Shaquille O'Neal: The Biggest Man in Advertising (Full Segment) | Real Sports w/ Bryant Gumbel | HBO

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oldnbaschool : When Kobe was studying tapes before the games, Shaq was studying commercials.

Ross Best : Shaqs done well for himself.

Mixamaka : He's smarter than most people think. He is funny because he knows that's how you make money

KAG1216 : I smiled for 12 minutes and 15 seconds. Thanks Shaq!

YANNICK KALUKUTA : Barkley killed me when he said "when he get fifty, he's gonna be bigger than this room"🤣🤣🤣😂

alwaysbusiness4 : The people who gave this thumbs down are not happy people with themselves and with their lives, Poor bastards, it doesn't cost anything to smile 😁

Dean Merrill : Happy people are successful people. Shaq is successful because he is genuinely a happy man.

tom thumb : shaq is going to be a billionaire in my lifetime. I like this timeline.

John Renaud : he is the new George Foreman...same character. better contracts.

AmericanGiant100 : Shaq seems to be a great guy. I always felt he is someone i would quicker go to a golf outing or dinner than even MJ or Lebron. Happy he is doing well post NBA.

B Amadasun : Inspiring! Great to see a man, especially a black man, get ahead in life!

z h : shaquille's always been a class act. nobody deserves the success more than him.

RANT OF TOYMAN : Ioved Shaq 10 mins ago, but I love him more now.

EL Chapo : Shaq ones called the Kings the Sacramento Queens.. Now, he's part owner.

Javier I. Sampedro : Such a great character in and out the court. Smiles pays off :)

Heat1up : What's crazy is, as big as shaq is he is not threatening at all.

Angela G M : Great story

ProjectDystopia : Shaq persuaded Bernard to pinch his stomach and to try on Shaq's glasses with a cool pose; Shaq does those Jedi Mind Tricks with

Modfather 3 : I just got a cavity watching that donut go through all that sugar lol

SuperRobertoClemente : The whole segment should be about those affordable shoes. It's such an important gesture (shout out to Starbury too!)

alwaysbusiness4 : Shaq is basically showing us that life is good no matter what, life is good, and with a smile it's the best thing in the world 🏀

Dominik No : He can thank the Lord Almighty he has a parents who thought him GOOD!

Junito Punto Comm : Happy for Him...too many athletes going broke...ask Iverson !! 😩

alwaysbusiness4 : And to add to his accomplishments he now has a doctorate degree

Louis Hall Jr : Shaq has always been ready for the camera's. I remember him rapping and dancing on the 10 o'clock new in San Antonio while a senior at Cole High School in SA.

Dorothy Mays-Pitts : Shaquille is one of the kindest and happiest person one can ever meet he is a child wrapped up in a 7 feet frame people like that. DPitts

Marcos Orozco : Was not a big fan of Shaq but now I have some new found respect.​ Great job Shaq!!

StraightButGay : Shaq.. we all know u dont fit in a Buick... That is an OBSOLETE endorsement!!!!

Titanium Ovaries : I’m just a poor old white woman....who loves Shaq!

jay raider : Shaqtastic shaqumentary, infact, i am shaqspired 😎

Jorge Garcia : Shaq is a cool guy very humble so he deserved........

RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles : Everyone laughed at his movie and his rap videos.... Shaq sat back and laughed on the way to the bank! ;^)

Lorri J : Those Krispy Kreme donuts are so delicious. Especially when you get them fresh out of the machine.

Matt Orfalea : 11:25 "I consider myself a juvenile delinquent."


vernon polk : Notice how he asked Shaq, "Americas great isn't it?" like he wasn't born here. Or as if to say blacks are not really Americans. Nice. Forever with they're "code" talk.

IanMaCee : Wtf is the first guy wearing, dressing likes hes in the 1890s.

Chuck Keough : I used to love Shaq, I still love Shaq... but I used to too.

Jeff Porcaro Groove : Most if not all envy this level of success, however there is a just takes one stupid thing out of his mouth or one harassment for this to crumble...that is the discipline needed! He keeps busy to stay out of trouble...surrounds himself with winners...his divorce and women issues motivates him to succeed. Very hard to find a women who doesn't see $$ signs...

rss313 : i wear shaq glasses. we all need a lil shaq with us. good segment

Cleveland Worldwide216 : Shaq is The man

Ken Hall : "he's the one on the right" im so glad they clarified.

david flores : america a great country .. Favors business owners entrepreneurs !!!

Translucent Origin : Keep it up Shaq.

Moe Mike : Did we really need to be told that Shaq was the one on the right? Lmaoo

Fadee Adams : You got to have mad respect for Shaq. He making an empire by being himself , building brands by embracing himself and only working with brands he trust.

Kevin Han : who said when the players retire from the game, they retire from life.

David Dyer : Shaq has a real friggin doctorate in business, it's not just instinct. He knows exactly what he's doing.

Mike jones : I have so much respect for you Shaq!!!

Marques Smith : And after all his success his son Shareef isn't a spoiled rich kid, next year he'll get drafted in the first round to an NBA team.. hard work, no days off, love shaq as a father and everyday person.. hope he becomes a billionaire someday, what a great role model to follow