GIANT FLAMINGO VS. L.A.P.D. (Police Chase Inflatable Flamingo Raft Down L.A. River)

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Joshua Kirsh : Literally one of the best videos I’ve ever seen! #bestoftheinternet

DznByLimbo : what are you silly? im still gonna send it. sick video guys!!!

KinaGT : "Yeah will probably won't do it again" Description" 50,000 LIKES and well do it again!! LMAO

Lanky Kong 64 : Doode what’s Kevin doing hereeee

Reza R : People of LA should sleep safe at night knowing their tax money well spent by their local Law enforcement chasing a fucking pink flamingo down the river with Helicopters.

johnnybgoodeish : Modern day huckleberry Finns!

Jackson R : Did a cop just pull jack over in a pink flamingo??!

Lake Nipissing : *LONG BEACH OR BUST!!!* "Keep your hopes up"

Meme Queen : YO TENGO?!?!?!? *Y E S* -Gets banned- Can I have a JOE?!?!?! (Look up flamingo to get these references.)

skankhunt42 : Why didnt call Lester ?

ReadyToGo : Jeez that’s crazy to see how legitimately terrified the cop is that they make have a weapon on them. You don’t see that in Canada!

gareth foster : Jack is pure genius!!! Doing the dance at the end...

badboymorales : Sue the cops for the camera

Stitchgamer 12 : Camera brutality #rip camera

Cade Grimm : All of that fuss over a giant pink flamingo lazily floating down a shallow artificial river? Slow day for the police, or what?

Grizzly Garage : *KEVINNNNN*

Kevin Wicha : I go over to my T.V Tern on the news I see you in a damb flamingo.

Fact Universe : It goes I this order by power 1 (Least Power). Highway Patrol 2. Sheriff's Department 3. LAPD 4. FBI 5 (Most Power). Neighborhood Watch

Hubidubi 28 : press F for respect

Austin Bricker : Cops get call about a murder in the area. Sorry we r busy with more important things. 3 guys were riding down the river in a pink flamingo.

thrasherx2k1 : LA River should be named LA Creek...

CBG Dubs : Must be nice to have someone film for you

braap redneck95 : You guys got 3stars ☆☆☆

Moncler Supreme : Next time download the police scanner app so you can hear what theyre saying above!!

Turner Tfue : OMEGALUL

Bostmalone : keep doing these until you make it in to long beach

apple tree : Take the flamingo to Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan.

M : Jack, one giant flamingo, and two big weenies floating down the dirtiest river in the west coast. I am glad that Californian tax payer money was spend graciously getting this dangerous threat to citizen safety taken care of...

cnote [producer] : Next time DONT STOP flamingo for the win

Studder Steve : Thumbs up for kev

Nosilla99 : Probably the only YouTuber who has a helicopter camera angle for the video

ConnorRyanVlogs : Wow police brutality how bought violence against police get your facts right

RichiesFilms : Nice drone shots😂

anton bacon : So he ask is it agent the law, he says it's dangerous. Neaver says they are braking the law. They have no probable cause to stop them.

Crystal Marie : One Of the most savages Videos ever 😂 Dude i love this video 😍

It's Corrupt : Song at the end

Ronny Ziesmer : Don't make eye contact... you don't want to draw attention to yourselves!

Gav Tatu : dont let the cops root around in your bags, or offer any information, unless they can articulate a crime.

cassandra sotos : The reason why LAPD is hated by most... Freaked out by a florida boy with dreds a tiny white boy and a Brit... Asks if they have id..doesnt want them to reach. Already went to check bags in raft but then REMEMBERED to ask to check their bags bc the news was filming.

Your everyday walrus friend : You should’ve worn camel- flauge they wouldn’t see you.

Casabis Clothing : these boys have some balls

Its.Tides : Intro song killamonjaro-Killy you’re welcome

Neon Bro22 : 1 like on this video save flo...

Brady Sidney : Like if jack should do a giant inflatable slide versus river! 🎥

carolina beacher : did you guys steak kevin lol.

Lizz Tewers : When you have to put loads of ads in a video to make your money back.

2dthoughts : If you’d had life jackets on board I’m pretty sure it’s legal since it’s as accessible water way

Brandon Bellino : Just another example of the state interfering with citizens liberties. Talking about how they only stopped them because they're worried about their safety, and the amount of "resources" it would take to help them if they fell in. Ummm last time I checked their "resources" are paid for by tax payers, so if I want to risk my life to float down a public river on a fucking flamingo, it's none of the police's business. Pretty sure they spent more on fuel for those 5 different helicopters than they would have spent to scoop them out of the river.

Alexys Fortnite : GTA anyone?

COSMIC : Song in video: Cosmic x Retnik - Pure