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Crackmacs : this is a nice video by a nice young man

Manuel Catz : Neil would be proud... I hope

TickleMeSenpai : This is art.

AlwaysGonnaSing : The 'piano playing' is killing me omfg

Matt Crisp : quick someone sign this gentleman.

Spencer Holley : A+ This is just terrific.

BlueAux : And thus, a star was born.

Robert O'Connor : You are my new hero.

EoThorne : Perry, give this kid an A for awesomesauce.

Samuel the Big Fetus : Underrated video.

hazardouscube08 : it feels like those overly edited aesthetic videos but with out the aesthetic part.

EVD39 : Outstanding

TheKpow : Perfection.

nonames000 : this

NovaXWhiteboy Gaming : This deserves more views...

Joe Ross Productions : Hope this won't get blocked

Spenundrum : May all of your wildest dreams come true.

spacebears : wot school

Joe Ross Productions : Hope this won't get blocked