Jack Ma dances to Michael Jackson

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minh minh : the clip makes us think there is some thing special coming but till the end .nothing happen lol

myplane150 : And I thought the Oscars had gotten cringe worthy! At least he tried.

Jason M : It's like a magic show without magic.

Giang Lương : Ngầu như cái bồn cầu 😆

diane perrin : God bless him. He's Michael Jackson's fan

wai Hing Chan : Dance like a woman

babi ben : the coolest ceo in the world, je tire chapeau

I ride around and stuff : Enough Internet for today.

Aux X : This is a KIIIIIIIIII!!!! 💀💀💀

Alpha Num : Jack Ma is mad cool! He went to apply for KFC and out of the 10 people or so, he was the one who didn't get the job. Then he was like "f*ck it, i'll just open up alibaba"...lol.

tegan leva : Lmao, he should have hired some Black backup dancers.

Sultan Ghalib : That show was weird as fuck

gyxter : Don't mess with jack ma. He might be a telekinetic.. just look at that h...

Chandu Prasad : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZQbFxNHpGY very very interesting video of michael

Sameface : this is a great meme

presbytis : moral of this clip - stick to what you're good at, and avoid like the plague what u royally SUUUUCK at

kud : This was a major let-down Tim Ferriss.

Luis Vidal : I'm still waiting the dance part.


Mc Peyn : Seems to be a nice boss! A big party for his employees with a great show where he takes place as an artist to entertain his team. Keep in mind that this dude is one of the richest guys on this plant but still took his time to study that choreography even though having a full business schedule. Respect.

Hasnain Mirza : Atleast he tried and first Millionaire to have guts to dance

Tom Fluffer : What's the name of this disorder?

Adam Zillin : I'm now completely convinced Jack Ma is an Extra Terrestrial.

Illegal Alien : Michael would be extremely disappointed.

mogul limitless : Absolutely Zero swag. he should get one of those manufacturers to make him some rhythm.

Michael Knight : JACK Ma,why must you imitate Michael Jackson?Are you trying to tell the world USA is greater than China.40+ years ago BRUCE LEE made Chinese proud around the world and the whole world look at BRUCE LEE,why must you go the other way round?What are yu trying to signal?Dont tell me there is not even a Chinese that you can be proud of? Shit to you,JACK MA

66panda.com : What's China really like? www.chinaguidedtour.com

convivialsins : Haha so PRC!! and his proud of it! each to their own.. so at the end... what happens?? Nothing!!! Content worthy?? Bad dance moves! All the time and money to only reveal BS.

Tiago Miguel Ventura Mendes : There is a moment, a short moment at least, during which this video disgusts me profoundly. He is thanking and kissing the "crowd" for what? Oh boy, he believes he is a star now. This man has been given too much importance by some. He should come down back to earth.

Arpit Shah : people your comments will not make a difference to Jack ma.....Just like mine😂

a : It’s a massive comedy show, but this Chinese rich doesn’t find it. Nobody can stop him

ashraf rahal : Still better than the launch of windows 1995 dance Omfg

AGAME : Oh man I love this. Jack Ma does not give a fuck!! ahhahaha his whole life is why not do this?

sofycolt27 : Well, his dancing is horrible, but he doesn't afraid to make something new and people got fun, so kudos to him. Anyway, if I would be rich, I probably do the same:)

Instructioncycle : When you have the budget but you don't want to spend it on anyone else!! 😂😂😂😂😂

Spooky Shadows : I am sure like everything from china it would get hundreds of strange 5 star reviews at amazon...

dancemonster : This is supposed to be watchable because he has money? Is that how entertainment works now?

Kruel Truth : There are certain things money just cannot buy...

Live My Ass Off : every dollar I gave him in January is now worth $1.75 ... "I don't want to grow old in my office, I want to do it on a beach..." *JACK MA IS MY HERO*

Paul C. : There is a Thai proverb says "If u r rich, even ur shit is fragrant."

Jason The Guardian : Too much money that's why there's time for nonsense like this ya?

John L. Reed : from now dancing has got another level

Sivakumar Subash : Eh? What have he done?

Mike Lindner : He, as many others, is bowing to Babylon, the system of the world wealth and exaltation of mankind --- not a good thing in any age. How can we continue to ignore God? Just askin....

ThinkingBetter : Over-compressed crappy video quality. So typical what you find online in China.

chendaddy : Nah, this is so everyone who complains that they don't have time to come up with and rehearse a skit for the 年会 can be told, "How can you not have time when even 马云 can find time to do a skit?"

chi huo : Hahaha 😂😂 Mayun papa, good try!!! As MJ fan n Jack Ma fan, I love both of you❤️❤️

D Kay : Jack ma is a faggot

John Milligan : To paraphrase John Lennon "I don't care too much for money. Money can't buy me cool".

Lore De Backer : His dancing represents the quality of most of his products, I'm afraid.