Could you make this powered by water? If so than I’m doing this.

Do it Yourself إصنعها بنفسك : i love this channel, do you ?

Ungke Suleh : The two and only modern things in this video are the camera and the pants.

이름머하지 : 한국인손

mata schmata : Hey dude, I love all of your stuff. But I have to ask a question. Whenever I see you handle fire, like lifting the tinders onto the fire pit, your hands are shaking like crazy. Does it hurt? (also the pump drill blew my mind. amazing!)

rocketman5004 : 7:51 It looks like he's setting a rat on fire

Samantha Sunderlin : This guy needs to write a survival guide or something

๖ۣۜᴀɪᴅ ᴅᴇɴ : When the wifi isn't working

Артём Самохин : Hmmm... I think I would upgrade my drill (for making holes, not fire) to pump drill, but I wouldn't upgrade drill for fire to the pump one, because I think it has some cons: -The pump will slow down speed of the fire drill and it will take more time, the speed isn't so important for holes. - rope drill will not take as much as pump one because of difference of directions you pull/push and amout of actions you must complete. I would prefer rope fire drill and pump drill for holes. If I'm not correct, please ask me

X_ SlooM : الي عربي يكتب

Victor Hugo : Meus Deus esse cara devia ganhar um oscar rsrsrs

lollypopalopicus : I always love seeing one of your videos pop up in my feed. I would like to ask, Do you know the kind of rock you used. I would like to be sure that I don't use one to brittle, but at the same time, not one that is too heavy.

찐빵 : 윽박이보고 들어온사람

CSR MediA : This is amazing. Your hard work was seeing by every one. One men army you can survive any where in world

Aiala Pereira : Por favor me expliquem porque seis mil pessoas não curtiriam esse vídeo?

Plester : Do you make these videos in ur backward?

Hyrum Beck : recorded with his istone 6.

Sanket Joshi : I saved his all videos as preparation of apocalypse

Ngo Tuan Thanh Ngo : 7:11 Aaaaaaa !! I hate it

Kreker K : Wow!

Jasmijn Fiselier : just watched 5 videos and finally realized you didn't say a word in one.

Bossatronn Epic : At 7:40 I swear I heard him silently say "yes"

บอล คนโก้อ่ะ : wow

khalid Al mazzmi : ماشاءالله عليه

홍팡이 : 윽박이는 이골 실패함

Jayden Reynoso : you are awsome

Midas Report : If a woman joined you, could you do a video on creating a civilization from scratch?

Pavonpat Janchay : You real 6,000,000

Stephen Ralte : wow

Matt Vliet : Magnificent!

Ayhan Yücel : Adam hiç etmeden hiç usanmadan yapıyor

Adrian Jackson : If i was going to be stranded in a forest or on an island i would chose this guy

Binh Nguyen : hay quá ad ơi

влад Терновский : Класное видео

ai le : Like like👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

The two bros : Hmm he lives in the wild, but has a camera 🎥.....seems fishy🤔

Hulk Hayden : Take that drain Johnson!!

عمر العراقي : ياحظكم ماعندكم ناس شحاذين لايكات ولاناس تكتب اشترك ومردوده 😂😂😂 راح ازور صفحاتكم ياعباد الصليب لان ماعندكم ناس تشحذ لايكات ولا جماعه اشترك واردها 😂😂😂

Kid Sniper Channel : I ' m Vietname I name Kuroba kaito

funi cious : I love it ❤

Chelsi Olivia : Kasihan sekali kamu

Chelsi Olivia : Bagai mana kau makan

Chelsi Olivia : Dan minum

Axel javier Haponiuk : Eres todo un crack!!

dood dood : minecraft in real life

Jacob Smith : You know what makes this channel great? No talking.

Luke Skywalker : A technology to make a better technology to make a better technology to make a better technology to make a better technology..

Lou Cifer : Wow who is this guy? Amazing.

Bilal Pathan : 2:40 you use stone for "balance" or for what reason?