GIANT FLAMINGO VS. L.A.P.D. (Police Chase Inflatable Flamingo Raft Down L.A. River) | JOOGSQUAD PPJT

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Joshua Kirsh : Literally one of the best videos I’ve ever seen! #bestoftheinternet

Jackson R : Did a cop just pull jack over in a pink flamingo??!

RickyGoreMusic : Thought this was gta

*JoshIsMe* : Dispatch, we have a giant flamingo floating down the LA River.

XboxGamer822 : *leaked footage of the new gta online dlc*

Helena W : One like on this comment is one respect for flamingos

Meballix : Wow rockstar have really gone crazy with the new GTA update

MrAlen61 : Terrorist attack: nah, they'll be fine A few dudes riding a pink flamingo in the river: SEND THE ENTIRE COUNTY POLICE, THIS IS A BIG EMERGENCY!!! EVERYTHING YOU HAVE!!!

Freya Doherty : Why is this seen by the cops as a big crime?? I really don't get it.

Earth to Crescentia : Cop: So and then i was like--- Cop #2: HEY HEY! WAIT STOPPPP Cop: what? Cop #2: OVER THERE! Cop: Over where? *sees giant pink flamingo in the LA river* Cop: *speaking into radio* THERE IS A PINK FLAMINGO IN THE LA RIVER, I REPEAT, THERE IS A PINK FLAMINGO IN THE LA RIVER. IM GOING TO NEED BACK-UP *L.A.P.D Comes flying in* cops: *gO gET eM bOIs*

Jeremy Frankenfield : “Sir do you have any idea how fast you were going”

Invisible Max : **clears throat** t h I s I s a m e r I c a

OG Mikey : I was watching it live on the news 😂😂😂 #EXTREME!!!!!

oo0Spyder0oo : So it's a river and it's not fenced off, why aren't you allowed on it?

KinaGT : "Yeah will probably won't do it again" Description" 50,000 LIKES and well do it again!! LMAO

Chytris : Is it illegal to ride in the LA river or what?

AntoineTheGreat : lol. new gta5 vehicle

Darth Vader : The force is strong with this one

Joseph Xu : 3:20, See that dog running away? Read More

MiSTALiSTA : Thought America was the land of the free... We have stupid laws in the UK, but you guys are something else.... All those resources....? Was it really that necessary...? I think if you were up to no good, an inflatable gigantic PINK Flamingo would've been your last choice....

Jarek Verdouw : You should’ve used flextape.

Fortnite_ ProdigyRx : Maybe if it wasn’t pink u wouldn’t get noticed!!!!😂LMAO Prt.3

Can we get 100 subscribers from comments Alone : An inflatable has more followers then me

Asian Caillou : I agree that cops really do protect people but they are certainly assholes.

Caleb Bryant : Shoulda used flex tape...

Perchplayz : They should have done it at night

life taker : Police desevere to get their badges taken away for killing flo rest in peace flo we love u flo

Xavier Pi : Who cares about lambos these are 200% better

comeAtmeBro ComeAtmeBro : Boy look at that floss tho

Studder Steve : Thumbs up for kev

CG_ Toomflr : I hope I can be as sick as joogsquad one day

Nobody asked you : How are you always in the news

Like Me : 16:36 “are we in trouble” 😂😂😂

Theofficialbenandharry : Some ideas 4 gta 6

Clickbait : Goes to jail, what are you in for... Riding a bid pink flamingo

MEMPHIS REIGNS : We got 3 emails relaxing on a raft going down the LA River we're going to need backup send the sheriff oh s*** they got sticks we're going to need the FBI these boys aren't going to be easy going

Mario Benally : Savage

Leland : Cool vid

Lord Sporqq : RIP Flo

Jason Guyton : Thank goodness the cops and fire department protected the public from that giant pink menace. I feel safer now.

VectorUmbrella 02214 : Such savages

Juan Castaneda : You should've written #JOOGSQUAD on the side of the flamingo

Kevin Holm : Is that vikstar123

iSuckXD : Why hasn’t this kid been put in jail yet? For all of those times they got in trouble and how much of the cops time they waste that could be used for good instead of stopping some pranksters...

Trevor Harris : 5 choppers for a couple guys having fun in public, meanwhile someone is probably getting murdered in l.a. Good job lapd

maddie lol : *70K likes*

Luke was not here : Dispatch we have 4 suspects on a big inflatable pink object going down the LA river at 4 miles per hour in the um la river. This wasn’t my idea all credit goes to someone else

Dominick Luca Jr : R.I.P Flo

Dallas Tex : I just discovered you today. This is only the 3rd video I’ve watched, and I gotta say that I truly love the fact that you can draw a huge, huge following without being negative, or bullying, or being hateful towards anyone. It’s truly wonderful how great you guys are. We definitely need a lot more of this type of entertainment! Positive, Happy, and Fun!!!! Thanks JOOGSQUAD👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Andrew Lenghel : My mom doesn’t know much about you but she knows I watch your videos and she texted me this morning saying “Joogsquad was on the news riding a pink flamingo down a river” and I said of course 🤦🏼‍♂️😂😂