"Baby Its Cold Outside" - Zach & Donald Holiday Video

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Sir Sebastian : I'm SO HAPPY they're friends in real life.

NegraMonroe : Go Brown bear and Vanilla bear! :)

Melanie Dewson : Am I the only one that's disappointed that Zach isn't holding an Appletini?

Taz Ketchum : How has this existed for so long without me knowing about it?

Emilia Hartman : "for real dawg your lips look delicious" I'm dying

T luv : They need their own tv show together

suckmysilencer747 : I play this every christmas now. God I miss scrubs.

Matt J. Dylan : Still a better love story than twilight and... let's be honest... better than every love story out there ever!

Noah Abbe : Zach should have had an appletini in his hand!

akSam Tash : can't believe it's been over 14 years since we first saw them on Scrubs :P need a Scrubs movie :D


B Bones : This video is my Christmas tradition

►What r U Waiting◄ ☺◘♪☼ : i don't know what it is but Donald has it.

Danny Hulliung : I don't remember this part of ""My Musical"

Louisa Ou : Slay me, I had no idea this existed, I am so ashamed.

biggingeryeti : 2016 and I only just found this. 5 years of my life have been empty.

Mawlay مولاي : JD and TURK are the best !! I wish i had a friend as JD and TURK..

shortylickens69 : Best Bromance EVER!

aoife : How am I only seeing this now

BenderUnit22x : The only way to seduce Zach Braff is with an appletini

froschi3b : You should totally make a youtube channel

HypertronDE : What are they doing at Franklins house ?

Carly Gardner : I subscribed to this channel in case there's a Christmas miracle and another video comes out

Gary Furash : Thank you so much. I feel very happy.

drsteinke1 : JD and Turk forever!!! I love that they are besties in real life!! <3

C R U N C H : Guys come on its only guy love, that's all it is

Alex Louise : I love that it isn't cold outside..

Granjero Urbano : Greatest bromance of all times

flootzavut : Donald's last booooooo cracked me up

Abigale Judd : DJ and Terk 4ever!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Chocolate bear, cinnamon bear, vanilla bear!!!☺️☺️

Falloutboy : Best bromance since Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen :D

Aubry Anthony : Let's face the fact about me and you...

Gokuflex : This is amazing

Morgan Carr : I'm crying; this is gold!

Nino Cruz : EAAAAAAAAAGLE! YES ! JD AND TURK! Brown Bear and Vanilla Bear !

annieemarriee : Guy Love! :D

nelindada314 : Can you please make an updated 2013 Holiday video! Please and thank you!!!

charlesgnarly : I just watched a porn filmed at that house

Sebastian Mayer : This has become a yearly tradition for me by now.

Kristen Skinner : What?? How did I not know of this sooner???

Raffaele Fiorillo : Is that an Appletini ?

shruticute : I am sorry I was living under a rock/just born yesterday. This is giving me life.

akateb71489 : I don't even see Zach and Donald. It's JD and Turk forever!

varsidust : Who else came from Imgur?

Tiffany Kyser : Imgur brought me here

TM2 Gaming : I just saw this today and thought it was a new video, not 4 freaking years old!

Project Playground : Amazing

Kyubo7 : they got more then 13k subs only by this vid ^^

Agata Koźbiał : <3 <3 IT'S GUY LOVE! <3 <3

stupendousmagician : I come back to this video every year around Christmas since I found it. nothing sets the holiday mood like this