The Flextrek Whipsnake

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Hemang Chauhan : Death Stranding (2019)

FlyingOverTr0ut : Are you a genius? How did you do this?

Noah R : I feel like I am watching the alternate reality tv in Rick and Morty.

Ladderadder Mcglitternips : pretty sure this guy invaded me in dark souls once

princez413 : I'm no Steve Climber, but Steve Climber is.

woahkudros : 30% of each purchase goes towards fixing Steve Climber's horrific posture.

MechaBlaze : Patrick Star is trying to sell me a backpack!

ChooseCarefully : No more commando, I am going Le Crevasse!

Ryan S : "Humiliate the terrain!"

dacrunch : I need to get one of these to slap a giraffe in the face. Smug bastards need to be put in their place.


Grey : This is high comedy, and I don't mean stoned. well maybe I do. either way, give these guys $ for more videos!

cc Ohh : It offends me that it takes over 4 years for this video to get a little over 300,000 views but the most unoriginal videos like Youtubers React, Smosh or Pretty much every other hipster taking over youtube get like a million view I a week

Dave Warren : There are very few videos better than this. Very, very few.

Merz Bois : I haven't cried in a long time.

dopatwo : genius

John Heck : I feel like this video sums up every REI email I get. Just curious but where was this filmed? Assuming this is somewhere in AZ.. doesn't look like south mountain?

blkcpdconure : I like how Steve Climber demonstrates the proper technique of falling off cliffs. Everyone that hikes near cliffs need a Whipsnake and French Wedge. To go without is too dangerous!

Brandon H : Why is jesse ventura narrorating?

Bailey Sutherland : It sounds like Patrick Star with an extra 21st chromosome

Beach Goth Gay : Interdimensional TV has a somewhat improvisational feel to it

ChristmasLights : Is this new Death Stranding gameplay footage?

Do you even Rift : i want to have this shown on my funeral

JoeCubicle : I'm crying and just laugh-choked.

Adam : taking this pack on my Appalachian trail thru hike next year

MrJimboABC : Is this death stranding?

zonedandy : i thought the only thing patrick would try to sell me is chocolate.

Dan Nord : _i wear my 'le crevasse' on mars_ 👽

Grey : Oh wow, you got Steve on video! He is a hiking legend. Lore goes a rattlesnake bite Steve while hiking......after three long days of pain and agony.....that snake finally died.

Justin Hodge : Patrick?

Nathaniel Leeman : Omg this the funniest video i had ever seen

Dennis Kelley : Where can I buy this, seriously?

btron1234 : this doesn't look very practical, it would be impossible to manoeuvre in thick brush or forest situation.

Bax :

Jesus Gonzalez : dude nice quick respawn after the cliff falls

Michael Toll : I always wear Archwood backpacks, whether its the Sass Flex - Day Pack Eazee Breez Edition, or the classic, Black Geyser.  The Flextrek 37,000,000,000,000 Whipsnake Edition is Archwood's most responsive pack yet! With its space age "Responso-Flex" technology, developed by Nasa Scientists ESPECIALLY for Archwood... And its PVC and trash bags! HAHAHA

a cop who is also a dog : This is the best video currently on the internet. I honestly believe this.

Patrick Randall : This took some effort. So ridiculously hilarious! Even the "You don't let people tell you what to do and thats why you always buy the Archwood Flextreck 37T Hhhhwhipsnake!" The whole thing is genius.

Gerndel Wood : Saw this video a while ago and forgot what it was called. So happy I finally found it again. Thank you Steve climber

Puppet : Death Stranding DLC

S3CR3TL3V3LZ : But does it come in Multicam? or Cryptek? I need to stay low profile.

Kevin Kuo : Dad & Sons brought me here

Hugh Llewellyn : Humiliate the terrain! Wahahaha. I'm cryin'.

TheMausymaus : Okay, Patrick Star.

Dogurasu : I don't go anywhere without my whip snake but I keep it in my pants.


Tschimmi Cash : love it! btw: where can i get the soundtrack?


TheLastSliceOfPie : Is that Justin Roiland doing voicework in this video?

TheMasda : oOo...I think I peed a little xD