Primitive Technology: Cord drill and Pump drill

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aethertech : Makes a tool. Uses that tool to make improvements to existing tool. Repeat until warp drive created.

Tolga : 04:10 That bloody plane almost ruined whole magic >:-C Dammit technology :p

Jgnbalahla : Now i am fully confident with myself being lost and left alone in the jungle. I just need my phone and internet connection to watch this channel while im there.

Sev1nElev1n : What's the Minecraft mod your using?

Dedrick Jones : He's hiding in the woods because when he was 7 he told his mother to shut up and he's been hiding ever since

ell piron : It's weird thinking of him sitting at a computer editing this

pitersuperfly : Primitive drill v1.0 - 2:37 Primitive drill - 5:55 (updated to v2.0) Primitive drill - 7:30 (updated to v3.0)

Poptirex bro : Какого хера название русское а комментаторы иностранные???

shinnyHokezeS : Идешь такой в лесу с чем нибудь или с кем нибудь, а там выпускник 11-го класса хату себе строит

SquidCake : I don't know where I could do this stuff without breaching private property. It's sad that I have nowhere to live my dreams like this.

GerikDT : This is such a great channel. MacGyver is nothing compared to you, man.

Parker Costas : If I saw him while camping or some shit, I’m straight up gonna run in the opposite direction 😂😂 he’d probably make a T.V. out of me lmao

Consommons moins! : Respect mec t'es un vrai Robinson 👍

SleepingDragons : That moment when you hear the airplane and remember that this guy isn't an actual cave man

Kənan Yusifov : Lan insan eziyet çekib video koyuyo bizede beyenmek düser

Survival Lilly : very well done. I admire your patience. I believe you are the best survivalist on youtube. Congraz. Lilly

YUNUS EMRE ÇAKIR : Türkler burdamı

こたつさん : うん、この人なら縄文時代にタイムトリップしても、深い森の真ん中に異世界転生させられても、生きていけるよ。 単に摩擦熱で火を起こすだけではなく、そこらのもので工夫を凝らしていくスタイル。凄すぎる。

Funknight rus : Братан напиши как еду добываешь , это будет интересно

GhosT Template : Luis cosa ci fai qui

Ungke Suleh : The two and only modern things in this video are the camera and the pants.

hello bye : Mosquito at 3:07 made me whack my face


- Zadroter - : Кто нибудь ему сказал, что существуют спички?

Tomorow_up Jj : А камеру он тоже из говна и палок зделал?

Dylanxp Nguyen : Teacher: what if you are stuck in a Island, what are *three* things you would bring *me*: this guy

Mahdi Pirnia : You are the best survivor Iv ever seen

Fernando Games200 : Meu canal

Si otong : Survivor level 40 ■■■■■■■■■□ 1=newbie/noob 10=cannot survive alone 20=survivor 30=good survivor 40=pro survivor 65=master survivor 81=epic survivor 100=legend survivor

Kyle C. Beckham : Roses are red, Violets are blue, I`ll like my comment Because no one will

Kyle SoSik : Forgot the drill. I'm more impressed he made a hole in a rock with another rock.

Dough Boy : Watching this before my appraisal on Monday

Fernando Games200 :

PaRaDoXxXxX : Пойду к холодильнику повыживаю

frankie looi : You see

Roger : Im more impressed you can film with Rocks and sticks in HD

سحر منصور : سبحان الله كل فكره تصنع شئ فى حياتنا حتى وصلنا إلى ما نحن عليه الأن أى أن جميع التطور الذى فى حياتنا هى كانت مجرد فكره وصوره فى خيالنا فلا تستهتر بالأفكار وعش الخيال مع الواقع لأنه ليس هناك واقع بدون خيال

macronencer : One of my favourites so far. That pump drill is just genius!

PhantomForce : This was humans before politics and fortnite look fun af to me

igig Jdbs : Pure genius

Derek Ogilvie : man you could make an hour long video and I'd sit there and watch all of it. Super interesting

kelu l : like se sei qui per luis

faisal shidiq : You're so basic

Med Asylum : +Luis sei tu?

Andres Pokryshkin : I also put in the search engine: How to make fire? XD

Midas Report : If a woman joined you, could you do a video on creating a civilization from scratch?

CreatureGaming : The beginning of the video sound like the start of Kino Der Toten

Angel Giron : that was incredible

Dylan Morty : Que Verga primitivos y con cámara HD4K

Cày thuê Ok : Dm đéo hiểu