Primitive Technology: Cord drill and Pump drill

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mata schmata : Hey dude, I love all of your stuff. But I have to ask a question. Whenever I see you handle fire, like lifting the tinders onto the fire pit, your hands are shaking like crazy. Does it hurt? (also the pump drill blew my mind. amazing!)

Hora de pesca : It is very important to learn the technique of producing fire, for cases of survival. great contribution.

RidiculousJ : im watching your video just in case i fail in life and cant afford houses, mortgage, and taxes. that way at least i have some knowledge to survive in a hut in some jungle beyond civilization

Tolga : 04:10 That bloody plane almost ruined whole magic >:-C Dammit technology :p

loganathan vb : Which type wood did you choose to start friction fire I am from India and I need to learn these skills. Please reply me

matthew productions : This guy would be great in surviver

Sprennard87 circus baby : The sound of it spinning hurts my ears

Poptirex broe ке : Какого хера название русское а комментаторы иностранные???

Dough Boy : Watching this before my appraisal on Monday

مؤسسة أم البنين الخيرية لدعم فقراء قلعة سكر : رهيب انت ومبدع

Robb's Homemade Life : watching what our ancestors used to do to survive with creativity and brilliance made me smile, and made me a subscriber. Go Humans Go!

الزراعة المحلية : قوة الإنسان هي في الحياة الطبيعية والبراري

Andres Pokryshkin : I also put in the search engine: How to make fire? XD


Skinny : Это удивительно!

Dedrick Jones : He's hiding in the woods because when he was 7 he told his mother to shut up and he's been hiding ever since

Boba Fett Gaming : This is a very old life hack

Raymond Raptorclaw : Sure beats the whole "rubbing two sticks together" maneuver. 🔥

- Zadroter - : Кто нибудь ему сказал, что существуют спички?

Sal Lira : 3:07, I would've bounced

Wyatt Willis : Primitive Technology feat. Lil Pump

Deniz Ertuğrul SÖNMEZ : Türk var mı

pro berat yılmaz : Türk olanlar bana abone olsun bende onlara olurum karşılıklı abone

Djamel Louhibi : ها روح شري بريكي و هني راسك ياك راها دير غير الف ههههههههههه

こたつさん : うん、この人なら縄文時代にタイムトリップしても、深い森の真ん中に異世界転生させられても、生きていけるよ。 単に摩擦熱で火を起こすだけではなく、そこらのもので工夫を凝らしていくスタイル。凄すぎる。

Арген Жокинов : е брат гавари ато скучно

pitersuperfly : Primitive drill v1.0 - 2:37 Primitive drill - 5:55 (updated to v2.0) Primitive drill - 7:30 (updated to v3.0)

shinnyHokezeS : Идешь такой в лесу с чем нибудь или с кем нибудь, а там выпускник 11-го класса хату себе строит

andiafry 0171 : 0:26 this a real men hand

MILLER DELONK : 4:11 *AirDrop*

Chaopraya Xiong : He good at wood

ÖZLEM Yıgıt : You are turkish.

Jgnbalahla : Now i am fully confident with myself being lost and left alone in the jungle. I just need my phone and internet connection to watch this channel while im there.

SimplySarc : Thought you were making a flute or something there! How do you come up with these designs anyway? Is it trial and error, or do you base them around established methods?

صفاوي كيوت : نه هاذا عمل جميل احسنت .كم احبو هل اعمال تحسس بالسعاده ولالتهاء الوقت .متابعك من العراق 👑👑 . .💖💖..؟؟

Captain Nae : I would love to see him get into some more modern things like irrigation, and iron forging.

Aiden Sullivan : You should teach traps

عبود عبود : تبي ولاعه جبت لك ليش قلت الخياء

lucky4liveHawaii : Why did he never again use this to start fires? Always rubbing hands in later videos -way more work and looks painful. This is smartest way I have ever seen to make fire with stick friction!

Wuzzard190 : Really like your content! I also, except from the builds, really enjoyed the peace and unedited sounds of nature. Raw and good videos are quite rare these days! Keep it up!

rizqy zha : Klw dipadang pasir bagaimana,?,tdk ada pohon..dan tumbuhan,,haripun hujan, tunggu malaikat aja mungkin

Giovanni Bertocci : Like se anche tu vieni da Luis

stivenstep : отличное видео для выживания

Ungke Suleh : The two and only modern things in this video are the camera and the pants.

GhosT Template : Luis cosa ci fai qui

fabyan alvarez : Craizy

Alex Lini : Luis sei tu?

Jweiss 500 : What do you use for a fire starter?

GerikDT : This is such a great channel. MacGyver is nothing compared to you, man.

cesovsk cesar : Esse cara da aula para sobrevivencialistas