9-Year-Old Tattoo Artist Practices by Inking Dad's Skin

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lil GOAT : Thats a unique talent from a 9 year old. Anybody addicted to getting tats 👍

Kiana Nash : Now It's Normal For 9 Year Olds To Be Doing Tattoos , What's Next A 3 Year Skydiver 😂

_Bob McCoy : *The Youngest Tattoo Artist doesn't Exi-*

pl0g - : Ive accidentally stabbed myself with a pecil and it kinda colored does that count

Amaya : That's sad... I can't even draw a perfect circle and I'm 11 and this 9 year old can draw a dragon . Like I legit feel like I have no talent lol

Ice_Ninja_xX : Due to this practice, her dad now has scribbles on his body..

Peaches Gacha land Xoxo : Soon enough the man will be a painting selling online on ebay

PaPi SpRaYz : Idk what to comment

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Roses r red. Violets r not blue. There is always an Asian. Better than u.


You : _I can barely_ -draw- _and here she is tattooing people_

Panda : Meanwhile I’m here proud of my stick figures that I drew

BEYOND Comfort : #gifted. I need her to tattoo me. :) Wish YOU The best day!

Lauren Weems : You should do the story about the girl who got her teeth knocked out and into her head who lives in Leeds

AngryAshton : *_Comment below some comments to comment because i dont know what to comment_*

MrCreepyPlayz : a tattoo when you’re 9??? that’s too young lol

Sunny G’s : Wtf does she have tattoos herself???

Jacqueline Smith : Notice how they didn’t insert images of her tattoos. Probs cause she sucks

Kathie Connelly : Not old enough to be a tattoo artist. Grow up first

Yoongi Shook Gacha : This is Noko. 👧 Noko wants to help the homeless, so she makes food, shelter and clothing for the homeless. Noko had already brought 4 types of food, made her own clothing for the homeless, and her family brought a house for the homeless. Noko needs your help. 1 like = Food,Shelter and clothing for a homeless. 👧 | /\

ᴶᵘˢᵗ ᵃ ᵍᵘʸ ʷᶦᵗʰ ᵈᵉᵖʳᵉˢˢᶦᵒⁿ : *i want to be everywhere* _But no one likes my comment so I will_

Chuck Keough : I thought Asians were smarter than this... smfh.

gabrield xgolden_monkey09 : FIRST

Rusty Fork : I thought it said dead dad's skin

Alan Barreto : Ill be commenting on every video watch me

SIBERIAN NIGERIAN : She got it on point

black soul : Boi I can barely draw a small person

thatrainyboy : Props to her dad

Not Age Restricted : Wow God that's amazing!

Jay • : 👌🏾🔥💯

That Jay : lord save this Generation 🙏

JSPH : : No matter what you do, there’s always a young ass Asian kid that can probably do it better

I love my rabbits : Im 9 and my sisters a tattoo artist and she got a tattoo that says i love u from me

Anke is a gamer : I got a tattoo ;)

Orangesnipez : Does she have here own tattoos wtf

t0xicc spank : Lil tay is a tattoo artist?

AllAwesomeGaming : 0:16 she looks like she’s Asian xD

Elena Amaya : Love inside edition

Shondra Moore : Yet here I am... Drawing stick people with uneven legs and arms 😂

Trover19 : Talented. My parents gave me colored pencils, though.

tay Rouzan : I need to go to her and start getting my tattoos cause she is good............

Alpaca : Hold on if she draws on her dad is her dad 6ix9ine?

aubrey : I saw this on Snapchat

Tide : You gotta do what you gotta do

Evelyn Gonzalez : Dats sum talent

ANIME WORLD Vue : She is a better artist then me

Chicken : First

Ashley Lopez : Omg she even has tattoos in her arm lucky my parents don’t even let me use fake tattoos

Jouse Martinez : Shes a child of the devil

SS SillyString : That's cool you go Noko