Jack Ma dances to Michael Jackson

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: This should be on the Weird side of YouTube

Shirley Liu:p : I think the point of the performance is, as a boss of such a huge company, he is willing to prepare a show for his employees is very impressive.


Edman Lau : 真是笑死,要演的話能不能好好演,搞得不倫不類的。

King Hazard : michael jackma is better than michael jackson.. mama always better than son..

Jonathan Ng : Michael JackMa.

seng cheenh : Highly respectable man. Hard working man used to encourage someone not to give up hope in a difficult situation.

Miro B : Why would someone disliked this video and give negative comment? He's awesome. I believe he's a good boss as well. Not all boss can do this and will do this for his employees. Hopefully, it's not jealousy that triggers the hate comments here.

Lakshya Saini : #Respect

Jaylieee : Love the playful energy of this business leader

gam gurung : Rich or poor, the whole world is obsessed with the great Michael Jackson. It's a good fun.

6IXE 9INE : BRUH 😂😂😂

meng zhao : 真难看

葉子 : 看了真想吐,好像一個唐氏症的蠢蛋在耍.

Matthew Martinez : His costume is on point, but his moves are not lol

jacksonkan : 一出嚟就知低能白痴唔緊要,最重要係能夠坐到國家架順風車

ying zeng : 马云真的很有煽动和洗脑的才能

我是卖牛的. : 马爸爸 你又调皮了

JinHao Lim : 人家自己的公司举办工宴 要怎么玩又关你们的事哦? 一堆酸民没有本事赚那么多 还去骂人

Paul Cheung : His life story is inspirational. He worked hard for it so deserves it. The real deal...

Laleesh Pleetu : another billionnaire with a personality! awesome!

magic mike : Love jack ma. Real business man.

甘又睿 : 幸好他是做生意的 不是跳舞的

Angel Mass : I hope Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page are paying attention

freddiego60 : must be fun working for him

D U : 有錢就是任性

Walling 777 : Great.... Like his humility.

Mitanshu gadariya : This man is insane😎😎😎🙌

Justin Miller : I would work for this guy. What a badass

陈真 : 活的有意思!比郭文贵充实多了

李杰 : 已经很有钱了这是在包装自己?

汪鴻彰 手工訂製鞋墊 : 有錢真的可以任性?

katasiapa : You can do anything my bos, don't forget my tips.

aakash verma : Nerds going wild 😂

yoyo chan : 其实马云先生他一直存着个当多方面才能艺人的梦想,但苦于努力赚钱而没法实现此梦想,现如今钱已赚滿了,他就来出钱出力的实现他的梦想喽😬既可乐己又可娱人喔(「・ω・)「嘿

小斯基 : 爸爸你怎么跑国外当网红了(。í _ ì。)

SAN SU : 这是小品吗?

adams emma : 跳的好尴尬啊

Bronzebk : Bless him. He sure knows how to have fun!

林小 : 你有想過麥克的感受嗎.........

Yubo Chen : 操你妈的有钱了不起呀

xu wenxiang : 还是带上面具吧,lmao

marvinzzz z : 马云你个大傻逼.草你妈.

Yak00b : I had no idea who he was so when the mask came off, I was impressed at the bravery and dance skills of a man with downs syndrome. Now I googled him and found out about his success and am even more impressed.

Fang Qian : 为何要扮前无古人、后无来者的巨星迈克?是否暗示淘宝都是假货?就是扮习近平或多或少也有点喜剧效果,惊悚!!

Jewel Khondoker : ফালতু

Jin Wu : 什么JB玩意

Jeroen Hendrix : "dancing"... that was a cringefest...

解晓勇 : 这个小丑

1234 Alfred : Michael Jackass