Justice League: The Animated Series | Opening Theme | 1080p 【HD】 Bluray :)

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SDG Danny : Everyone who grew up with this can probably agree that our lives wouldn't be the same without this Justice League

MichaelNicle : would anyone be up to a petition on having this song in the justice league live action movie in 2017 ?

Nerd Soup : The creators and writers of this show should run the DCEU. They know how to balance the personalities and relationships of these characters perfectly, rather than just turning every character into Batman. Zack Synder could learn a lot from this show.

Aegis Reflector : is so nostalgic, that it warms the heart..... :,)

Erik Lehnsherr : Remember when these were the elite superhero team and the Avengers were fucking nobodies.

Ella Kelso : Who else agrees that this is one of the best theme songs ever?!

VorchaVideos : All stand for the national anthem...

Gts Productions : Who else came here after the first trailer of Justice League?

Slade Wilson : marvel = best live action movies dc = best animations

Superman Ross : This theme is for every DC fan

TheoKabala89 : So majestic and mythical.

Masterchief : if only DC movies achieved this level of...perfection.

Mr Zilla : I don't care that the CGI has aged like milk, this intro is awesome.

max playne : If they use these theme on Justice League movie I would literary cry in the theater..

GT M : Even now, this theme song still gives me the chills when I listen to it.

tjallobascon : This should be the opening song of the Olympics

Justice Productions : Justice has 7 letters it also has 7 heroes

Pedro Valim : Best Part of that theme - 0:24 at 0:37. Man, i like that part.

m p : F*** You WB !!, this theme song alone give me goosebumps, and you guys can't make a half decent movie out of this!!! These characters deserve more than the mediocre content we are getting right now

Ace's High : I hope Im not the only one who raped the Repeat button

Jose Fernandez : I want Snyder to use this for Justice League

Duck : the intro gets you into heroic mood

Bobi200 Samatar : Marvel rocks movies. DC rocks tv shows.

Noah : An entire childhood in 60 seconds.

MisterBatfleck : How about using the first 20 seconds of this as the TEASER for the movie?

skillisgillis : they should remake this and use it as the theme for the new movie

Alfredo Hidalgo : This 1:00 minute track fucked the entire Danny Elfman's Justice League soundtrack... just saying...

Daniel Escobar : avengers who?

Kettz : This show has such great writing.

Theo Gepeto : I used this as a wake-up alarm for some time. Gave me unlimited power.

simonster -909 : 0:08 - 0:20 The original Dawn of Justice

Nate Shanks : Danny Elfman better have this theme in the Justice League movie or I will riot!

Soundwave 84 : This brings me so much nostalgia I love this show!!!!!!!

alexis lopez : I love marvel movies but dc has alot more better cartoon shows and movies

Chad Holzhuter : I'm hearing rumors that Junkie XL is going to incorporate this theme in the Justice League score!!!

Hub Pie : Even though I'm more of a Marvel guy than a DC guy, I owe this show for introducing me to the superhero genre, and to this day, it's one of my most cherished shows. :)

RevanAlaire : I'm tired of Batman fanboys. There's a reason why Superman and not Batman is in the middle of the formation.

Heather Bragg Bragg : Justice league/unlimited, teen titans and the batman was my childhood.

Hero Yui : Someone make a petition to make this the Justice League part 1 theme! please! please! please! I would really cry if I hear this on theaters!

ThePrehistoricMaster : Manly tears incoming (ಥ_ಥ)

JB Tiamson : If DCTV use this theme next week then RIP to the DCEU. lol

Hans H.S. : I can feel the justice!

Darell H : I hope the theme song to the Justice league film (2017) is similar to this and not the unlimited version.

astro_viking 7734 : This theme is so awesome, infinite times better than unlimited version

Manga Girl : Is it just me or does DC seem to do better in cartoons than Marvel?

SHUBHAM MARAVI : this is so much better than the Danny Elfman Fucking music.

Soul Mahajan : When I was 11 This show and Batman TAS, Superman TAS and DRagon Ballz were my life and soul. This show was for kids but adults could also enjoy it, but Nowadays, we got Ben10 and ripoffs

Sreyas Sushil : How awesome would it have been if these 7 members were cast in the justice league movie !

Farzaan Ali : Who came here from the Justice League movie trailer? This is still better

tadwyn : This show, Batman TAS and Superman TAS  were the best. They could keep the younger crowd watching but had very well thought out plots that were better than most live action tv.