Batman '89 - (JOKER Teaser Trailer Style)

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The teaser trailer for this year’s Joaquin Phoenix 'JOKER' film was as stunning as you’d expect. The obvious thing for me to do was creating a mash-up in its honour, presented before you, the great viewers! What better way to do it than diving back to one of the most stupendous years in history, 1989, and reminding you all of Jack Nicholson’s dynamite performance, in what still remains one of my favourite movies of all time; 'Batman'. Enjoy Epicness! HD Clips- ‪‬ Instagram- ‪‬ Google+ ‪‬ Lego Star Wars- ‪‬ IMDb Official Account- ‪‬ Subscribe NOW to EMC for weekly content...! Epic weekly content to be precise..!


Reggie714 : Damn that was good. I was thinking Nicholson in the Shining could be used as him pre joker

Driscoll Danders : 1:33 Rewind! Unbelievable stuff man 🔥 🤡

Driscoll Danders : By far some of your BEST work, and that’s saying something man!

Epic Movie Compilations : "If You'll Just Smile . . . ."

Luke Ornilia : Wow, I still don’t understand how you do this 👏👏 Awesome is an understatement.

Davorin Lonac : I actually expected you’d do this, and you DIDN’T disappoint! Amazingly beautiful.

CineVore : 1:33 Goosebumps.. This is perfect, as always 💟 I've made one with A Clockwork Orange If you want to see !

William Speed : Great use of music/sound effects. Seemingly seamless work.

motor4X4kombat : -what do you want? -my face in the dollar bill. 🤡

Rachel Charron : duuuude, this deserves so many more views, great work!

Xxx NRK1NG xxX : Please make more of these. These are soo amazing! And I'm going to subscribe!!!

Juan Diaz : I have a request If you can make a joker style trailer of Batman, why can’t you make a style trailer of MLP the movie? Try using joker style

Vandal42 : Great ! But the joker cosmetic commercial in the 89' movie has some of the lines used in the new 19' movie. Nicholson says "Put on a happy Face! Haha!!"

Odd Apprentice : _This town needs an enema._

Riza Muhammad : The 90's Joker set perfectly fit with this batman trailer 👍🏻👍🏻

Liam Martin : Do one for John doe from batman telltale

Joe Kerr : This is fantastic

Art Mienz : That was actually pretty good, I haven't been into this character in a long time, I like all interpretations of the Clown Prince of Crime. Now let's see Heath's Joker on this style. 🃏

MAY THE PULP BE WITH YOU : Well done! You've made me want to actually watch the Burton Batman for the first time in years.

carlitos puruncajas : Do a trailer based on Jared Leto’s Joker performance

SirTyJensen : Cool trailer man, I tweeted it. I recently revisited Batman '89 and yes I'm excited for Joker.

Mr. Krepshus : Great job

Luis Gutierrez : Amazing this joker of nicholson with that music give me chills well done as always 😎 😎 😎

Jeffrey Williams : 1:45 Best part.

SFC: Irish boys : Dammit! I was gonna do it

CSF Studios : good job

Reed Birmingham : This would be a good movie

avengers for life : I miss Jack Nicholson as an actor truly one of the most iconic jokers of all time

Isaac : This is reallyyy good

Xxx NRK1NG xxX : Please make the dark Knight joker one of these

jonathon zapantis : Trash