SoundsLikeVanSpirit A Collection of Europes Pavement Melodies Trailer
Guy spends 2 years driving around Europe in his van rigged as a studio to record street musicians

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A sound engineer, a van, 2 years, 25 countries, MANY street musicians. 1 Album. 1 Book. 1 Movie. Facebook: Instagram:


TheFroster : That guy rapping was absolute fire. I need that in my life who is he?

Stone Legion - Let's Play : Honestly I'm not a Music guy. But I saw just saw this and it's beyond amazing. You are honestly changing peoples lives for the better and honestly a hero that I'm sure you would laugh at but your actually changing peoples lives for the better... Keep it up man!

Bordeguy : Dude this is such a cool project thank you for sharing with the world!

David Vinces : Like si vienes de UN POCO DE TODO 😎

321seb : incredible. can't wait to see more

Ricardo SV : Just subscribed. This is an amazing project. You really give hope to music and humanity. Best wishes to you. Greetings from Mexico.

Joakim Lovén : This is such a beautiful project. I literally had goosebumps the whole three minutes. Moved me to bits and I'm really looking forward to this. Raw, honest and heartful.

sergio balcazar : hello, when are you going to get your playlist on deezer?

Lezuum : SO glad I found your Channel! Can't wait to listen and watch through your findings!!

MakingMadBeats : Tears in my eyes... What more do I need to say ❤️?!

Beliar8889 : I love this project ;) Sounds really cool

Carlos : This is Beautiful.

Nicholas Penn : Wow many congratulations. This is beautiful :). I have a similar dream of a mobile recording set up.

GoogleSuxx Balls : THIS IS AWESOME! Looking forward to watching the movie!

Happy American : Just bought the album and movie stream. Can’t wait!!

Frederik Trovatten : Dude, this is amazing. This is what I will do with my photography on my own channel some day! Thanks mate!

Priest : ou hell yea ! I know that rapper Infidelix, dude got soul

Morten Haugum Hake : Killin the gaaame brubru!!!

Kim Stafford : What a beautiful gift. 💜 thank you

RideShare Tips : Thats really cool man. I hope this gets picked up as a show!

Till Grzegorczyk : WOW i love your Project. but one Question, where did you get the Ice Van? That's the Van that always came into my street when I was a kid 😍

Una Han : yeah!

Human Interested : Woah! Inspirational work. I just completed something in the same vein about a local busker. However, your work is much more comprehensive than mine. Keep it up! Cheers from Southern California.

Janileigh Cohen : Love ❤️its a beautiful thing what your doing I hope I run into you soon xx

notspencer : How do you only have 5.3k followers dude. This is an incredible project. Next time you are in Berlin, feel free to drop me a line if you could use an extra hand with anything. Would be glad to come out and help.

Luke Andrews : 1 Album. 1 Book. 1 Movie. 1 European Tour. 1 Record Label

Hannes Pi : Slight tear in the eye my man

Jonas D Archer : I'm in love with this mission, all the best to you and those artists!

m a r y a k a : amazing! Wish you had met me!

Zack Hartmann : a guy did this is south/west africa in the 70s and he ended up with a bunch of legendary records

HeyHeyHailley : This is the wholesome content I've been looking for.

Michael Benkarski : This is absolutely incredible

Andrey Kitsen : I cannot wait for this album to drop !!!

shitsteroid : What an amazing idea! Can't wait to see the moments you captured.

Reyde Lanada : And at least a part of the money you make selling the LP, Book and Documentary directly goes to the street artists? edit: Just checked out your project website. Sorry for nearly misjudging you, but as you probably know too, business with music often is like prostitution. This are not my words, but the ones of a fellow german punk artist. Enough chatter, good luck with your project, i`m loocking forward to buy the vinyl. Keep up your spirit.

labSeta : well done !!!

Jason Agar : Wow! What an incredible grassroots endeavour.

Tim Rosenthal : Amazing project!

cybercroneca : Wow!! Wonderful! I'm quite envious.

ZeN : This world needed this thank you!

Mike Gjesdal : A modern day Alan Lomax. Very cool!

Benjamin Swank : This amazing! What a great project. Do the the artists get some funding from this? Royalties or anything like that?

Shacklabans : Amazing !!! The world needs more people like you.

FRINK : Looks like everybody had a good time with this amazing project! Gratz 2 u Marten! Was fun to be part of this! LIEBE, BIER & ROCK'NROLL !

themiki : Amazing. I look forward to seeing future videos.

Dominic Rawle : What an awesome project

Simon TV : The best thing to happen to music since the invention of the "reality" tv show.

OP SENATOR : WHO IS THE GUY at 2:00 MY GOD that dude is amazing. pls

jalfih : This is great, dude. Really great work!