How To Make Mumble Rap

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Milmiskew : This shows how much dedication Ryan Higa puts into his stuff. He almost had to change his pants. Just for us.

Dallasmed65 : Next big rapper: Lil Original

Thermophobe : this ain't mumble rap! i can actually understand what they are saying

ErNeStgames6 : The worst part is it actually sound like a modern rap song

narunwat kawasan : Even parody was more lyrical than mumble rap

MOHAMMAD HOSSAIN : Ryan higa the first human being ever to auto tune a fart Respect

SneakerTalk : Still better than 90% of today's rap. Now I want grapes.

Max Faleyev : U gotta admit tho the "?" part was kinda fire 5:41

John Liu : Who’s here after Kamikaze and Killshot? Edit: and venom More edit: and anything I missed

Wolf_Harry : 5:41 (this is what he says) -_- : *i just worked this crap with my cardioo (woo, yeah ok) ice i dont forget to cut up all cut up, i dee bee de bad wini, let em make out in ma city, all u guys o keep sayin to open the door and i rather be tripy* ---- think thats it

DustierLawery2 : Still better than Rap Devil

dat calculation tho : Oh Ryan you're so much better than all the mumblers out there!

R -Tik : here after eminem destroyed the mumble industry.

The Crims Bebynho : Still 100 times better than all those LIL shits ....

Michal Studeny : This is much better than any lil pump "song"😂😂

Yulema Nunez : This sounds better then the real mumble rap lol

Nicky Nada : Come on now.. They actually made a banger lol.

Kordor Marwein : Actually eminem didn't need to say anything these guys destroyed mumble rappers. Who agrees?

Abdelmounim ZAki : the autotuned fart sounded better than all mumble rappers combined

Avish singh : I'd rather be 80 year old me then 20year old U Ops wrong song😝😂😂

wancheedale : I really can't understand how mumble rap is a rap.. I mean, all they do is repeating the words.. I could understand if they'd call it Rep rather than Rap..

Bruno'sBaBySquirrel : Here in the Netherlands we have a 'rapper' with the stage name 'lil kleine' which literally translates to 'little little'... That is the intellectual creativity level we are working with.

Sánchez Boy : So accurate this video is. I hate mumble rap because whatever they are saying are meaningless.

Storm Gaming Montages : 4:21 Selling the finest replay button in the comment section :D

NX H17 : XXXTentacion is not a mumble rapper!

Binghai C : Thats why we love Eminem!

SpartanHunter-720 : His name could be *LIL NIGA* 😂😂 Right?

DminorEPICdude : So, fingerbang chicken wang MGK Iggy Zae Lil Pump Lil Xan imitate Lil Wayne I should aim at everybody in the game Pick a name

Rhaenyas Phoenix : This wasn't mumble rap. This had way more rhythm, flow and words than actual mumble rap.

Lyyd Lyyd : “Auto tuned fart” 😂

Dante Myers : Wow this basically is modern rap


Mritsa : Should've collabed with Eminem 😂😂

Jayvee : to be honest,the music was awesome.

Sumukh : After this im gonna wanna listen something Eminem

MinaTGB : 5:41 looking at the video lyrics made me dead😂

Young Oorah : Rich Higa

justbearsteppinup : I die at 5:42 😂

SosaltySereezy : *and just like that folks* The grape legend is born

Mahoneywj : Am i the only one that thinks 6:00 is actually kinda sick.

Jacob Daniel : Don’t make jokes about xxxtentacion he is dead now😢😢😢😢😢

Jason and a Camera : _(autotuned fart)_

Gelax - Games & More : He said it rightly *extincion* R.I.P X

ShrekTheGod1234 : Your missing the 4 things that make mumble rap rap 1. Money 2. Drugs 3. Cars 4. Hoes

God : this legit sounds like a mumble rap that I would hear on the radio

John Carlo Ol'CAt Lacadin : much more satisfying if you made a bubble wrap

Imran Osman : As dumb as it sounds he makes it so good

30 SUBCRIBERS WITH NO VIDEOS CHALLENGE ! : Here before 10mil views!

Grape Sauce : Better than half the mumble rap songs out atm

Gaming With Heroman44 : These grapes look so good