GIANT FLAMINGO VS. L.A.P.D. (Police Chase Inflatable Flamingo Raft Down L.A. River) | JOOGSQUAD PPJT

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Joshua Kirsh : Literally one of the best videos I’ve ever seen! #bestoftheinternet

Jackson R : Did a cop just pull jack over in a pink flamingo??!

MiSTALiSTA : Thought America was the land of the free... We have stupid laws in the UK, but you guys are something else.... All those resources....? Was it really that necessary...? I think if you were up to no good, an inflatable gigantic PINK Flamingo would've been your last choice....

*JoshIsMe * : Dispatch, we have a giant flamingo floating down the LA River.

RickyGoreMusic : Thought this was gta

Jason Guyton : Thank goodness the cops and fire department protected the public from that giant pink menace. I feel safer now.

KinaGT : "Yeah will probably won't do it again" Description" 50,000 LIKES and well do it again!! LMAO

Caleb Bryant : Shoulda used flex tape...

Ruben : Lmao probably spent $10K in manpower​ and fuel over a Couple of dudes in a pink flamingo

Clickbait : Goes to jail, what are you in for... Riding a bid pink flamingo

itsausttin : Why have a drone when you can just leave it up to the news to get the shot!

Floridian Productions : Rip piece of wood floating away

Ole Kleiven : Wow the LAPD seems a lot nicer than the LSPD (gta v)😂

Melpheos1er : Such dangerous people. Must use several cop choppers and a full unit squad to stop them

Helena Lae : One like on this comment is one respect for flamingos

Daves Reality : I thought America was the home of freedom ??? What's wrong with riding your 20 foot giant pink flamingo down a man made river ??? Cops have far to much time on their hands! Complete waste of tax payers money ! Should have been an amusing story on the news and that's it!

Afroman 9056 : 50K likes..... guess it’s time for flamingo floating down LA river at midnight?

Sonia Thompson : dont make eye contact lmfao

XboxGamer822 : *leaked footage of the new gta online dlc*

invisible max : **clears throat** t h I s I s a m e r I c a

CJ Gamer : 3 cops with guns have 3 kids on the ground for riding in a fukn pink blowup flamingo, and the cops act like scared little p ussys. Everytime one of them moves the cop is like dont do that. I really hate pig cops.

Chip Sticky : Why did the cops care?

Ryan Sellers : Would have been funny what they would have done if a military helicopter flew towards them. 😂

Studder Steve : Thumbs up for kev

oo0Spyder0oo : So it's a river and it's not fenced off, why aren't you allowed on it?

Blaze Ottawa : Stop yielding to them. If they give you an ultimatum, some order or arrest, say no thanks. They always lie in order to serve their interests, but they could not have arrested you for that. Especially with the news chopper there. Should have said were going to the beach. Did I commit a crime, then have them articulate it. Most importantly you should have never pulled over. Check out the citizen checkpoint vids. "That's my business" is my favorite. Pull over to secondary,"no thanks". Absolutely classic. Stand up for your rights or they will evaporate under the spotlight of the police state.

Meballix : Wow rockstar have really gone crazy with the new GTA update

String Emil : that river used to have so much cool artwork on it.. now they painted over it all with gray blocks? stupid...

Trevor Harris : 5 choppers for a couple guys having fun in public, meanwhile someone is probably getting murdered in l.a. Good job lapd

Freya Doherty : Why is this seen by the cops as a big crime?? I really don't get it.

MVS : This is the quality content I subscribed for

ADD Aydan : Black, white, green or blue. Show off your natural hue. Flamingo, oh oh oh-oh-oh, if you’re multicoloured that’s cool too. You don’t need to change, it’s boring being the same. Flamingo, oh oh oh-oh-oh, you’re pretty either way

Chytris : Is it illegal to ride in the LA river or what?

Nosilla99 : Probably the only YouTuber who has a helicopter camera angle for the video

goigle : honestly really confused as to how they have the right to stop you yet they had to ask for you to not continue on, what was the reason to stop you?

Olivia Love Worthy : "I don't think he's even after us, I think he's saying, 'What's up?'" Optimism at its finest.

Hailey_Summer_Time : Nothing like wasting thousands of tax payer dollars for public safety. I'm sure there were no other real crimes taking place that day. Great job guys.

Rafijah Gris : Lol ur always in truble

Kenpachi Kawasaki : Meanwhile, actual crime was going on

AntoineTheGreat : lol. new gta5 vehicle

Fortnite_ ProdigyRx : Maybe if it wasn’t pink u wouldn’t get noticed!!!!😂LMAO Prt.3

Colten Libbett : 53000 likes you should do it at night

Dave Webster : On the one year anniversary of this you need to send the cops a nice big flamingo cake to say thanks for being good sports and not arresting you.

Jared Edwards : LAPD when someone’s selling crack 😑 LAPD when theres a flamingo in the LA river 🤬

Jorge Sagastume : This is America kids

Eyelash : Next they’re gonna invent Water Helicopters or did they already invent that hmm...

DonJZA : i remember seeing this on the news lmao

Mr Morrison : Mr Morrison here. Jack ! You Have 53k likes! Where's that night river video !!!!

Your Shadow : Cops car speed during bank robbery: 20mph Cops car speed during acts of terrorism: 20mph Cops seeing a giant pink flamingo: *100mph*

TheMage 1080 : 24 hour in a raft of pink flamingos!!!!!!!!