Best Workaholics opening ever

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Matt Bright : Anyone else bothered by the fact that Adam takes off his headset and then it magically reappears on his head in the next shot then he takes it off again? Continuity much? Those editors better check *their* hypotenuses haha

Reyyan Açıkgöz : Also this opening probably has the best line of the show. "Those scientists better check their hypotenuses dude" Best pun award goes to "Bitch better have my honey" By the way thanks for putting the intro at the end, appreciate it.

Arteko 149311 : Why was this uploaded in 2011 but everyone’s comments are so recent

Ason Unique : you guys ready to get weird tonight or whaaaaaat

D Man : This ain’t Seinfeld, I don’t just “pop” in!

Lance Buttercream : Montez with his smug grin is the funniest shit.

LegitimateKill : Furrrrr suureeeee

Andrea Guzmán : Blake anderson is awesome hahahaha Adam throwing up😂😂

John Me : i remember this one.that pencil sharpener is fukin fantastic. meow. haha

Jesse93z : Dont watch any episodes after season 1. They all fail to reach half the quality of these first episodes. Treat it like a one off.

chuckyko : "Those scientists better check their hypotenuses, dude!" Well said, Adam, well said.

Christopher Miller : The way he said “mail” .... hahaha

diego as : Motherfuckers

Flex : chalk

BluesNBrews : we need a live action beavis and butthead movie. Adam is butthead, blake is beavis

Tomatoo : American comedy everybody

Mavidyatunes : What a stupid normie show that doesnt despict real life properly lmao, glad I never watched it when it was new. Lazy stoner culture meets working straight-edge teen-young adult show.

Dario Hall : its 2019 and i still use this line

mylesfinch : Ooouuhh I'm barfing right now

dwd ded : In the beginning Adam takes off his headset , and then it's magically back off

0000 : This was the first episode I saw I still remember when it came out 2011 time flys 😳

Zintendo : Gold!

JoeGamer81 : It's crazsy to think this show is 30 years old now.