Shaquille O'Neal: The Biggest Man in Advertising (Full Segment) | Real Sports w/ Bryant Gumbel | HBO

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oldnbaschool : When Kobe was studying tapes before the games, Shaq was studying commercials.

Angela G M : Great story

Kenny P : Shaq ones called the Kings the Sacramento Queens.. Now, he's part owner.

Javier I. Sampedro : Such a great character in and out the court. Smiles pays off :)

Lorri J : Those Krispy Kreme donuts are so delicious. Especially when you get them fresh out of the machine.

KAG1216 : I smiled for 12 minutes and 15 seconds. Thanks Shaq!

AmericanGiant100 : Shaq seems to be a great guy. I always felt he is someone i would quicker go to a golf outing or dinner than even MJ or Lebron. Happy he is doing well post NBA.

ProjectDystopia : Shaq persuaded Bernard to pinch his stomach and to try on Shaq's glasses with a cool pose; Shaq does those Jedi Mind Tricks with

'WOKEN' Matt Hardy : Shaq.. we all know u dont fit in a Buick... That is an OBSOLETE endorsement!!!!

YANNICK KALUKUTA : Barkley killed me when he said "when he get fifty, he's gonna be bigger than this room"🤣🤣🤣😂


SuperRobertoClemente : The whole segment should be about those affordable shoes. It's such an important gesture (shout out to Starbury too!)

RANT OF TOYMAN : Ioved Shaq 10 mins ago, but I love him more now.

Translucent Origin : Keep it up Shaq.

rss313 : i wear shaq glasses. we all need a lil shaq with us. good segment

Dean Merrill : Happy people are successful people. Shaq is successful because he is genuinely a happy man.

Marques Smith : And after all his success his son Shareef isn't a spoiled rich kid, next year he'll get drafted in the first round to an NBA team.. hard work, no days off, love shaq as a father and everyday person.. hope he becomes a billionaire someday, what a great role model to follow

Moe Mike : Did we really need to be told that Shaq was the one on the right? Lmaoo

Cleveland Worldwide : Shaq is The man

bonparadiso : I want that juicy Shaq meat

Mixamaka : He's smarter than most people think. He is funny because he knows that's how you make money

z h : shaquille's always been a class act. nobody deserves the success more than him.

Marcos Orozco : Was not a big fan of Shaq but now I have some new found respect.​ Great job Shaq!!

jay raider : Shaqtastic shaqumentary, infact, i am shaqspired 😎

shomari17 : Shaq is the man

Ismail Mohamud : I gotta be honest: when I saw all the commercials Shaq was in, I DEFINITELY thought he was money chasing and endorsing everything he could get his hands on. That's clearly not the case. He's a fucking smart dude man. Props to him. Awesome story.

Rey Alonsagay : Love this story! Now I wanna have some Krispy Kreme. :)

Drunken Master II : So Shaq remember the time his family was middle class by selling shit to that middle class so he can be in the 0.01% himself? What a great guy.

Mohammed Haruna : the moral of this is Shaq will do anything for some change.

SuperHorseman22 : he is grand master of free masons, of course he has money. The free masons are giving him money. He wears a free mason rig. This is a fake news story, a mason for other masons!

Mike jones : I have so much respect for you Shaq!!!

Ugk94 St pistal : Shaq is real. Model

fotm07 : really good video

theburners32141 : I love shaq. Shaq is the man. Real humble too

mxpassion17 : shaq making money because he's white people friendly.

Brandon : Shaq if you are reading this come to Clermont, FL and try Donut King you will never see Krispy cream the same. And ill buy you a dozen its only like 25min away from your Lake Butler house.

fukqyou asszhole : Why doesn't he sell foot fungus remover or some kind of pedicure product cause his feet are zombified.

julious davis : Shaq definitely one of my all time favorite players. Definitely some good celebs out there and he's one of them.A lot of celebs let it go to their heads but not Shaq. It would be awesome to meet him one day. I didn't go to but one or two NBA games as a kid. Wish I got to see him play in person. I think Shaq should play the big 3 tournament. Now that would be awesome!

William Zeier : I’m a shaq fan. Since him a penny almost took over the nba.

Kevin Han : who said when the players retire from the game, they retire from life.

GODESTINY : Uk's Shaq got nothing on our Shaq

Ramses Stafford : Kevin Garnett said it best back when Kobe was basically running Shaq out of L.A. and throwing Shaq under the bus by bringing up Shaq's infidelity during his rape case when Garnett said " if you don't like Shaq then it's something wrong you". It's good that Kobe and Shaq has reconciled since then but at the time it was something wrong with Kobe by the way he was acting and treating people. I think it's funny that he bought into a team that he once called the "Sacramento Queens" LOL. Gotta love Shaq.

King Ahmos : Beautiful.....#kingahmos360

Rilly Jo : I wonder what Shaq would be doing if he didn't do bball. Cuz u gotta have money when u that tall. I knew Nas owned part of ring, didn't know Shaq did too

yelistener : Shaq likes to joke about others, but when others make a joke about him, he gets sensitive and probably brings out his "4 rings" argument. Big man has a big ego.

Sultan Mecherfieh : SHAQ IS THE BEST!

Squalley from 314 : Bar-B-Q chicken alert!

david flores : america a great country .. Favors business owners entrepreneurs !!!

Koala_Penguin : Thanks Shaq.

Jonathan Perez : He’s smarter then he looks