How To Make Mumble Rap

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Milmiskew : This shows how much dedication Ryan Higa puts into his stuff. He almost had to change his pants. Just for us.

SneakerTalk : Still better than 90% of today's rap. Now I want grapes.

TheBakedDonut20 : That autotuned fart brought a tear to my eye 😭

Embrace Racing : Someone put this on the radio. Nobody will ever know the difference

Quickestcop : Casually making these rappers look like a joke. 100%

Ask'03 : Brain dead, eye drops, pain meds, cyclops

Nara V : Ryan can literally do a tutorial on any genre/song style lol

lowkey lies : hahahahaha lol WTF the other guys name is "lil egg foo young"

DoN YsR : This video shows how trash mumble rap is

Naruto Uzumaki : (Auto tuned fart) killed me😂😂😂😂👏👏

Yokahu Divine : I'm late but this shit was lit lmao. I lost it at around 5:42. That part was too accurate.

Dallasmed65 : Next big rapper: Lil Original

Howie Feltersnatch : U r waaay too talented to be a real mumble rapper. The IQ requirement is 5-10 points below your shoe size. In some cases, this results in a negative score. Impossible? Not at all. Lil Punk, Lil Pecker, Lil Pellet Gun, shall I go on??

Christopher Hendricks : "This is a message that goes out to all my haters Rhyming dictionaries and random word generators" Haha omg my sides.

Anirban Nath : That's like professional quality mumble rap... but a lot better!

amazing videos : Anyone after the eminem's diss on mumble rap?

Bruno'sBaBySquirrel : Here in the Netherlands we have a 'rapper' with the stage name 'lil kleine' which literally translates to 'little little'... That is the intellectual creativity level we are working with.

Patrick : It took them 2 hours to make a song that sounds like a lot of popular music today. Doesnt this prove music is dying

Str8Faced : I wonder if this is the first time anyone has autotuned a fart

Aksh : "Autotune fart" 😂😂 Dude I cnt stop laughing

Muz : dat fart! And dat autotune fart!! hahahahhahahahaha

Ciara : Rappers need to be a lil more creative with these names

juan sute : That's exactly how these shit bags sound🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂👌👌👌

danang aji nugroho : Hahaha hihihi huhuhu.. today's rap

shant07 : This sounds better than the garbage on the radio

why so serious !!! : Add lil more autotune

SpartanHunter-720 : His name could be *LIL NIGA* 😂😂 Right?

DP Z : The true secret to "mumble rap artist" is thinking that the cock in their mouths is actually a mic !!!

Bishwas Subba : Auto tuned fart 😂😂😂😂😂😂

TYHG Master : Armpits are bad and bushy, tickle a baby, gucci. Runny nose and it's Uzi best part hands downs

Holy Koolaid : Don't drink the mumble rap Koolaid.

GTR Wendy : We should under pay these mumble rappers and over pay english teachers. Maybe we can fix this problem

Raul Q : Eminem was inspired by this lol

Mike Cripps : How did I end up here... Don't know, but I love it 👍🏼😂😂😂

Cedric Jo : Hahahahahahahaha fuckin legend

The 401K : SoundCloud rappers getting hella mad over this

Micah Philson : I love how this legitimately sound exactly like what you'd find on the radio at any given time!

Muhammadali Nazarov : My favorite part 5:40-5:55 😂😂

go n : We get it. Eminem brought u here.

Wholesome Lad : Eminem dissed Niga Higa too. Mad lad.

Scofield : HAHAHA one day this will be used as a tutorial 😂😂

Half The Heart : *I laughed the hardest when the emoji's replaced the actual "words."* xD

boot system : Even em cannot diss my boy Ryan ..... It'll be like a genin vs kage

Rossa4 : Just watch Hopsin “no words” think he pretty much sums up the current mumble rap scene

Chubby Anime : I love the wigs!

ibobai : I'd definitely listen to this.

Imran Osman : As dumb as it sounds he makes it so good

shadownokk13 : Haha i rather listen to this, nice one bros

Robert Heller : Em warning was true

Pritam Sah : I now know how bad is mumble rap after watching this video. No wonder 'God of Rap' dissed them super hard. Thank you!