Primitive Technology: Cord drill and Pump drill

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Ungke Suleh : The two and only modern things in this video are the camera and the pants.

人生觀察家 : 看信誓蛋蛋 趕快來學一下 以防萬一

Primitive Agriculture : You are the coolest person on this topic, I love the way you do it and the value of your videos. 👍👍👍👍👍

hello bye : Mosquito at 3:07 made me whack my face

SleepingDragons : That moment when you hear the airplane and remember that this guy isn't an actual cave man

Survival Lilly : very well done. I admire your patience. I believe you are the best survivalist on youtube. Congraz. Lilly

Jaime don : 信誓蛋蛋粉丝过来报道

T3rmin4ter : not a word 9 million not a bad video 9 million this man deserves every cent he gets

Parker Costas : If I saw him while camping or some shit, I’m straight up gonna run in the opposite direction 😂😂 he’d probably make a T.V. out of me lmao

HOBO MAN BEAN : This was humans before politics and fortnite look fun af to me

GerikDT : This is such a great channel. MacGyver is nothing compared to you, man.

Star Shine : If Anything Goes Down, I Want Him On My Team

Renato Martinez : lets face the fact that this technology is outstanding and amazing,we thank you.

АБВГДейка из СССР : Вот с таким Маугли можно в лес идти!

YUNUS EMRE ÇAKIR : Türkler burdamı

Midas Report : If a woman joined you, could you do a video on creating a civilization from scratch?

SKY_ NET : ▬как только человек не совершенствовал способность подкурить косяк)))))))))))

Maximilian Sztanev : omg i remember this channel a few years ago when it had 12k subs!

Matt Ball Bonsai : Archaeologists in a 1000 years are gonna be real confused

Nick S : У меня спички есть

ell piron : It's weird thinking of him sitting at a computer editing this

cris John : 这是给他一个岛和一个女人,他可以繁衍出一个种族的人

الورد الرومانسي الورد الجوري : منو هنا عربي

Kyle C. Beckham : Roses are red, Violets are blue, I`ll like my comment Because no one will

youthdom : You might be out in the forest trying to imitate life in the stoneages. But i would still put gloves on.

Dylanxp Nguyen : Teacher: what if you are stuck in a Island, what are *three* things you would bring *me*: this guy

Lina Zihad : Apa cuma saya orang Indonesia yg nyasar ke sini?

Alex : что бы добыть огонь с помощью диска из глины надо сначала развести огонь что бы обжечь глиняный диск а патом уже добывать с помощью него огонь ! всё оригинально! что бы машина с пустым баком могла дальше ехать нужно сьездить на ней до заправки всё как у кличко

Ефрем Максимов : полезно

HH Tivi : ok

Jeriel B : im watching your video just in case i fail in life and cant afford houses, mortgage, and taxes. that way at least i have some knowledge to survive in a hut in some jungle beyond civilization

KENN ADAMS : I still don't know how to do that stuff... 🙄

juan luis orozco franco : Estos videos son geniales y maravillosos.

Thijs Aarnink : 3:07 fly

moonyuen0505 : 怎樣才能推薦信誓蛋蛋看到這個?

Jacob Smith : You know what makes this channel great? No talking.

Manolito : Real life hacks xd

restu oky : I FROM INDONESIA

AttilaZoltán Minecraft : 4:12 a plane sound? :D

莫 莫 : 台灣人出來 7:12適合我們單身汪

SimplySarc : Thought you were making a flute or something there! How do you come up with these designs anyway? Is it trial and error, or do you base them around established methods?

not_a_russian : Pls let me know when a feminist can replicate this guy's work. lol.

Финя : э это русское видео что так много сдесь чурбеков

阿緯 : 信誓蛋蛋

mr.commando gamer the pro gamer : Thats how a legend look like the true legend the one who could save himself at any situation

Kyle SoSik : Forgot the drill. I'm more impressed he made a hole in a rock with another rock.

Андрец Лазеров : Пацан мозок

ابن البصرة عاشق بغداد الابدي : امنيتي اعيش وياك وخلص

Ermanno noal : Sei bravissimo

second peace : Deep Method) Evolution of things is caused by "friction" Same as modern human society