A Prank Time - [JaimeR]

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RubberNinja : Dude! Thet trippy effects animation is next level.. When your characters becoming effects animation is that still supposed to be character animation? Or is it character effects animation? I wonder. Amazing job.

Prestige Clips : Adult Swim notice him plz

J'Von : this is a perfect example of skill utilized. seems all the other great indie animators only make parody vids

Salt Burn : imagine if aliens found our internet and this was the first thing they see

Nerinei : You animations are so smooth and perfect! Why are you not more popular?

Aquarius : Put the playback speed at 0.25x at 1:18. When the kid hit the ground he made a horse or donkey figure. 🐎🐴

Mikaël Barker : 1:31 behind the kid, who saw it ?!

SirMikeys : An example of an extraordinarily talented artist with a sick imagination...

Kingpingamer : just a prank bro

Crazy Boris Productions : Never pull pranks in Silent Hill.

RavengerX1 : This is the most horrifyingly satisfying thing I've watched in a long time.

MrJenkins : holy shit you must be an anatomy god. i couldnt imagine making this. ive added this one to my favorites good job.

DonkeyFilms : I have witnessed some shit that I could've lived without seeing.

SadisticPotato : Don't stop animating you've got a gift man :3

Limey Lassen : This might be the best animation of all time

XerxesTexasToast : I love how the old man's freakout starts out hilarious and then slowly becomes more and more disturbing.

Anodos Arcade : I've seen a lot of animation, and this is the best I've seen a long time. good work

Urist McTubedwarf : just another day in the shoggoth family.

ablalex : You should put watermarks on your work. Someone is gonna steal this and put in on facebook for sure.

Andy Zagorski : didnt want to go to sleep anyways

Co weetie : most animators do whatever it takes to stretch frames. This is the exact opposite.

Janlee Gadut : 0:48 did the female bird die

Jon Smith : Is this what hell looks like?

simplyaregularguy131 : Will there be more of this? It's awesome!

Akim Productions. : this.... is ehh...... disturbing

眩暈夢 : "Commission me today". God Speed, JameR....

oh_it's_matt : If you improved the sound on the voices and sound effects, you'd have the ultimate demented animation.

SIR The Artist : This is a towering work of genius. Thank you for making and sharing this amazing animation.

Yaakov Weinstein : saw this at Sweaty Eyeballs animation festival and almost died

Kash Akinsade : I'm so glad to discover this at 3 in the morning, this dream about to be sweet!

Jacob Arevalio : Dude this is really good.my only problem is the audio.keep up the good work!

MrtumabigxD : Amazing! Congrats man, great work. This was absolutely one of the most creative, imaginative, artistic, mind blowing drawings and animations i've ever seen, if not the greatest! Subscribed, keep up man!

radarluv : 0:13 look at the mirror at 0.25 you can see a face

Facundo Raffaele : Sin duda es el video mas exitante que vi en mi vida, nunca me clave tantas pajas con un solo video porno

Starb1ade : reminds me of hayo miyasaki only in satan form.

Ignacio Weil : Sir, in all my years on youtube, I have never post a comment. This will be my first time, and just to say: You are awesome, and your animation is absurdly great. Please, keep doing stuff like this

JonnyEthco : This is some of the most fucked up frame by frame stuff I've ever seen. Amazing work!

Mariano Fliri : I can't believe how incredible this is

Damian Shagrath : Thanks 9gag. u da real mvp!

gribchik : окей я здесь среди инностранцев?

lyric jam : Well thats one way to express pain

DotaMaster1994 : WOW, just WOW! I can't describe this animation with words, they are too inferior. This is the best thing I've ever seen in my entire life. WOW.

jane xyz : I loved every second of this

Maël Abobi : It really seems like you took a lot of inspiration from Akira. Am I wrong ?

Cat God : And that's where babies come from, Jimmy.

Auralnauts : I wish someone would prank ME so I could become a master of time and space. This is inspired, thank you.

Dragon Kick : It's like a studio Ghibli version of Baman and Piderman

roomshaped : This is awesome stuff.  Well drawn, well animated, and just the right blend of weird and funny.  I dig your sense of humor, I am now gonna spend a while seeing what else you've made, because this is the first one I've seen. Love it. :D

JIM0[GD] 13 : A mí si me gustó, pero TODO se Mira MUY EXTRAÑO 😐

memz : S3RL Bring me here