The Flextrek Whipsnake

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dopatwo : genius

Hemang Chauhan : Death Stranding (2019)


woahkudros : 30% of each purchase goes towards fixing Steve Climber's horrific posture.

Ladderadder Mcglitternips : pretty sure this guy invaded me in dark souls once

Noah R : I feel like I am watching the alternate reality tv in Rick and Morty.

princez413 : I'm no Steve Climber, but Steve Climber is.

Grey : This is high comedy, and I don't mean stoned. well maybe I do. either way, give these guys $ for more videos!

Do you even Rift : i want to have this shown on my funeral

ChooseCarefully : No more commando, I am going Le Crevasse!

dacrunch : I need to get one of these to slap a giraffe in the face. Smug bastards need to be put in their place.

JoeCubicle : I'm crying and just laugh-choked.

MechaBlaze : Patrick Star is trying to sell me a backpack!

Dennis Kelley : Where can I buy this, seriously?

cc Ohh : It offends me that it takes over 4 years for this video to get a little over 300,000 views but the most unoriginal videos like Youtubers React, Smosh or Pretty much every other hipster taking over youtube get like a million view I a week

Bailey Sutherland : It sounds like Patrick Star with an extra 21st chromosome

a cop who is also a dog : This is the best video currently on the internet. I honestly believe this.

Merz Bois : I haven't cried in a long time.

Brandon H : Why is jesse ventura narrorating?

Dave Warren : There are very few videos better than this. Very, very few.

Beach Goth Gay : Interdimensional TV has a somewhat improvisational feel to it

Ryan S : "Humiliate the terrain!"

Puppet : Death Stranding DLC

btron1234 : this doesn't look very practical, it would be impossible to manoeuvre in thick brush or forest situation.

Brandon Clark : reddit is an odd thing

Jesus Gonzalez : dude nice quick respawn after the cliff falls

Justin Hodge : Patrick?

ChristmasLights : Is this new Death Stranding gameplay footage?

Andrew Muse : Can you send me the Whipsnake logo? I had a buddy dump it off a sled and totally whipsnaked. I need it for an edit lol

TheLastSliceOfPie : Is that Justin Roiland doing voicework in this video?

MrJimboABC : Is this death stranding?

S3CR3TL3V3LZ : But does it come in Multicam? or Cryptek? I need to stay low profile.

TheMasda : oOo...I think I peed a little xD

Andrew Blessington : Is Macho Man Randy Savage the narrator?

FlyingOverTr0ut : Are you a genius? How did you do this?

Grey : Oh wow, you got Steve on video! He is a hiking legend. Lore goes a rattlesnake bite Steve while hiking......after three long days of pain and agony.....that snake finally died.

Hugh Llewellyn : Humiliate the terrain! Wahahaha. I'm cryin'.

ShowToddSomeLove : Black geyser was my nickname in high school. Because black guys're always beating me up, black guys're always stealing my lunch money.

pokyme : They need to put this in DayZ

Matthew Walsh : is that Justin Roiland?

felixlamour : I love the krautrock feeling of the soundtrack. What's the name of the song?

Luke Newkirk : This is eerily reminiscent of something you'd see on Rick and Morty. Also is it just me or does the narrator sound a lot like Markiplier.

SeaNNy T : My erection for such amazing gear is almost as big as that pack

Michael Toll : I always wear Archwood backpacks, whether its the Sass Flex - Day Pack Eazee Breez Edition, or the classic, Black Geyser.  The Flextrek 37,000,000,000,000 Whipsnake Edition is Archwood's most responsive pack yet! With its space age "Responso-Flex" technology, developed by Nasa Scientists ESPECIALLY for Archwood... And its PVC and trash bags! HAHAHA

Lost Soul : So how come nobody peeped that that's Patrick Star speaking? 0_o Huh!?



CatsArePurpleToo : "You're no Steve Climber, but Steve Climber is."

ROBLOX Nation : Whats the average amount of dead bodies The Flextrek Whipsnake 37,000,000,000,000 Whipsnake Edition! hold?

Tschimmi Cash : love it! btw: where can i get the soundtrack?