How To Make Mumble Rap

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Milmiskew : This shows how much dedication Ryan Higa puts into his stuff. He almost had to change his pants. Just for us.

Billy K : Ohhh THAT’S how they make the deep rap voice in those songs

justin abraham : Lil fart.

TheSrilankanBruh !!! : RIP

cloud king : This is so sad he did this for a joke and it sounds better than most of these trash “rappers” today

Jakene Reaves : Ryan Higa: *jokes about XXXtentacion 3 months before his death* X fans 3 months later: BrO HE was An InSpiRATion to me AnD a LeGEnd u haVE nO reSPECT

Deamum Muktaref Shrestho : *RYAN PUMP*

Naruto4343 212 : at least it's better than jake Paul's song "its everyday bro"

lil skree : sounds like rich chigga lmao

Zackary Harris : sounds better than most the rappers out here.

Francis Yap : Lil Niga...

Nick Venice : lil Ryan

waat74 : Tentacion doesn’t make music anymore

Boi : That's good trash

ChefBoyJumpMan : RIP xxx

SirGamer999 : *"AUTOTUNED FART"*

Half The Heart : *I laughed the hardest when the emoji's replaced the actual "words."* xD

Joku Äijä : You know its trash when a ”rapper” has lil in their name

Mark Chao : Ryan Higa + 6ix9ine = 6rix9hine David Choi + Young Thug = Doung Chug

Bruce Wayne : “I ride the metro in the city now I’m going home” dead

Nanikz : It reminds me the songs in "simlish" from The Sims

Simte : *Lil Ryan*

Daniel Dangelico : eight grapes in my mouth!

JLummin : RIP Extension (XXXTentacion), sad because he was so young

Kelly Nhem : How most “rap” artist sound now days 🤦🏻‍♀️😪

学长铭爷 : Men I‘m dead lamo!!!

itsNotJeffy : Raw talent 😂🙏

Jaouen Vezin : HE DIED

Reatro Gaming : RIP X

Iso Inspired : XXXTentacion... RIP. :(

Luis Valladares : I ride the metro in the city was fire🔥🔥

Bruno'sBaBySquirrel : Here in the Netherlands we have a 'rapper' with the stage name 'lil kleine' which literally translates to 'little little'... That is the intellectual creativity level we are working with.

K Penguin Penguin : Who's watching after xxxTentacion's death... 😭😭😭

Sourav Mondal : Autotuned fart..u guys are genius

ThehollowBlaziken : Ryan got healthy doing a vid lol

Eminem Candle : Rip extension

Loom Geek : It's a transformer's fart..

Allison's Volgs : Not so funny thing is that if you made that an album it’d make millions 🤑🤔😱


Arulen Samy Nathan : Rip x

A : Lil xan Lil pump Lil peep/RIP And more



Jack Atlas : R.I.P X...

Moof : RIP X.

Koi : Why does this sound better then most rap songs now?

itsVampKing : The OG Youtuber speaking Facts 😂💯💯

Symbah : Who all has been here since nigahiga's How to be Gangster, Ninja, etc. Videos lmao

Jordan Daire : Yes! I can make millions of dollars from unsuspecting little kids now!

melvin ramirez : 8 Grapes in mah mouf... 🍇😂🍇😂🍇😂