Shaquille O'Neal: The Biggest Man in Advertising (Full Segment) | Real Sports w/ Bryant Gumbel | HBO

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oldnbaschool : When Kobe was studying tapes before the games, Shaq was studying commercials.

Angela G M : Great story

Kenny P : Shaq ones called the Kings the Sacramento Queens.. Now, he's part owner.

Javier I. Sampedro : Such a great character in and out the court. Smiles pays off :)

KAG1216 : I smiled for 12 minutes and 15 seconds. Thanks Shaq!

AmericanGiant100 : Shaq seems to be a great guy. I always felt he is someone i would quicker go to a golf outing or dinner than even MJ or Lebron. Happy he is doing well post NBA.

Lorri J : Those Krispy Kreme donuts are so delicious. Especially when you get them fresh out of the machine.

YANNICK KALUKUTA : Barkley killed me when he said "when he get fifty, he's gonna be bigger than this room"🤣🤣🤣😂

Dean Merrill : Happy people are successful people. Shaq is successful because he is genuinely a happy man.

Cleveland Worldwide : Shaq is The man

Ross Best : Shaqs done well for himself.

'WOKEN' Matt Hardy : Shaq.. we all know u dont fit in a Buick... That is an OBSOLETE endorsement!!!!

ProjectDystopia : Shaq persuaded Bernard to pinch his stomach and to try on Shaq's glasses with a cool pose; Shaq does those Jedi Mind Tricks with


Chuck Keough : I used to love Shaq, I still love Shaq... but I used to too.

RANT OF TOYMAN : Ioved Shaq 10 mins ago, but I love him more now.

SuperRobertoClemente : The whole segment should be about those affordable shoes. It's such an important gesture (shout out to Starbury too!)

Translucent Origin : Keep it up Shaq.

Mixamaka : He's smarter than most people think. He is funny because he knows that's how you make money

yelistener : Shaq likes to joke about others, but when others make a joke about him, he gets sensitive and probably brings out his "4 rings" argument. Big man has a big ego.

rss313 : i wear shaq glasses. we all need a lil shaq with us. good segment

z h : shaquille's always been a class act. nobody deserves the success more than him.

Marques Smith : And after all his success his son Shareef isn't a spoiled rich kid, next year he'll get drafted in the first round to an NBA team.. hard work, no days off, love shaq as a father and everyday person.. hope he becomes a billionaire someday, what a great role model to follow

Eric Pabon : this was real i like real.

Moe Mike : Did we really need to be told that Shaq was the one on the right? Lmaoo

Marcos Orozco : Was not a big fan of Shaq but now I have some new found respect.​ Great job Shaq!!

Athlete Fitness : What kind of loser would dislike this? I guess there are 20 of’em

Mohammed Haruna : the moral of this is Shaq will do anything for some change.

shomari17 : Shaq is the man

bonparadiso : I want that juicy Shaq meat

SuperHorseman22 : he is grand master of free masons, of course he has money. The free masons are giving him money. He wears a free mason rig. This is a fake news story, a mason for other masons!

jay raider : Shaqtastic shaqumentary, infact, i am shaqspired 😎

david flores : america a great country .. Favors business owners entrepreneurs !!!

Titanium Ovaries : I’m just a poor old white woman....who loves Shaq!

Mike jones : I have so much respect for you Shaq!!!

Titanium Ovaries : I just adore Shaq.

Drunken Master II : So Shaq remember the time his family was middle class by selling shit to that middle class so he can be in the 0.01% himself? What a great guy.

mxpassion17 : shaq making money because he's white people friendly.

TheLifeOfBaha : Genius

Rey Alonsagay : Love this story! Now I wanna have some Krispy Kreme. :)

theburners32141 : I love shaq. Shaq is the man. Real humble too

Dominik No : He can thank the Lord Almighty he has a parents who thought him GOOD!

Heat1up : What's crazy is, as big as shaq is he is not threatening at all.

Nahom Zekarias : I like Shaq he's just Smart in every where nt only in Sports (NBA) even commercials in business good job Shaq

Ugk94 St pistal : Shaq is real. Model

Modfather 3 : I just got a cavity watching that donut go through all that sugar lol

berneita ellis : Shaquille O"neal/ One of the greatest people. He is fantastic

Pineapple Express : He’s smarter then he looks

Jibreel Alhari : Luv shaq attack!

IanLEAU : Thank you, Shaq for helping bring Krispy Kreme donuts to New Zealand! :)