Jack Ma dances to Michael Jackson

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Thiago Leite : This should be on the Weird side of YouTube

Shirley Liu:p : I think the point of the performance is, as a boss of such a huge company, he is willing to prepare a show for his employees is very impressive.

Jonathan Ng : Michael JackMa.

Bronzebk : Bless him. He sure knows how to have fun!

OLIVE JACKSON : Haaaaa I love him ... 😁😁

sofycolt27 : Well, his dancing is horrible, but he doesn't afraid to make something new and people got fun, so kudos to him. Anyway, if I would be rich, I probably do the same:)

JZ-/nuff sed : Please for the love of God clap in sync!

Mia Carla : GOOD for him. ENJOY your birthday, DANCE and love your life. You worked for it. Now if he can just get alibaba and aliexpress to really have better sizing

Benny Huang : 马哥Jackson! You are cool! Never mind the dancing. The fact that he does this for his company and team has earned all my respect. It has been a culture even when Alibaba just started. I saw in a few clips on his relationship with his guys. He's awesome. I would work for someone like him ;)

Steel Perfect : He did his best

King Hazard : michael jackma is better than michael jackson.. mama always better than son..

Rubén BlackBurn : Michael Scott approves this

Urban AP Lenny D : I like how in the description it says *Don't laugh, google him you will find how rich and powerful he is!!!*

Lakshya Saini : #Respect

тнє skullчm : *WTF IS THAT'S PAPA????*

Lambent Ichor : I hope for the sake of all those people, who I assume were employees that got dragged up on stage with him, that they're really well paid. They'd want to be well remunerated for that cringe-fest. I shuddered so hard my teeth rattled.

Sajid : guyz please appreciate his guts... being the richest man and yet taking part in such events... dont make the mockery of him..

Jaylieee : Love the playful energy of this business leader

Miro B : Why would someone disliked this video and give negative comment? He's awesome. I believe he's a good boss as well. Not all boss can do this and will do this for his employees. Hopefully, it's not jealousy that triggers the hate comments here.

prince afriqa : this is thé greatest humility of all time, ï love your creativity Jack,you always find New Way keep love in your company. have fun and change thé world.

Jonathan Ang : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was a great workout for my abs 😂

Paul Pinto : Were those the Board of Directors who popped from below

Cj M : Americans have no sense of humour. They're more interested with arguing about Chemtrails, BLM and Donald Trump. Yes, in Asia and Europe we find this type of thing fun.

gam gurung : Rich or poor, the whole world is obsessed with the great Michael Jackson. It's a good fun.

redbird3209 : Those 'background dancers' don't look like dancers at all. It seems it made some managers to do it with him. BTW you can buy a lot of fake Michael Jackson merchandise on this guys platform - so maybe IT WAS a kind of add...

jacksonkan : 一出嚟就知低能白痴唔緊要,最重要係能夠坐到國家架順風車

ying zeng : 马云真的很有煽动和洗脑的才能

kent Li : 抄袭做到了极致,就是这样。

tewkewl : 1. He's ugly 2. He can't dance. 3. This was freaking brilliant!

Edman Lau : 真是笑死,要演的話能不能好好演,搞得不倫不類的。

meng zhao : 真难看

William JC Pham : Dance like shit...

magic mike : Love jack ma. Real business man.

Glen Murray : I suppose he's living his dream but the moves are pathetic still he gave it his best my dog does better on hind legs with more rhythm to the beat

Laleesh Pleetu : another billionnaire with a personality! awesome!

Paul Cheung : His life story is inspirational. He worked hard for it so deserves it. The real deal...

Saico Moonwalker : ONLY Michael should wear the glove -_- Michael is the King!

Doc Google : This gives me Beyonce formation vibes

6IXE 9INE : BRUH 😂😂😂

. 我是卖牛的 : 马爸爸 你又调皮了

甘又睿 : 幸好他是做生意的 不是跳舞的

melck quitino : Que porra é essa ?

freddiego60 : must be fun working for him

李杰 : 已经很有钱了这是在包装自己?

鴻彰 手工訂製鞋墊 汪 : 有錢真的可以任性?

U D : 有錢就是任性

katasiapa : You can do anything my bos, don't forget my tips.

小斯基 : 爸爸你怎么跑国外当网红了(。í _ ì。)

SAN SU : 这是小品吗?

王普 : 活的有意思!比郭文贵充实多了