How To Make Mumble Rap

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When David and I are bored, we sometimes make these random, awful songs that no one ever sees. Well, this time we're bringing you with us on this incredibly pointless journey. Stream on Spotify! Support on iTunes! See Bloopers and BTS from the MV here: Order my book "how to write good" Just Launched New Official Store HigaTV Channel Twitter Facebook Website Instagram Send us mail or whatever you want here! PO Box 232355 Las Vegas, NV 89105

Comments from Youtube

SeriousJackson : Lil Higa and Pump Choi

ErNeStgames6 : The worst part is it actually sound like a modern rap song Thanks for 1K likes 🙏

Darth Games : You guys failed to do mumble know why? The song is actually good

Rhennier Tendencia : I show this to my dog...... Now hes my dawg..

Jirokiie #7 : 5:41 lyrics I just want to cry with my Caillou (whoo) (Yeh) (Faggot) I still don't forget the good oh old kebab (Yeh) (Faggot) In me mini body Winnie Lala be get on money knee (Yeh) All I can say is to say that I do but I blunt and I ran on jeepy (say what?)

Dallasmed65 : Next big rapper: Lil Original


Bean : Can wait for English version

Brayn S : 5:37 *autotuned fart*

Birk Bjorge : _Top 10 rappers Eminem was too afraid to diss_

Geno San Diego : "Why Lil'? Why does everyone have the same name? Can't you be a Lil' Original?" ...I see what you did there, David Choi.

James Brooke : they did surgery on a grape...

Jack Dren : 5:29 that part sounded crazy accurate

Amos Poumai : Still got more words in his lyrics compare to "Gucci Gang"... Makes more sense too 😂

Mahoneywj : Am i the only one that thinks 6:00 is actually kinda sick.

Bruno'sBaBySquirrel : Here in the Netherlands we have a 'rapper' with the stage name 'lil kleine' which literally translates to 'little little'... That is the intellectual creativity level we are working with.

Agustian DC : Who watched this video on march 2019???

Talha Sheikh : ( autotuned fart) 🤣🤣🤣🤣hell that was funny 😂

raggedy sam : when i saw him pour grape juice and sprite, my soul left my body 💀

JustLeafy : Damn. Such a lyrical genius... Bravo! In case if you don't understand his beautiful art, "8 grapes in my mouth" means that he contently expressing the fact that he can fit 8 grapes in his oral cavity. Everyone is sleeping on Lil Higa. He's up next! 🔥

drippy alex : 4:21 8 grapes-6ixT-9Dollarsignz (ft.Lil Egg Foo Young Thug)

『Zero 』 Akise : 8 grapes > 7 rings

lil roblox : when he said 'exextension' I died lmao

Shady Antoine : Pretty sure if this was released by an actual mumble rapper it would have 100m + views😂😂

fungus kebob : is it really available in spotify?

William Bray : we just gonna ignore the fact that the beat is amazing? that producer is actually fucking amazing 🔥🔥

shantanu more : 5:41 I died here🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Joshua Hansen : This sounds so much like big by juice wrld

John Titor : Exactly how Lil Pump make songs.

SneakerTalk : Still better than 90% of today's rap. Now I want grapes.

Salote Domona : Ok. To be honest, I'm jamming to this!!

Tekkeroo : I heard this on Spotify and was like what the hell. It finally makes sense now that I’ve seen this video. Lol

Kay Farley : haha fkn a i love this! the only time i enjoy mumble rap thank you Ryan!! lol! mumle rap sucks though, Ryan made it better! lol

Matt Bailey : You just failed at mumble rap this sounds better

McDunkinY : Ryan is one of the few OG YouTubers that is still relevant a decade later

Steezy Mental : 5:15 lowkey that flow was catchy !!😂 damn good job 👍🏽

최민창 : God I was laughing so hard when the lyric subtitles went to '?' '???' hahahahahaahhaha

Matrix Orton : shows how mumble rappers literally need no talent to make music

shizukagozen777 : After Kpop, G-DRAGON goes into mumble rap. 😹

AwesomeDudeEli : After every time they say the chorus, they say UP IT TO 9!!! I find that funny original and creative

Sharad Pandey : Autotuned fart was real dope... i wish i could fart like that..😁

Emmanuel Lehmann : My mom was surprised when she found out the rappers were Asians.

Trần Minh Đăng : Lil Niga would be better Without the 'g"

Sophie lol : David: “why is everyone lil’? you guys should be a lil’ original.” ROASTEDDDD😂😂

There is nothing to see : BETTER THAN REAL MUMBLE RAP

Steven Martin Official : Who's your fav mumble rapper? I'm curious

SeshTimeTV : 2:55 "They could be BORN that way" 💀💀💀

Rage GamingZ : I showed this to my dog Now my dog is a hotdog

Afonso Ferreira : Too lyrical for mumblerap you need to try less .