How To Make Mumble Rap

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Milmiskew : This shows how much dedication Ryan Higa puts into his stuff. He almost had to change his pants. Just for us.

SneakerTalk : Still better than 90% of today's rap. Now I want grapes.

TheBakedDonut20 : That autotuned fart brought a tear to my eye 😭

Embrace Racing : Someone put this on the radio. Nobody will ever know the difference

Quickestcop : Casually making these rappers look like a joke. 100%

Ask'03 : Brain dead, eye drops, pain meds, cyclops

Bruno'sBaBySquirrel : Here in the Netherlands we have a 'rapper' with the stage name 'lil kleine' which literally translates to 'little little'... That is the intellectual creativity level we are working with.

amazing videos : Anyone after the eminem's diss on mumble rap?

DoN YsR : This video shows how trash mumble rap is

Yokahu Divine : I'm late but this shit was lit lmao. I lost it at around 5:42. That part was too accurate.

Str8Faced : I wonder if this is the first time anyone has autotuned a fart

Dallasmed65 : Next big rapper: Lil Original

Anirban Nath : That's like professional quality mumble rap... but a lot better!

Howie Feltersnatch : U r waaay too talented to be a real mumble rapper. The IQ requirement is 5-10 points below your shoe size. In some cases, this results in a negative score. Impossible? Not at all. Lil Punk, Lil Pecker, Lil Pellet Gun, shall I go on??

Christopher Hendricks : "This is a message that goes out to all my haters Rhyming dictionaries and random word generators" Haha omg my sides.

johan rahaditya : whos here after mumble rap is destroyed by Em ??

Nara V : Ryan can literally do a tutorial on any genre/song style lol

Aksh : "Autotune fart" 😂😂 Dude I cnt stop laughing

John Liu : Who’s here after Kamikaze and Killshot?

DP Z : The true secret to "mumble rap artist" is thinking that the cock in their mouths is actually a mic !!!

Naruto Uzumaki : (Auto tuned fart) killed me😂😂😂😂👏👏

SpartanHunter-720 : His name could be *LIL NIGA* 😂😂 Right?

juan sute : That's exactly how these shit bags sound🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂👌👌👌

Patrick : It took them 2 hours to make a song that sounds like a lot of popular music today. Doesnt this prove music is dying

shant07 : This sounds better than the garbage on the radio

Sugar YouKnowMe : Lol this s#*t is awesome!!! 😂😂😂 still better than those gucci trash songs!! 😂😂😂 you guys are savage 😎😍💣💥👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

GTR Wendy : We should under pay these mumble rappers and over pay english teachers. Maybe we can fix this problem

thepumpkinwitch : eminem killed mumble rap btw. you nailed it :D

lowkey lies : hahahahaha lol WTF the other guys name is "lil egg foo young"

Holy Koolaid : Don't drink the mumble rap Koolaid.

The Crims Bebynho : Still 100 times better than all those LIL shits ....

Ciara : Rappers need to be a lil more creative with these names

Mritsa : Should've collabed with Eminem 😂😂

Scofield : HAHAHA one day this will be used as a tutorial 😂😂

leo : 日本語字幕いいね!

go n : We get it. Eminem brought u here.

Imran Osman : As dumb as it sounds he makes it so good

shadownokk13 : Haha i rather listen to this, nice one bros

Pritam Sah : I now know how bad is mumble rap after watching this video. No wonder 'God of Rap' dissed them super hard. Thank you!

Mike Cripps : How did I end up here... Don't know, but I love it 👍🏼😂😂😂

thatkyleguy 1 : This was awesome keep it up!!

dat calculation tho : Oh Ryan you're so much better than all the mumblers out there!

Muhammadali Nazarov : My favorite part 5:40-5:55 😂😂

Pro Pretzel : I think the best song Ryan made was how to get views on YouTube

Damian Sollicito : Overall x’s music isn’t mumble but he definitely has mumble rap songs

Dávid Tóth : There is a huge problem, and that caused you to terribly fail this mumble rap vid. The beat is about 2-3 tiers better than any mumble rap made in the last few years, and the in the first half, the "rap" beat at least 1,5 tier the "best" mumble rappers of today. You really should tone the quality level down, it is still way too good. :D Gj btw, fun video.

Half The Heart : *I laughed the hardest when the emoji's replaced the actual "words."* xD

Serinay Soso : trust me this is waaaay better bc ... mumble rappers can't count

ClifffSVK : Only Asians can pronounce emoji characters.

Aghato Zhimomi : MF Savage bros 😏 ... both of you are best Mumble rappers of All time . BOTH of you are God of Mumble rap. I Sub your channel great video