How To Make Mumble Rap

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Milmiskew : This shows how much dedication Ryan Higa puts into his stuff. He almost had to change his pants. Just for us.

Young Oorah : Rich Higa

LNxTCB : “Ex-ex-ex-extension.” Nailed it.

bayzelnutzdrift : Lil Tee Hee!

Inna Attic Crookz : my friends cosuins uncles brothers baby moms nephews grandmas dog makes $100 hour working online

Tanbir Singh : *That autotuned fart sounded better than Lil Pump*

Dallasmed65 : Next big rapper: Lil Original

Citizen Mike : All jokes aside... that is a pretty *sick song*

baar : Ur name should be lil niga

You Tube : This song is so much better

ruesa : 88rising where you at???

Loom Geek : It's a transformer's fart..

Nadine Felice : dude this was SO GOOD

ItzGoodishGaming : He’s better then lil pump tbf

Pretty Screwed If My Pic Ever Becomes Reality! : *If you happen to stumble upon this comment, type in, Jake Jacoby! He's a seriously amazing rapper!*

Reckless Rs : Idk why your views are declining. This is awesome

Deamum Muktaref Shrestho : *RYAN PUMP*

J - Yo : lol when his voice became inaudible to translate into lyrics and replaced with funny emoticons lol..


ZZSAMUEL : hahahaha autotuned fart

um hi : Lil higa

itsNotJeffy Animations : Raw talent 😂🙏

yusuf111 yusuf11111 : I could smell Ryan fart right through my speakers

Pilot.Mr. Chris : Lyrics: Sggcd gnhibfgjmnfccg Hgchtgjtffsfgyh Gfjugdvjjjuffjufbiju X2 Chorus: Gfjgfftjjhuufdvtdsgjougc Fguyggyiiioi5fxdeeyhnng Ggtuhgtyiiyg68ojfrr Grtjddhjuyuiyfvgg Hhggui997trdfbjkuf Ggyggggffdffgggh Fgfffyi997rewasfhklmnvxzxdt

Monesha Acres : Forget the song, where the hell did Ryan get that grape hoodie?!

Janniqua Williams : This low-key catchy!😂

Half The Heart : *I laughed the hardest when the emoji's replaced the actual "words."* xD

Demonish : For a parody this is too good!!!

Lana Emad : *(AUTOTUNED FART)*

Final AMV : Lil Higa.... no?

Leofwine : NIGGA HIGGA

Billy K : Ohhh THAT’S how they make the deep rap voice in those songs

Alexander Celestial : LIL NIGA

Preetha Anbu : Omg!!..Love it! Need a full length song!

Comet J : what a legend

WellzBoyz : If you want to be a rapper these days make a catchy beat and mumble every line guaranteed you make it to #10

Nick Venice : lil Ryan

Benjamin Tan : Ryan you touch the side of your neck a lot.

Len D : Autotuned Fart HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

mZto : *IS* *THIS* *ON* *SPOTIFY*

The Black Gamer : List of rapper names: lil Bucket, lil nugget, lil plankton, lil jupiter or Big shrimp

SneakerTalk : Still better than 90% of today's rap. Now I want grapes.

Lil 57 : His name is a mix of 6IX9INE and Ty Dollar $ign

WLR Plays : Why does this actually sound good?

Lady Sapphire Nightray : I was going to demand that the song will be put on Spotify but it's already there xD YAY my new fave rap song now

Bro Vloger : Thank you for being the like almost only youtuber not braging and still try and make ppl laugh and not showing off and leaving not nigahiga like many other ppl leaving there channels

Pledex : *Sponsored by grapes*

MahaloO : This is better than any mumble rap music.

Runny Ch : Please someone who know can you tell me that what is the music background of thos vdo when the text of 1 2 3 and 4 come ups tell me if you know please.

Preetha Anbu : Bga comeback!