The Sick Car Show Review

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Ben Thackray : these show reviews are pure quality

Victoria Morrison : Please review me next.

Rosechu Chan : Honestly just found this channel today and and binged all your videos. I'm howling at them. You content is so funny 🤣

David Harwin : All those old BMW's bonnets open that way as standard.

Sysadmin Syndicate : I think we would be best m8s. Love your channel and the way you carry yourself. Cheers from Canada

Travis Power : best reviews on youtube bud. Good on you champ.

Nash Cam : Your are going to be huge soon! So funny videos! Just as long as the right people se them and you’ll be rich! So... Italian super bike on the deck of your boat or a Ferrari?

Just Elle : ‘Oooops forget the bonnet’ hahahahaha

Oliver Phillips : Sick Opium Lord shirt.

kent kendall : Nat hope ya got ya bag back? you left it at the start of the video on the fountain thing bro.

David Harwin : Love your content by the way, very dry.

em-pathy : Was this uploaded previously and then reuploaded a week ago?

Vince Elliott : Respect from West London. Crack me up like mad.

Danielle Sulbury - Vlogs : 🚘🔫

didyoubringyourgrogalong imonaroleragay : Bluddy classic

SideshowSandy : I love your accent (and the content of your videos of course!). I like watching you (not in a creepy way.. Or well.. Maybe. 😎)

Nikita : I need farken more, says the Swedish guy.

Theo Tzannis : What the name of that song??