Benelli Shotgun Amazing Shots-Tom Knapp

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Calvin T. : I bought a Benelli and I can't do any of these things.

Oil Burner : What sort of a shotgun was this? I think he only mentioned it like 50 Times. 

nymetswinws : Can someone tell me what company makes this gun?

Zack WantsToPlay : New drinking game, take a shot every time he says Benelli

Carlos Thiago : AIMBOT

Gonzolives420 : every time he says benelli take a shot

dahshinin91 : cheater clearly an aimbot. vac incoming

Eirik Evensen : I think he is hacking in real life😉

Rigon Sierra : A thief breaks into Tom Knapp's home...the end.

LSDO : Can someone tell me what kind of shotgun that is? I don't think he mentioned it.

specialdefect : This is the guy you want along with you during the zombie apocalypse.

Teamy Plis : I wouldn't like to be the boyfriend of hes daughter..

Brett Landry : Hickok? Is that you???

Tobbe B : R.I.P Tom Knapp! Very entertaning video. The elite of what he did.

FuriousGeorge45 : Who else wants to see this guy fight in the zombie apocalypse?

Zach Conant : I would hate to be a quail where he lives.

Beware Of The Austro Kraut : those dude perfect fags ain't got shit on Tom Knapp... that 80s music though xD

bjk 36 : Buy Benelli shotgun and be happy all you life

adam moscatello : what kind of shotgun was it? I don't think he ever mention the name

Stephen N : Damn, Smith and Wesson makes a great shotgun

SteveCentra : RIP Tom Knapp, 1950-2013

LouisianaBoy1990 : Did he say shit, at the end of the vid? lmfao, sure sounds like It ha..

vulpixgrant : Great shooter, to bad he couldn't take credit for his incredible talent and had to pitch the Benelli. That said, my Mossberg 590 was drooling watching this video, she wants that Benelli to snuggle up against her in the safe.

jonny cage : And the zombies turned back and gone find a vaccine for their own sickness

TeifiValley123 : What gun was he using?

Grant Hashimoto : If ever someone had a chance at a 360 no scope, it was Tom Knapp

wmr0225 : That Mossberg's a nice shotgun.

роберт трубин : У такого дедушки не стал бы яблоки из сада тырить...) ЗЫ подозреваю,что бабка не успевает посуду домой закупать! "Бенелли" - лучшая посудомоечная машина!Нет посуды - нет проблем!" (Слоган)

NJLamp Films : I love the way it sounds when he reloads or shoots, it is the wonders of old microphones

Husky 701 : 5:28 He missed one and my erection slowly went away...

4251268 : lol im surprised they didn't put benelli in every single clay target

ramirolin : I want one! I always wished I had this Beretta Shotgun

Bryce Conn : Does anyone know what brand shotgun hes using?

teejay Trujillo : All the guys who teach "sight" shooting claim this is impossible. Instinctive shooting is harder and more expensive to learn but more valuable under stress. The "Shoot Where You Look" techniques from the old days are amazing.

Comanche3Six : R.I.P Tom Knapp, thanks for the entertainment

Sino Deutsch : reported

Jason Thach : It's high noon...

Bob Saget : Still watch this every now and then. That bit at :52 is so fun. Do it with my Winchester all the time

Sonicguy95 : Tom sure had fun with his job.

Mauser Man : Hickok45's brother

dalisllama : Wtf haha they could've sent this guy into Normandy alone

miletech : 5:47 "we sure as ... errrr ... the dickens ... can do five" haha

Kleszczu PL : LegitMLG

Beware Of The Austro Kraut : I wonder if he got paid for each time he said "benelli shotgun" or if it was an all inclusive package ;D

Hugo Hakvoort : ScreaMs dad

Mattias Liw : Benelli shotgun benelli shotgun benelli shot gun.... oh my

suske wiske : It's a me mario

josh slatter : legend has it that he could hit an asprin at 100 yds blindfolded.

ForTheHonor : this guy is so cool

Harrison Fowler : What kind of gun is that?