GIANT FLAMINGO VS. L.A.P.D. (Police Chase Inflatable Flamingo Raft Down L.A. River) | JOOGSQUAD PPJT

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Joshua Kirsh : Literally one of the best videos I’ve ever seen! #bestoftheinternet

Jackson R : Did a cop just pull jack over in a pink flamingo??!

Your Shadow : Cops car speed during bank robbery: 20mph Cops car speed during acts of terrorism: 20mph Cops seeing a giant pink flamingo: *100mph*

shawn crosby : Could have been out doing drugs and actually breaking the law and they waste time and money to hassle 3 dudes floating a river.... Land of the free my balls

Kyle Bradshaw : Somebody call Lester

Real Mike Clements : lol pigs

DznByLimbo : what are you silly? im still gonna send it. sick video guys!!!

caleb horst vlogs : U should have got flex tape

Justinoid : It's not illegal if it's public river

Nick G : *cops approach* "PULL OVER THE FLAMINGO NOW"

stay at home Gamer : They should not need to look in the bags

KinaGT : "Yeah will probably won't do it again" Description" 50,000 LIKES and well do it again!! LMAO

TheJP1Productions : You should sue that cop for the camera

Duk Taep : Omg your parents should be so proud that you made it on the news lol 😂

Maeve Byrnes : *cops talking over radio* Todd: "I'm heading downtown to deal with a crowd shooting" Jeremy: "I'm heading down by the bridge to deal with a 10 foot tall flamingo float"

Christo jyn : *that helicopter doing a live stream really helped you guys make a birds eye view ahaha*

gareth foster : Jack is pure genius!!! Doing the dance at the end...

Train Horn Pranks and More : Unlawful search and seizure cops had no right searching there bags. 4th amendment violation

Killer Bambi : L.A.P.D- "OH NO! People having fun! Better stop them and search them for drugs and missing persons!"

Blackacid 254 : Thug pigeon XD BIRD life


Lanky Kong 64 : Doode what’s Kevin doing hereeee

Bilal Choudhary : Next do the whole Mississippi river

Afroman 9056 : 50K likes..... guess it’s time for flamingo floating down LA river at midnight?

Messiah ThomaZ : They illegally went through y’all stuff!!!!

areesha ali : RIP - FLO

Studder Steve : Thumbs up for kev

Jerry Jr : Ok now go down the snake river

String Emil : that river used to have so much cool artwork on it.. now they painted over it all with gray blocks? stupid...

Irontale : LMAO The LAPD guys phoned the sheriff saying"xd xd there's some tards floating down the river" Sheriff"Nahh m8 that can't be" LAPD"yeah fam go check it out for yourself" *30 mins later* Sheriff"AAAAAEEE you were right"

Arctic B : Next time make it to Long Beach, thatd be so dope

Crystal Marie : One Of the most savages Videos ever 😂 Dude i love this video 😍

Verneri Oksanen : 3:10 was that flextape?

Buzz So Icy : You guys kidnapped Kevin

TheMage 1080 : 24 hour in a raft of pink flamingos!!!!!!!!

Pna 1981 : Just found your channel. Love it. Lol

Your everyday walrus friend : You should’ve worn camel- flauge they wouldn’t see you.

Ecig Accessory : The LAPD should be chasing freaking crooks and criminals. Good video guys you rock

Potatobombcom Lol : Hahahaha keep your hopes up

inRoyal : Woa the part when slender came I freaked out and I was almost resting at the room when it was dark

MVS : This is the quality content I subscribed for

carolina beacher : did you guys steal kevin lol.

Blon Opserlif : This is hilarious definitely deserves a like

Jesus Casiano : Should've got the unicorn

Gamingwith Nikki : You have the best videos also you hair is like Lil Pump

Rafijah Gris : Lol ur always in truble

Meme Queen : YO TENGO?!?!?!? *Y E S* -Gets banned- Can I have a JOE?!?!?! (Look up flamingo to get these references.)

Blaze Ottawa : Stop yielding to them. If they give you an ultimatum, some order or arrest, say no thanks. They always lie in order to serve their interests, but they could not have arrested you for that. Especially with the news chopper there. Should have said were going to the beach. Did I commit a crime, then have them articulate it. Most importantly you should have never pulled over. Check out the citizen checkpoint vids. "That's my business" is my favorite. Pull over to secondary,"no thanks". Absolutely classic. Stand up for your rights or they will evaporate under the spotlight of the police state.

T J : 3:34 my go-to pickup line on tinder

xd Chaos : Why is Kevin here without Danny ?