Aphex Twin - CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ]

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Taken from Aphex Twin’s ‘Cheetah EP’, out now on Warp Records. Directed by Ryan Wyer, aged 12, of Rush, County Dublin. Buy/Stream: https://aphextwin.lnk.to/CheetahEPYD

Comments from Youtube

Aidan Wyer : That's my son whom both my wife and I a both very proud of,he's only 12 don't forget guys,thanks for all the nice comments(keep them coming) 😀 there is always haters and in my eyes it's just jealousy so let the haters hate,watch this space there's plenty more from Ryan to come 📀📀📀📀👀

Nikolay Tarabak : Всем колхозом вчера танцевали

timeforgotobed : Looks like Cunningham is out of the job.

Will Neill : AFX literally let the kid everyone loved doing his own Aphex Twin videos in his room and outside his house the opportunity to make the official video, there are no bounds to how brilliant this man is.

Söpör Pösta : This is AT’s first official music video in over 17 years and, ironically, it was directed by a 12-year-old Aphex fan from Dublin by the name of Ryan Wyer. Aphex discovered Wyer through his Youtube channel and, although most of his videos had less than a hundred views, was captivated by the work of the young Irish videographer. So much so that he commissioned him to direct his latest music video Edit1: I just copypasted this from an article on Timewheel.net

Zakk Blews : It's pretty good for being directing and edited by a 12 year old kid. Just imagine this being on his resume 10 years from now "ya a directing a video for Apex Twin when I was 12, no big deal".

lardosian : How does if feel to have made a music video for the best electronic artist ever?

Jonathan Morse : if he likes RDJ at 12, he's gonna grow up to be a good person

Nathan Richan : love how the kid at 3:05 leans into the frame and bites a sandwich

Down10 : I really liked the girl eating a sandwich.

Sonneneis : That is how you dance to aphex twin right there.

João Varela : this is brilliant! His first video in 17 years, and lets the kid direct it

youdbettertube : Kid's only 12 and he's already way cooler than I'll ever be.

Earl Lemongrab : Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, 'cuz they Aphexin' errybody 'round here.

Twister : 3:06 my favorite move

opebius : I'm so glad this kid's video was chosen to be the official video. So goddamn personal and honest. He obviously just loves the music. This is some inspirational shit right here

vatsacycle : To those who believe that this song is "amateur": In my limited experience of producing songs, electronic music is not about how "thick" your synth sounds. Some songs of the recent style have so many layers going on at the same frequencies, that the sound seems "flat". Sometimes a simpler ensemble of sounds can allow each sound to be heard clearly, which I believe is a characteristic of this track. Being generic or being unable to make "professional" sounding music is something you can't blame AFX of. I bet you would cringe if you listened to Goa trance from the 90s, but guess what; A style is a style.

Auralnoirr : So happy for this kid. When he first started posting Aphex Twin videos, people were giving a ton of crap. Now look whose got the last laugh!

CurseTheCosmos : I thought this video was incredibly endearing. We've all been Ryan once. To be young and to have that one musical artist spark a fire in us. Whether they inspire, help us create, or both - the mark they leave is indelible and permanent. Kudos to Richard for letting a boy live out a dream. And to Ryan Wyer, keep up the amazing work!

Tom Selleck : What?!?!?! Something decent on Youtube trending?!

69crafty : I want an AFX mask!!!!

Poop Brain : That kid's ceiling is lit.

Giovanni : The kid must have awesome parents.

Stanca Mircea Marian : 1:29 no way! has to be the Homemix dj console! I had the same one as my first dj console. Aphex Twin thank you for all the years of good music... I will fall asleep on Selected Ambient Works vinyl even when I'm 80yo...

Dan Bull : OMG I LOVE the Aphex Twins! I'm glad they're back together after all these months - the trance scene wasn't the same without them! And it's so cool they got their son to make the video :D

OPRAHRULZ : I see the cynics lurking around here saying, "I could have made this. This takes no skill. This isn't art" If you had the ability to make something like this, you would have. But here's the deal: you didn't fucking make this and you probably couldn't if you wanted to. Most of you twats would be completely lost if Richard D asked you to make a video for any of his music.

edblackmoor : Всем колхозом танцевали! Спасибо Ричард Дэвидович.

leuco noise : the percussion on this track is deeper than my love for Jesus.

mayorip : sounds like an old 80's computer game, i love it :)

seven secular sultans : that was very touching. next generation of brain dance enthusiasts

MartinS Piano : this gradually turns into one of my absolute favorite aphex twin tracks :-)

alex0189501 : This looks like it was directed by a twelve year old. Smh ffs

Sparkey : Genius, use all the effects.

se7en5269 : Those moves at 3:08 are dope AF!

PABIV : Please let these kids carry on the greatness of Aphex Twin

BENNY FROOBS : bigup Ryan nice work lad

Matea Rasonja : this is beautiful.

Sean Homan : The lady who fist bumps while walking her baby is a boss.

GoDspeedYou! : В каком колхозе микс делали?

Zak Payne : Anyone else from Watch Dogs 2?

charlesbabbage1 : Fish fingers and peyote for tea again mum?

#LLJ : Legend.

Aaron Norwood : 3:07, BACKWORDS SEIZURE FUNKY ARM CHICKEN DANCE, I think I love this kid as much as the twin if not more, this kids got SKILLZ! ima study this and learn how a white kid dances freeal

North South : This is outstanding. Aphex Twin has always had his own way of doing things. Love it!

Francesco Kratky : The coolest thing about this is that ryan actually edited this too. Mad mad props to you sir

JestersGeneration : idk i just feel like hes trying to say dont ever forget how free and infinite creativity is

Andrea Di Gangi : great Aphex twin best love your music

Passiko R : Mad props to the kid

chiporello : [ В А Р П Р Е К О Р Д С] ∧🅿Ф∑х 下∨√∫∩ CIRKLON3 ⊙好吗?]100%[⊙