Stealing SpaghettiOs

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The Kilo 23 Group : Dude your gas station is like the most robbed in America lol

paperwaitforittowel : I bet I look like a thief when I’m genuinely trying to figure out what candy bar I want

World Documentaries : This Channel is great 😎 it's worse than an arrest haha, there humiliated for life 🤣 Also love the commentry, Great job guys


Harvey Marvey : you make me nervous when I got into stores now. I instinctively look up at the counter when I walk in and think "Shit!"

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : This is the channel that you really like but you always completely forget about them until they upload a video

Bauks : I'm sorry at this point that is no longer coffee. It's french vanilla with coffee in it.

RiskItBiscuit C : That poor bag of peanuts, it got separated from its friends by a stupid thief.

2LiterJay ForTheReal World-Wide HoodStar : *He’s tweaking, his eyes are wayyyyyyy to big!*

AZSP1966 : Spaghetti O's because nobody wants to admit they ate 9 cans of Ravioli.

GlitchMod : Shoulda stole Ravioli Ravioli right into the pocketoli

SO SALTY : The dude didn't even get to pump his paid gas, traded it for a can of spagettiO's and Gatorade lmao. It's a win.

Chasity : U can buy spaghetti Os at the dollarstore 2 for a $1. Geez

3RDi NoMaD : I feel like this is what cashiers think when I go in the store. Even tho I’m not stealing anything.

Lord Krythic : That dude straight added Coffee to his French Vanilla.

Slash Le Pew : 7:18 that picture could win awards! His expression and that guy lurking out of the window is just perfect XD

Mike : U know deez boys spending all their money on meth or crack with those faces

Aidan O : Now to steal a microwave to cook it...

Kitty Girl Krista : 7:13 maybe if I hit the car he will stop

Cash Money : Damn jerma really let himself go after tf2

urmaker : Would you like some coffee with your french vanilla creamer, sir? "No. But I would like some speghettiOs.".

Vincent Van Bro : He's drinking French Vanilla with a lil bit of Coffee added for flavor lmao

Jameson Bornholdt : He has an oompa loompa as his getaway driver

ArtOfFalconry : You can always spot a crackhead by the way they make their coffee. More crramers and sugars = more crack smoked in life


Chilly : I'm liking these longer videos!! Please do more like this! 2-3 mins just isn't enough :/

Xtreme Haggard : Having IBS, and lactose intolerance This made me sick... haha

Joker Cub : Hugh Jackman really let himself go.

10,000 subscribers with no video : She gooone

Far-Out Films : I'm completely convinced that it is IMPOSSIBLE to steal from this guy

MEN 101 : Those spaghettios and Gatorade were never seen ever again.

Arcorange : So he fumbles with the gatorade putting it into his pocket, it's a giant bulge in his pocket and then he's walking differently with it in his pocket. I've never seen someone so determined yet so stupid.

Christopher Leung : Where is my thiefeball at?!?! Gotta catch them all! Thiefemon! 😂😂😂😂

fortnite : Hey ayen

Robert P : Now this thief I actually kind of feel bad for. He's obviously made some bad decisions but you have to be pretty desperate to steal a can of SpaghettiOs. Plus he just looks horrible. I'm guessing he's addicted to something and is pretty near rock bottom. If I was the clerk of the store I would have had a little talk with him and maybe even buy him a sandwich, who knows what a random act of kindness might have done for someone like him. Your videos get thousands of views because you expose thieves. They would get millions of views if you also tried to help them. I hope the person who posts these videos learns how to be a little more empathetic.

Ricardo IV : 🤔He must of thought pouring all that french vanilla would make him appear as a french guy on camera. 🙃

Swan 1000 : Lol I wish u could do commentary on more gas stations.

follow boylandon05 on instagram : There not fake even if they where it's still funny as balls

Kelly Smith : Guy looks like a hungry drug addict

YoMoMz : spider web elbow tattoo is a clear sign of a spaghetti O fanboy

Zak Van Tuyl : Having a side of coffee with his French vanilla

yarisazam : You know something similar happened to me. When I was little I stole some Yugioh cards and felt guilty about it ended up confessing to my parents and got an ass whopping I would never forget... -The End

juslivin3 : dude is twacked

SLAY 503 : 🤔I'm starting to think these might be reenactments or you got the shittiest luck! 😂🤣

Justin Raber : Is he drinking coffee or French vanilla

MetaMozz : I realized how heavily armored with cameras this gas station is

Mileena M : Wait, do you ever think people are stealing shit while you’re outside confronting the thief!!?

Rick Sanchez Jr. : Dude at the end looked so shook lmfao xD

alexis stacy : 6:49 oh u know he's on crack by that face 😂

Doomreb : Don't let this video distract you from the man hanging from the little debbie sign at 4:29 like he's michael jordan or something