Primitive Technology: Cord drill and Pump drill

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Robb's Homemade Life : watching what our ancestors used to do to survive with creativity and brilliance made me smile, and made me a subscriber. Go Humans Go!

Ungke Suleh : The two and only modern things in this video are the camera and the pants.

mata schmata : Hey dude, I love all of your stuff. But I have to ask a question. Whenever I see you handle fire, like lifting the tinders onto the fire pit, your hands are shaking like crazy. Does it hurt? (also the pump drill blew my mind. amazing!)

Do it Yourself إصنعها بنفسك : i love this channel, do you ?

lucky4liveHawaii : Why did he never again use this to start fires? Always rubbing hands in later videos -way more work and looks painful. This is smartest way I have ever seen to make fire with stick friction!

Артём Самохин : Hmmm... I think I would upgrade my drill (for making holes, not fire) to pump drill, but I wouldn't upgrade drill for fire to the pump one, because I think it has some cons: -The pump will slow down speed of the fire drill and it will take more time, the speed isn't so important for holes. - rope drill will not take as much as pump one because of difference of directions you pull/push and amout of actions you must complete. I would prefer rope fire drill and pump drill for holes. If I'm not correct, please ask me

윽구리 : 한국어도 되는구나

死んだ内部kafe : watching this in case school fails

aunt going : العربي لايك 😍😶🍇

Sal Lira : 3:07, I would've bounced

Polen Channel : Why you not go home?

Luke Skywalker : A technology to make a better technology to make a better technology to make a better technology to make a better technology..

デブ金 : スゲーな!

khalid Al mazzmi AE : ماشاءالله عليه

عمر العراقي : ياحظكم ماعندكم ناس شحاذين لايكات ولاناس تكتب اشترك ومردوده 😂😂😂 راح ازور صفحاتكم ياعباد الصليب لان ماعندكم ناس تشحذ لايكات ولا جماعه اشترك واردها 😂😂😂

Paradox Marky : No fair they have wifi in the forest

ai le : Like like👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Lou Cypher : Wow who is this guy? Amazing.

andiafry 0171 : 0:26 this a real men hand

YS Killer : Nice work bro 👍👍👍👌

Bilal Pathan : 2:40 you use stone for "balance" or for what reason?

パンダさんFUKUI帝国出身の : 日本語翻訳ありがたい!

Ileana Juárez : Que clase de Minecraft es este :v

GerikDT : This is such a great channel. MacGyver is nothing compared to you, man.

Technology News-Military, Civil tech, Spacecraft : Nah, AIs do it better, technology4life

YS Killer : MineCraft 😂😂

ACIDZ 003 : i know from a small amount of experience that boring through that rock took a LONG time!! much respect to this man. also, what is the purpose of laying down ash for the clay? never seen that technique before.

Emirhan Temur : Vay be adama bak

SimplySarc : Thought you were making a flute or something there! How do you come up with these designs anyway? Is it trial and error, or do you base them around established methods?

Brett Semelsberger : watching this before I go on survivor

Maricela Bimbela : What you do is increíble

Umit Sezgin : Güzel

Michael Schwager : Serious survival skills!

구독하지말라고 : 사람이 발전하는 모습?

YT.깡지 : wow 정말 대단하구만 머리가 좋아.. 👍

crazypolite : Replace the background environment with downtown and this guy would look like a heroin addict

のめさん : ようやく火がおこりました(19秒)

ell piron : It's weird thinking of him sitting at a computer editing this

Mc Mc : ผ่าน28

ÖZLEM Yıgıt : You are turkish.

Yelar 123 : Spinner

puro berat yılmaz : Türk olanlar bana abone olsun bende onlara olurum karşılıklı abone

Jacob Smith : You know what makes this channel great? No talking.

Cpt. Correct Opinion : I wonder what this guys personal life is like. Does he have a wife and kids? Do they do this with him? What does he do for money other than YouTube? What does his voice sound like?

علوش وكذا : الله على العقل ذكاء ولا اروع

ytv hdu : wow🔨🔨🔨🔨🏯🏯🏯🏥🏥🏥🚿

Jweiss 500 : What do you use for a fire starter?

Hulk Hayden : Take that drain Johnson!!

Dat Nguyen : Dân Việt Nam anh em đâu sao toàn trẩu viết gì thế này

Sameer Mange : someone will plz explain me about the coal and hole in lower stick i dont understand that where to place the coal inside the hole or below the hole